Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 - Back to Basics

Well day 4 is here and for some reason feels the hardest.....I had a peek at the scales this morning and they are right where they started......which is really frustrating, although I know i have had a couple of minor slip ups, I still thought the scales would show a loss........bummed about that.

Another rest day from the gym today - although I am enjoying being there, I can tell that the muscles do need that recovery day!!!!

Oh - I must wave out to Sue......thanks for the comment Sue.....was nice to see one from you.

Miss A - there is heaps of time till the Meet & Greet in November.........heaps of time to save to come over from Aussie!!!!!!!! Would love to meet you!!!!!! You could drag Candid Bandit with you as well!!!!!

Work, my last evening shift for the week, so back to eating a proper evening meal for 3 nights instead of something lite or a shake.....I think we are going out on Friday night to the Eagles Tribute Band at the local RSA.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3 - Back to Basics Blitz!!!!

Day 3 and I am still chugging along......still had a couple of minor hiccups with food - not sure if it is the exercise or just the screwed up hours but I am finding I am really hungry between 2pm and 4pm.......I have my 'lunch' at 3:30 pm, so things are a little out of kilter........and I have not been having the second protein shake in the evening....just crackers and cheese.

OOps - i just realised I have not made my lunch today........looks like it will be cheese and crackers and work and definitely a protein shake tonight.......i could take some tuna for the crackers I guess.

Went to the gym this morning, hauled myself out of bed and there and as always felt better for it, although some of my muscle groups felt a little tired......really pleased I take a rest day in between. Anyway - off to work, running is my you tube post as well.....notice I straightened my hair again.....LOL, i like it so much better straight

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2 - Back to Basics Blitz....

Well yesterday was a little harder than I thought it would be as we were in training all day and they have snacks available to graze on all day......I did take my own however....sugar free lollies and cashew nuts for a sav snack.

The hardest part was actually when I got home and instead of my protein shake I saw that I still had some salami left over from my weekend treat i made a sandwich, but I couldn't finish it as I felt so full. But that is when I sneaked in 3 gingernut biscuits with my cup of tea!!!!! OOPS

So, today should be better as for the first part of the day we are on the phones as normal, which makes the day go heaps faster....and today I will not forget to take my water hopefully i can get through more liquid..... guess that means I will be heading to the bathroom more.....oh well!!

Today is an in between day for the gym, I only go 3 days a week, so to give the muscles a chance to relax, although I was considering using Si's Mum's treadmill so I could do at least a 20 min walk....or I could just harness up the dog and take her for a real walk......although I have kinda left it a bit late for today........

Today's lunch (at 3:30 pm) will be salad and tuna, with capsicum, feta cheese and spring onion.....yum!!!! I have run out of radishs...I love those in a salad.

The WLS Meet & Greet is coming together, just waiting now to hear back from potential "sponsors" - although I am concerned that I am trying to fit too much into the event and some people will just want to catch up with others.......not sure!!!! I don't want to turn it into a giant infomercial.

Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Day Back to Basic Blitz............Day 1

Yup - I am on a mission to get back to the basics and get this weight under control again.......this morning I was sitting at.......

105 kgs

Which of course I was not happy about!!!!!! I see my surgeon in 11 days, so I am hoping to be back down to the 101 or under mark by then.....what is 4 kgs over 10 days when you are on track and doing it right? I think it will be easy for the first 4 days as I am at work, but come Friday and the weekend I think it will be a whole heap harder.

I am not being as strict as I a usually am, although I am going to have 2 protein shakes in a day and only 1 full meal. I will allow myself to have some fruit- mainly because we have so many feijoas at the moment.......LOL, the tree is fully laden and we must have about 100 to eat already.......luckily we all like them!!! And of course I will still have cheese and crackers as a snack if I need to. BUT is relatively low carb again.

So I will be updating daily to keep on track - will be really boring entries, but hell who cares right, if it works to keep me on track then all good.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Off the ground

Well things are coming together more and more for the National WLS Meet & Greet and it looks as though we are going to be having it on Nov 20th at one of the hotels in Palmerston North and it looks as though we have several vendors lined up to help out with some of the costs.

We are trying to keep it as low cost as possible to attendees and it looks as though we might be able to make it around $40 for the whole day including a WLS friendly lunch. The evening meal/entertainment we are thinking of the RSA or city club as they usually have a band which we would not have to pay for. hehe

I am enjoying this organising of this event although I do struggle with the written proposal side of it, and although I have firm commitments on the phone I need to get something out in writing and a website created for online registrations......and probably a bank account to receive the money. So much to think about.

Work is busy atm as I am learning more information and taking on more. This week I am on day shift again and go back to nights next week. The only positive to nights is that I have time in the mornings to do stuff for the organising, although i should probably commit to going back to the gym.

I am seeing my surgeon again in a couple of weeks, heading down to wellington and it will be interesting to see what he says with where I am at. He knows all about my Auto Immune condition and is aware of what drugs I am on etc.

Oh I have included my latest youtube video at the bottom here, as it shows my current hairstyle. I don't like the curls at all so I have decided that if I am going to keep it long I have to have it straight!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Change of focus

Hey guys

Just to clarify why I have now got my private blog as well as this one, well, i guess that there are just some things that you don't want out in the 'public' domain, especially as I am promoting & organising the National WLS Meet & Greet so much and I really need this blog to be about my WLS & my health thereafter. Sure there will still be a little personal stuff in it, and I am not going to edit what is already here, but I did feel that I needed somewhere to be able to express some more personal stuff.

Anyway, I had another heart racing incident last night, I thought it might have been low blood sugars as like always I get really really hot, my heart races and I am extremely thirsty. It always settles down within an hour of having a couple of very larges drinks and some food. As for some reason the food is so easy to eat and I have no problems regardless of what it bread etc. However, I am now wondering if it is actually delayed dumping as we had some KFC last night and although it went down okay and I did not suffer then, I did later........just too weird.
I feel fine this morning although a little tired as I had to get up early as the fireplace repair man is here. So will be toasty warm with my fire in my house!!!!

I am having another blood test today, Dr wants to check out my liver levels as they have been climbing a bit, and if they are still going up he wants me to reconsider how many hours I am doing at work. It is possible for me to reduce it down, but financially we would be tight and I don't really want to have to let out the back room - although we would if we had to.

Easter is just one more sleep away and Si's parents have gone to the caravan again till either Sat or Sunday. We have no real plans apart from maybe going down to see my brother and family and to meet their two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.......cute.

So Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!