Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday - Still Sick, but sticking to it

Day 3 of pre op diet and I still have a very heavy cold/throat/ear infection, which the doctor has given me till next Monday off work.

Have been sticking to the program and I am hoping for a good loss.

Anyway back to bed.

Friday, September 21, 2007

8 weeks and a counting

Got back from my meeting with the team in Hamilton. Everyone there is so lovely and so positive, you just knwo that you are going to have support throught the whole process.

Anyway...pre op diet time....I will be starting on Monday and it will be really hard, but I have 8 weeks to lose 17 kgs.......otherwise the surgery will not go ahead. I am choosing to do it the tough was I guess, but have some amazing support with Annie doing it with me, and the moral support I am getting from Jackie, Jude and Jayne.

So the details of my eating for the next 8 weeks is:

I will be replacing 2 meals with it and I am allowed to have ublimited non starchy vegetables as well. So NO carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, kumara, beetroot etc etc,

My evening meal is to be 100-150 gms of lean meat and once again unlimted vegetables......Brocolli, cauli, mushrooms, silverbeet, spinich, lettuce, tomatoes.....

The clinic suggested a nana nap in the afternoons since I have such a big gap from lunch till dinner. Lunch is at 11:30 till 12:00 and dinner is around 6:45pm......that way It will kill some time, remove me from temptation and I hopefully won't be too grumpy.

So upshot is that it is Carb free which is something I think I will find hard but in reality i am never going to be a big carb eater ever again.

Looking forward to weighing in after that first week of being really really good.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Feeling Nervous


I am feeling really really nervous. I spoke with a lady from Upper Hutt who had her appt with David on Monday and her surgery date is 19th November. So it might be around then.

I am really nervous about the pre op diet and being able to lose enough. I reckon he is going to ask me to lose like 15 kgs....which is going to be so hard.

Anyway have to get ready and pack....only an 1 1/2 hours before I need to leave the house.......arggghhh


Monday, September 10, 2007

On my way.

Well I am on my way. I have my appointment with David and the team in Hamilton on the 19th - 20th of September 2007.

It is really funny, I am so calm about meeting with him. The most nerve racking process was asking my birth parents to help me out with the medical history.

I have been analysing what and how I eat since I started looking into WLS and I have found that I hardly chew at all and that I tend to eat for eating sake. Not sure what the nutricionist is going to make of all that. I thought that I would record a food diary for this next week, including how I was feeling at the time but I am not sure about that.

Will give it some more thought.