Monday, January 28, 2008

A full on time

As the title suggests everything is very full on at the moment with only a week to go before I am back living in the Manawatu. We managed to find a house that we can have the animals, and although it is 30 mins drive to work (The house is in Marton) it is the house we immediately felt relaxed. So it must be the right house.

Thanks for your comments re my pictures, although I honestly can only see the difference in the bustline. We talked about it yesterday at the WLS support group and one of the guys there has lost 180 kgs and he still see's himself as fat, so it is all about individual perception i think. I am sure later on, I will be able to look back and see the difference, but at the moment it is "too close to home".

I know that I can certainly start to tell in my clothes, and I think I will be having to do some interim shopping in the next couple of months. Thank goodness for hour lunchs!!!

HEHE, oh theother cool thing about Marton is the gym. Total cost for one year full acccess $360. So I will be definately signing up for that, Access is from 5:30 am till 10:30 pm so lots of time to fit it in. Oh and Marton also has a 50 metre Indoor and Outdoor swimming pool, although it still closes down Late March as the population is not really big enough to keep it going through winter. :-(

Anyway if not before - will see you in the Manawatu J

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two Months Post Op

Yup -it really has only been 2 months since my operation, and i have come such a long way.

Things have been pretty busy with organising the move, only 2 weeks to go till we move back home. Actually we are going to be living in Marton so it will still be a 30 min drive to work each day, but the rent was so cheap and it was one of the only places we could get to have a dog. And the section is going to be so good for her - 1/4 acre section for her to run around on.

Packing is going quite smoothly so all good. I started on my new supplements ( iron , calcium etc) and they were making me realy sick - like throwing up every evening meal, so i wnet to the healstore/chemist and we changed them all to ones that come in capsule form, and now I am doing fine.

I finally succumbbed to taking some comparison pics, I wasn't going to do it till 3 months, but I thought since it was 2 months and the camera was right there...I am actually surprised how much i seem to have lost of my bust, I would not have thought I had a big bust to start with .....and now, well, the photos speak for themselves......Other than that I can't actually see any difference.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hamilton Update & New Beginnings

Hamilton went well, met Annie at the airport at 6:30 and headed off. Got in with good time and headed to the physio where wer had a joint appointment to discuss exercise etc. The guy who we were going to see looked so young and we were both a bit scared he was a "gym bunny" type person, but he was such a lovely guy who was so positive about where we were at , and how we could progress. He is working out a program and emailing it through to us.

The plan is to start next week and to do 30 mins of structured exercide every day. He also wants us to have variety, so we think for me it is going to be a mix of aqua aerobics/swimming & curves which i have been paying for but not going. Eventually we think that we might get a home gym instead of curves, but I will see.

We then hooned over to the my surgeon's office only to be an hour early, so Annie & I went for a walk across to the Hamilton Gardens, where we cruised around the Victorian Indoor Garden. Was only about 30 mins before we headed back to see David.

He was really pleased with how things are going with me, and reassured me that it is okay for me to be eating so little at the moment (in fact i eat less now than immediately after the surgery) and he was estatic that he seems to have "switched off" my addiction to food. For those of you who don't know, I NEVER feel hunger, so sometimes it is a bit hard to judge how much I can comfortably eat.

Then spent some time with the physcologist and we did some art therapy, which i really found quite beneficial as a thought process. Makes you drill down and get to what the real issue is and makes you question why you belive this. I came out with a statement that I need to remember which is.

I have the tools and resources and I CAN and WILL ADAPT

After that session it was off to see Zola, the nutricionist who was also happy with where I was at. She has given me some more meal ideas and also is not concerned that I cannot eat that much at the moment.

Got given my script for my pills that I will need to take for the rest of my life which is pretty much just iron/folic acid, multivites and calcium. I have to take the calcium in the morning and the the other two at night.

Headed to the airport early as Annie shuffled her appts around a bit, so we sat and chatted and laughed and laughed till our plane was ready. On the way home the Pilot announced it was going to be a bumpy ride into Wellington which didn't really worry me as I kinda like tubulence. Well this was the worst tuberlance i have ever experienced and I really was a bit scared. I couldn't show it though as Annie was struggling with it more than me, so i just sat there and rubbed her arm to hopefully give her some comfort.

Oh, now as I mentioned a couple of posts ago. we really want to to move back to Feilding/Palmerston North. Well, I was speaking to an old workmate on Friday, who now works for a company that contracts to my work and she said she would keep an eye out. So I get back to work yesterday and there is an email from her saying ring me i have some news of a I did, and it works out that one of her girls is leaving, and as I already know the job so well, she thought I would be perfect so she talked to her boss (who I know) and they offered me a job yesterday, and I have accepted and I move to Palmerston in less than 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The funny thins is that my old workmate is "NIX" who just last week I couldn't work out who it was who was leaving messages......all meant to be huh?

Now to find a house to live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and then, talking to Simon's parent's last night, htey announced that in a years time when his dad retires they are going to move to.............Palmerston North.!
Funny how everything just pulls together huh.

Anyway must run, have to get to work.



Monday, January 7, 2008

Off to see the Wizard.....

Morning all ...she says from her very sleep deprived, half shut eyes!

I am catch a read eye flight up to Hamilton with Annie today to go and see our surgeon for our 6 week check up. Now I know I should hva a million in 1 questions to ask, but i can't think of 1.( will brainstorm and right them down in the plane)

Weighed in this morning on my scales and i have lost another 1.7 kgs - however by the time I get to Hamilton i think it will be a diff reading.

I am pretty sure the surgeon is going to be really happy with my results, so I am not really worried .

Will update when I get back tonight or tomorrow and also give you a run down of the past few days.

love ya