Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dancing Queen?

I am a dancing queen? Well I thought that I would check out Line Dancing in Feilding since I used to love it so much. However I went last night and although I still love the concept, I do not learn very fast at all, and I really need a teacher that breaks it down almost step by step. Unfortunately the teacher goes through it once quite fast and I just did not enjoy myself at all.

But on the danicng front, Si and I are going to try ballroom dancing, if his back permits. Apparently there is a very good teacher here in Palmerston North, so I will check out the prices.

Weigh day was yesterday and I had a really nice loss of 1.2 kgs which takes me to 117.2 kgs, so I should hit the magical 60 kgs lost next week.

Workwise things are hectic being beginning of the month, but going well. This year just seems to be flying!!!!!


  1. Congrats on the contining weight loss!! Keep it up !!

    I love line dancing. I have a couple of teach yourself DVD's. 'Invitation To Dance - Line Dancing'. Worth getting as it teaches you the basics and you can learn in the privavcy of your own home. I also have another one of the series called 'Invitation To Dance - Partner Dancing'. I bought bought both of them on Ebay.

  2. Heya! Glad to read lifes ticking along nicely for yah :) Keep up the great work :)

  3. Congrats you are ahead of me :( LOL. You are doing awesome am so proud of you.

  4. You are going great - hopefully 60 k's of next week and so close to the double digits as well.

  5. howdy partner..... we did have fun at bob's linedancing didn't we? I haven't been back though as I was getting a bit bored.... but sort of miss it too.
    So jealous Si is happy to go ballroom dancing. I would love DH to go dancing with me, that would be awesome.


  6. Lovely to meet you the other day, thank you for thinking of visiting me in hospital. All the best.

  7. Would be great to catch up sometime, but best after the school holidays. I just know I will be blown away when I see the new you!

  8. Hey there chica! I visited the site, when you first gave me the link but I just haven't been able to drop a line your way. :)

    Super congrats on the weight loss! I can't yet get the boyfriend to do any kinda of dancing (I'm working on it though!) so you're a lucky gal!

    You should update more often ;)

  9. Hi there Janene congrats you are doing well. I am going to Hamilton on the 23rd July for first appointment amd am really excited will keep you posted on dates etc. Good luck for 99.9 I fully understand that number as it is really important to me also. Take care