Thursday, July 31, 2008

A - Z - of me...thanks for the idea guys

A - Age: 35 – Almost 36

B - Bed size: Queen size, although next time I think it will be a King

C - Chores I hate: Folding laundry – always end up with huge piles

D - Dessert I love: Hmm, cheesecake, chocolate mudcake

E - Essential start to my day item: Alarm clock, radio on during the morning drive

F - Favourite actor(s): There are far too many to mention. I really like the guy Mathew Rhys from Brothers & Sisters atm.

G - Gold or Silver: White Gold

H - Height: 5 ft 9 inchs

I - Instruments I play: I dabbled in the saxophone when I was younger but realistically not a musical bone in my body.

J - Job title: Tb Administrator

K - Kids: None, although am leaning towards wanting them more

L - Living arrangements: Simon & Myself, with Porsche (the dog) and Leeloo & Riddick (cats)

M - My full name is: Janine Maria,

N - Nicknames: Nine (Neen) & Dru (from my game WOW)

O - Overnight hospital stay: 1 Hernia repair in 2006, 1 Gastric Bypass surgery in 2007, and a couple of minor things in my late teens/early 20’s

P- Pet Peeve: People who jump to conclusions

Q - Favourite quote: Don’t really have one.

R - Right or left handed: Right handed

S - Siblings: 2 Adopted Brothers (whom I grew up with) 3 half sisters, 1 half brother, and numerous foster brothers ( who I can’t remember)

T - Time you woke up today: 6:30am

U - Unique habit: I count as I walk……especially if I walk up stairs.

V - Vegetable I hate: Brussels Sprouts (mini cabbages) Broad Beans, Eggplant

W - Wish for: A Lotto win, good health, strong friendships, a couple of nice motorcycles and then maybe kids

X - X-rays I’ve had: Wrist, Chest, Ankle.

Y - Yummy food I make: Lasagna, Macaroni Cheese, pretty much any Roast.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius – although only just and take some of my traits from Scorpio

So did ya learn anything new?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oops - the highway came to an end

Well we went for a ride on Sunday – when we were supposed to have a storm. I was really keen to get out on the bike this weekend, well most weekends actually as I really like it. So we decided to go to Kimbolton to a local cafĂ© for lunch, however as we were riding up there in the bitter cold, the bike started to play up.

Si had trouble starting it to come home and about 3 km from Kimbolton (which is about 20 mins from home) the bike completely stopped and Si could not restart it. This means we are stranded in the country with no cell phone, cos I forgot to take mine. Luckily for us a 16 year old boy racer (local) in his soupped up BMW stopped about 3 mins after we stopped and arranged for us to store the bike at the local farmers about 100 metres away from where we stopped and then he gave us a ride home – about 33 km.

When we got home I gave him some petrol money and I tell you, I was really impressed by this young guy’s attitude. It made me feel really old………like I was expecting “the youth of today” to be just like the stereotype………man, maybe I am just getting old.

So the bike has now been picked up by the bike shop and we are at odds as to if we spend much more money on it. We really like having a bike, but at what cost? Is it better for us to get out now, and just save a deposit for a couple of really good bikes ( one each of course) or so we just persevere with this one as it is going to be ages before we can afford the other option. We are both leaning towards keeping this one and doing some more work on it. Cos if we spend say another $500 bucks on it now it will hopefully last a couple more years.

Anyway, that was my first official run on the bike and we break down……something I will be able to tell future generations for a while yet.

Hey, I am really noticing now that people are commenting on my weightloss a lot more. Actually people who do not know that I have had the surgery saying, “My god, I didn’t recognize you, you have lost SO much weight.” It is kinda cool, although I have now stopped saying why I have or explaining it, I just say – “Thanks “ and smile sweetly.
I can tell sometimes people are dying to ask, but are scared to, incase I am sick with some terrible disease. But if they ask, I will tell them honestly.

Anyway, not feeling the best today, very nauseous, very cold, and apparently very pale. Don’t think it is anything to do with the op, just a bug maybe, or lack of sleep

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Get ya motor running........get out on the highway!!!

Yup, I am now officially a biker chick!!!!!!! One of my big goals was to be able to feel comfortable being on the back of Si's motorbike. So on the weekend, we gave it a go. I have the gear as far as boots, helmet and jacket go, so it was pretty much okay. I was a bit scared to start with, just not sure if i should lean or not. as this was the first time ever on the back of a motorbike for me.

Anyway - we only went around town, and Si said we only got up to 60 kms, but it was neat, and we are going to go on a proper ride one weekend when it fines up a bit. I still think I would rather be "in control" though and I am definately going to have to save some money and get me a 250 cc and then learn to ride. Not much else has been happening, in fact that was probably the highlight of the weekend.

