Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Very Late Happy Easter!!

Man, where does time go when you are packing to move house.

Will be moving this coming Saturday so at the moment living in a pile of boxes.
Should be alot easier this time around, only a 25 min trip from house to house.

Easter was reasonably quiet and relaxed, got some of the packing done, and generally just had a quiet one.

Si's back is not the best again at the moment, and he is not sure where to from here. He has an appointment to see his surgeon again in May.

Weightloss wise, thing seem to have slowed right down for me. Not sure if that is due to a few naughty things creepy in, and the old snacking habit rearing it's head or if I have actually just slowed down.

Hoping to get sorted with a new gym/aqua aerobics routine once we move, and obviously with the area we are moving too, it will be easier to go out for walks in the evening.

One of the probs we have is that Si wants to work out together, but I actually need to do this separately as I tend to push myself harder.

We will see what happens with the weightloss after i get back into it.

Ciao for now


Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Weekend - even the bad stuff seemed easy

Had a fantastic weekend.

Started on friday night whenw e had a potluck dinner at my dad's to go to. What he does is he gets about 12 people together for dinner, and we all take something, and we usually end up with a great feed. I had a great time, ate a little, not too much and had pavlova for dessert. It was yummy, although I did get a little light headed from it.

Saturday morning I got woken up early by my Dad, asking him if I could open his shop for him. He has a model railway shop where he imports models from the US and we have a mail order business, although on a sat afternoon he is open at home, where people can try things out on his layout.

So i opened that up while Si played with Dad's dog, we then went to do the grocery shopping where we got the rudest service!!!! This is a town that is called "Friendly Feilding". Got my own back though, an offical complaint was made via cellphone later that day!!! Bugger thing though, we only just managed to pay for the groceries on Si's credit card, as for some reason Si's pay was reduced by $400 this week.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out his medical cert had expired, and for some reason they are not obliged to tell us this, and therefore they cut his support!!!!!!!!!! Should all be sorted today though, as he went to see the local doc, and hopefully we will get his pay before Easter. Thank goodness we live up here now, and Dad could help us out a bit, cos i certainly didn't have enough money for petrol.

Sat night just spent a quiet night in, and then on Sunday I had organised to get together with some others who have had or are thinking about Weight Loss Surgery. It was a great afternoon and certainly intersting to hear the differences between the surgeons and the procedeures. Pouch rules etc. We are going to have these get together's like once every 6 weeks, so it will be nice to see people changing with their progress.

Last night came home and played WOW, an online computer game that me and Si play. We have made some very good friends on their, mostly in the US *waves at leetoo* and I play most evenings and weekends. Well, sometimes it is a little hard to play as the pet's also demand attention. Last night was no exeption. i was busy with my character "Faithhealer" in a place called Tanaris, and they decided they wanted to sleep "ON MY DESK" - while I was playing. So I thought I would include a pic of them in the postion they expect me to play around.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Promised Picture Post.

Not very exciting, just a couple of shots, one of my desk as work and the other a picture of what I see most mornings when I back out of the driveway.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Did somebody say BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!

Man things have been hectic around here.Last week, weds & thurs my workmate and my boss were off down south for a couple of days at a meeting and I was left holding the fort and giving the monthly billing a go as well. First time I have ever done billing in my life, and I am flying solo!!!! GREAT.

To top all that off, I get a UTI which sees me racing off to the doctors on Thursday afternoon for some AB's. Seems to be all cleared up now though, and also funnily enough is probably part of the reason why I have not been loosing much weight over the past 4 weeks. It appears I was retaining fluid quiet successfully as when I weighed this morning (after a weekend of almost nonstop peeing). I discovered a loss of 3.9 kgs over the last week and my ankles are no longer looking a bit puffy.

On the non work front, things are going well, although I know that some people are aware,but we are going to have to move house again. Pretty much what has happened is that the lady(based in Wellington) that looks after the property management side of things for our landlord has decided that even though we have an agreement she would prefer not to have animals at the house and therefore will not allow us to put in a catdoor. Now we are not the type to leave our cats out all night and we do not want to live with a kitty litter tray. But that is not the main reason we willbe leaving. The main reason is that this women also does not think that the main two things we have asked to be fixed are a problem and she is refusing to fix them. Now one of these we consider a major health risk and the other is just plain and simple a fire risk.

To fill you in, in our kitchen under the sink, we discovered a split wall lining and out of that lining we grows mould and mushrooms. If you are in the kitchen cooking for more than say 15 mins at a time you gt quite nauceous (sp) and dizzy and we (me, si and our local property manager) feel that this is an extreme health risk and should be dealt with immediately. The other is that the fireplace door is dodgy and you cannot always open it and we are not sure that the chimney has been swept........which of course may cause a fire if we use it and it has not been. BUT no, the women in Wellington says to our local property manager that he is not allowed to spend any money on the place, and that the mould and mushrooms are not a health risk and we should use other heating instead of the fire.

SO our local property manager has found us a new place just around the corner from my dad, which is also 20 mins closer to work, so i will not be so grumpy with the drive etc....and it is a great little house that the landlord understands about our pets etc, and we are not being charged a letting fee because of the hassle with this place.

OOPS, just rememebered I was suppose to have a blood test this morning and I clean forgot. OH well, I will have it tomorrow I guess.

I should also be able to update with a whole heap more pics that I have been taking......I can't remember what they are of, but I will post them tomorrow.



Monday, March 3, 2008

Fantastic Weekend

Yup - the weekend was a blast, first of all we met my dad, his girlfriend and some other family friends for dinenr at the local RSA (returned serviceman's association)where unfortunately there was no announcement!!

Dad quickly figured out that as both Simon & I were not drinking that he would be able to and that we would drive him safely home, which was fine, apart from we were not planning on staying till 11pm!!!!! Man that man can dance!!

Got home and feel into bed, up and roaring the next morning to get the bbq up and running. Had to take the dog over to my dad's for a play date, pick up some chairs and then get the supplies for the BBQ. Got home with about 2 hours to spare to get everything prepared and set up. Thought I might be able to have a little lie down but everyone started arriving bang on time. That's family for ya!!!

Forgot to take some pics during the event, but did manage to get a couple of the kittens and one of the big back yard!!

So here they are. Leeloo is the tabby and Riddick is the black one

Back yard view of house