Monday, December 31, 2007

Just over six weeks - and a New Year

Well I have had an interesting Christmas period. I managed okay with food over that time, although I am getting a bit sick of how slow it is to eat.

Went to Dad over Christmas, actually went there on the Sunday before christmas and met Val's kids, which was cool. Had dinner at Val's, just some cold ham and potato etc. Went to Taihape on Christmas Eve and met up with Simon's parent's for lunch. It was lovely to see them feeling alot better.

Christmas Day, my brother, sis in law and kids came to Dad's for lunch. I spent most of my time setting the table and preparing things. It seem to take my mind off food.
After lunch which for me was pumpkin, kumara, potato and ham I was feeling pretty good. Even had a couple of chippies during the day and felt fine.

Got home to find that my very elderly cat had another turn, and it looked like her back legs had got very weak. We had someone feeding her over those days and he said that she had not eaten much but seemed in good spirits. Was very hard to see and on Boxing day she seemed worse so we decided that it was best for her if she got put to sleep. Took her to the emergency vet that day and had a good cry.

Me being such a cat person - I could not bear to have the house empty of little meows, so we decided to get a kitten, and ended up getting two!!! So now we welcome Riddick and Leeloo into the household. It has been so much fun watching them hoon all over the house, but I also forgot just how sharp a kittens claws are as they run up your back!!!!!

Weightwise things have been going well and as of 31st December which was exactly 6 weeks since the operation I have lost a total (included the preop diet) of 30.5 kgs, so obviously stoked with that, and I guess I am starting to notice in clothing that things are heading in the right direction. Will try and take some pics soon.

OH, the other big thing in our lives right now, is that we want to move back to the Manawatu, so I desparately looking for work that will pay a reasonable amount. I applied for one just before Christmas but I am apparently "over-qualified"!!!! So if anyone knows of any jobs going or can recommend some then please email me at

The other thing I got to say thanks to those who comment, I really get a kick out of comments so to all of you - Thanks!!

Hey Nix, thanks for your comment, but I am sorry I don't know your username so I am not 100% sure I know who you are.

Anyway, will try and post more often!!! Catch ya



  1. Fantastic loss there - am so proud of you. Hope the little kittens are doing well.

    Take care and will talk soon


  2. You're doing really well hon.. congratulations.. I know it's been hard but it is worth it in the long run..

    any pictures of the kittens? :) they sound gorgeous....