Oh, also got together with the other Palmy people who have had or are about to have Weightloss surgery. It was fantastic to catch up with everyone, and see the progress people are making. One of the things I really love about this group is the honesty that everyone brings to the table. The highs and lows of this decision. It is also interesting to hear what the people who are 2 years plus postop have to say and how they maintain their loss. I think part of it is actually the getting together and talking.

Hey Pali, you asked if the restaurant is turkish, and the answer is yes. It is owned by really good friends, and we actually ended up eating there 4 times last week. It takes me about 40 mins to eat about 3/4 of a small kebab and I am extremely full. The guys know the situation with my tummy, so they make sure that everything is low fat and low sugar.

Weighed in yesterday, and after all that Turkish I thought that I might be in for a gain, but I had lost 1.4 kgs taking me to 115.4 kgs, so if I just keep going I should be on track for my 1 year goal or if not then - the definately by Christmas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Update

A bit late on the weekend update - but better than not posting at all.
Friday we had a busy schedule as Si had a worship workshop at the church on both Friday and Saturday. We went to dinenr at dad's place first which was also meant to have my brother, his wife and kids there, but they decided to come for lunch on Sunday instead.

The worship workshop was good, although as I am not musically inclined it was not quite up my ally. In fact i was not feeling so good at one point so I left and went home for a nana nap.

Saturday night we went to the movies to see Hancock, which I found really really good. It certainly was better than what the critics decribing.

Sunday rolled around and went to Dad's for lunch. Was really nice to catch up with them. Pretty much played our game after that.

Monday our friends here in Feilding re-opened their restaurant - Cafe Turkey. We popped along just after 5pm to see how they were doing, and then I went home and made their takeaway menus. They look fantastic!!!!!! Went back there with the proof and got dinner. I was really amazed. I managed to eat a whole small kebab over the space of about an hour. Was the yummiest thing I have had in ages.

This week is really busy at work as we have our annual conference and I am helping with some of the organisation. I am not going however as holding down the fort at the officeon Thursday & Friday.

Spot ya later.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Oops - AFK again.

I am really really sorry for not posting. I kinda have a reasonably boring life which entails going to work coming home, cooking diinenr, and play World of Warcraft with my hubby. I really wish there was more to write about, but that it pretty much it in a nutshell.

Here is a pic of my latest toon on WOW. Her name is Faithhealer and she is my priest in the game. She has kinda been taking up most of my spare time. Some of you who read will know here personally (those who play WOW)and the rest of you will just have to understand that yes I am addicted to this game!!!!

Other stuff that has been happening. Well I had to go to the doctors for a check up last week and to get a blood test request done. I have been having dizzy spells and my blood pressure is up so we thought it was about time we did them. So I had those results back yesterday and they are all extremely normal. So that is brill!!

I didn't really like the doctor that much. He is my new GP and I was very lucky to be able to get in. There are over 100 families in the area who cannot get into a GP as they are overcrowded. He gave me a bit of a hard time about not exercising enough, but man it is really hard to do at this time of the year. (middle of winter). Thinking back on it , he didn't actually give me any praise for losing 60kgs!!

I haven't been back to line dancing yet, although I will go as the lady who runs it (my workmate's Mum) said she will take me for a special class for the first 1/2 hour so I can try and get what feels like 3 left feet to work. So hopefully I will enjoy that more. At the moment I have a sore toenail (yes I cut it too low & now it hurts) which is driving me nuts to even wear shoes, so I am not sure how I will go with dancing.

OH, I weighed in this morning (have been slack this week) and I have lost a total of 60.2 kgs. Sitting at 116.8 kgs atm. SO YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, also had the pastor of the church we are going to come around on Tuesday which was nice to get to know her more and for her to hear our story. It was interesting, when she found out I was adopted she automatically assumed that I have rejection issues, which I find really funny as I have never once felt bad about my adoption. In fact I am really proud of it.

I am going to do a course called Women to Women, which is run by someone from the church. Apparently it provides healing, insight and strategies for change. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Anyway - had better get some work done. Thank goodness it is Friday and that I actually do have some stuff happening over the weekend, which I am not going to tell you about (Will save it for another entry so my blog isn't boring)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dancing Queen?

I am a dancing queen? Well I thought that I would check out Line Dancing in Feilding since I used to love it so much. However I went last night and although I still love the concept, I do not learn very fast at all, and I really need a teacher that breaks it down almost step by step. Unfortunately the teacher goes through it once quite fast and I just did not enjoy myself at all.

But on the danicng front, Si and I are going to try ballroom dancing, if his back permits. Apparently there is a very good teacher here in Palmerston North, so I will check out the prices.

Weigh day was yesterday and I had a really nice loss of 1.2 kgs which takes me to 117.2 kgs, so I should hit the magical 60 kgs lost next week.

Workwise things are hectic being beginning of the month, but going well. This year just seems to be flying!!!!!