Monday, December 31, 2007

Just over six weeks - and a New Year

Well I have had an interesting Christmas period. I managed okay with food over that time, although I am getting a bit sick of how slow it is to eat.

Went to Dad over Christmas, actually went there on the Sunday before christmas and met Val's kids, which was cool. Had dinner at Val's, just some cold ham and potato etc. Went to Taihape on Christmas Eve and met up with Simon's parent's for lunch. It was lovely to see them feeling alot better.

Christmas Day, my brother, sis in law and kids came to Dad's for lunch. I spent most of my time setting the table and preparing things. It seem to take my mind off food.
After lunch which for me was pumpkin, kumara, potato and ham I was feeling pretty good. Even had a couple of chippies during the day and felt fine.

Got home to find that my very elderly cat had another turn, and it looked like her back legs had got very weak. We had someone feeding her over those days and he said that she had not eaten much but seemed in good spirits. Was very hard to see and on Boxing day she seemed worse so we decided that it was best for her if she got put to sleep. Took her to the emergency vet that day and had a good cry.

Me being such a cat person - I could not bear to have the house empty of little meows, so we decided to get a kitten, and ended up getting two!!! So now we welcome Riddick and Leeloo into the household. It has been so much fun watching them hoon all over the house, but I also forgot just how sharp a kittens claws are as they run up your back!!!!!

Weightwise things have been going well and as of 31st December which was exactly 6 weeks since the operation I have lost a total (included the preop diet) of 30.5 kgs, so obviously stoked with that, and I guess I am starting to notice in clothing that things are heading in the right direction. Will try and take some pics soon.

OH, the other big thing in our lives right now, is that we want to move back to the Manawatu, so I desparately looking for work that will pay a reasonable amount. I applied for one just before Christmas but I am apparently "over-qualified"!!!! So if anyone knows of any jobs going or can recommend some then please email me at

The other thing I got to say thanks to those who comment, I really get a kick out of comments so to all of you - Thanks!!

Hey Nix, thanks for your comment, but I am sorry I don't know your username so I am not 100% sure I know who you are.

Anyway, will try and post more often!!! Catch ya


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rocky Roads.........not so smooth sailing

Anyone who thinks that surgery is an easy way out should come and visit me when I have eaten why my body has decided is the wrong thing (even if it accepted last week.

I knew that the first 3 months or so could be hard post op, but I am really really getting tired of trying new things as we are meant to, that are okay foods on their nutritional panels only ot find they make me feel really lousy, full of gas, and then a hour or so later I throw up.

That has actually only happened twice, just that it was 2 nights in a row, and i guess because my surgeon is away on christmas holidays i am a tad scared that if something goes wrong, i am pretty much "on my own"

I am meant to be progresing with introducing new foods, although I ams till no where near ready to try bread, pasta or rice. Can't wait till i can though. Actually i did try a peice of toast, and it was all right going down, but man within 30 minutes i was the burping queen...Now i have never really been a burper, but I am sure learning fast.

Oh, and if you haven't checked out the side bar, since last time I published my weight, i have lost another 4.3 kgs, so that makes a total of 27.1 kgs since my highest weight of 177kgs. It also means that I am now officially under 150 kgs, just scraped in with a weigh in this morning of 149.9 kgs.

You may have noticed I am not publishing my weight at regular intervals. That is pretty much because I am not necessarily weighing on a specific day. Usually i leave it till I need a pick me up. That and when people ask how much I have lost (people from work)I can say "I don't know, I haven't weighed"

Well we are off tomorrow for a couple of days for christmas. Going to go up to Dad's in Feilding on Sunday and then we are going to Taihape to meet Simon's parents for a picnic lunch on Monday, back to Feilding that night and then back home on Christmas nite after spending the day with Dad & Val, my brother and sis in law and their kids (3 boys).

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas,



Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh How things change.

I just had to share my brilliant day yesterday. With only being 3.5
weeks post op, I really didn't expect to have 2 Non Scale Victories pop up so quickly.

The first was in the morning when I casually asked my hubby what time
he came to bed, and if I was awake (I can sometimes not remember) and
he said he "didn't know". I asked him to explain and he said he can no
longer tell if I am awake or asleep as I no longer snore!!!!

I was pretty estatic about that as I have always been a snorer.

About 15 mins later, I was just pulling up to the Railway Station in
Paremata when I looked up and saw my train approaching......and I RAN
for the train......and caught it. And it didn't fell like I was going
to have a heart attack.

Now before the op I would Never have even attempted to runto it, but
now, even though my total loss so far is only 22.8 kilos, I feel better
about myself and I can try anything.


Monday, December 10, 2007

3 weeks down

Well I really don't know how to describe the last couple of weeks. They have certainly been highs & lows, and I am not sure how to explain it all.

My weight now is 154.2 kgs as of about ten mins ago, so in the last 3 weeks I have 9.3 kgs. I lost 7.5 after the first 2 weeks, so i guess that makes this weeks loss of around 1.8kgs.

I am fully expecting the typical week 3 plateau that most people seem to get, although as I have gone a little backwards with my eating I am not so sure of that.

Anyway, promise I will update more, although this last week I am not sure you would want to read it, or I would ever want to look back at it.

It is in some ways much harder than I thought, and it is actually a chore for me to eat,which mucks with your mind more than your stomach. I am slowly getting my head around it all though, and as mentioned will update more.