Sunday, October 12, 2008

Byebye Leeloo

Well what a shitty week I have had this week. I have been so flat out at work this week that I have consistantly been leaving about 1 hr late everyday and today I have about 3 hours of work to do, which I will head into the office for shortly.

Then on Wednesday night, Simon and I went to play our game only to find that his game account had been hacked by some little bugger who either deleted or moved most of his characters and they had also stolen in game money from our "banks". This is really frustrating as these are characters that we have invested alot of time into. I know it is just a game and most people just won't understand. It is not actually that we have lost anything at all, and we can recreate it all if we needed to, but the feeling that someone could be a low life scum to hack into his account just for kicks sends the bejezzers up me.

Then last night, Si suggested going for a walk after our very late dinner, so after watching some telly, we decided to take Porsche for a walk (10:30pm) just around the small block. (something we are trying to get into the habit of. So off we went, and we got to say 30 metres from home when I saw our beautiful tabby lying on the road. I quickly took Porsche home and Si checked Leeloo out. She was dead.

She was always the very adventureous one of our two cats, she actually followed me to Dad's one day, and we have caught her out on the road many times, and kinda knew that this day would come eventually. I just had hoped that it would not have been so soon. She would have been 1 year old on Tuesday. Guess she used up her 9 lives.

Actually looking back on yesterday it was like she knew. She was very cuddly yesterday and she just kept lying around looking at us both. Both Riddck and Porsche are going to miss her alot. I will try and find the video of her and Porsche together when she was just 8 weeks old, bossing Porsche around on her first meeting with each other. I also think that something else must have been at work last night as we have never ever been out for a late night walk, and it was like we were meant to find her then - before she was too badly damaged. I will take her into work today and make the arrangements to get her cremated (for those who don't know - my office is based at a vet clinic)

Well here I am at work , and I have managed to find the video of her and Porsche. As you can see they thought the world of each other right fromt hat first meeting.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Already

Where this year is flying to I have no idea. I have been really busy with work, alot happening and several work trips, another couple coming up over the next two weeks.

Okay, so I know you are all wanting to hear about my hair and if I shaved it off or not, well I did.....and most people who have actually seen it in Real life like it. (Apart from my Dad - but I believe you can never truly make Dad's happy.

Anyway so here it is. I couldn't get a really good shot of it, so it is only a mediocre one. Will get some better ones soon hopefully.

It has actually had two weeks growing since then, and I already have almost more regrowth than blonde. It is really interesting to see how my hair grows and which ways it sticks up!!!!

Oh, I have had a scale victory recently as well. I am now under 110kgs, Currently sitting at 109.5kgs. I had hoped to be under 100 kgs by the time I see my surgeon on Nov 7th, but I think I will revise that and say that by Christmas/New Years I would like to be under 100kgs.

Anyway - that is it for me for the time being. Will try to update more often, just that my life is pretty boring and routine, and I am sure you don't really want to hear that I got up, went to work, made calls, came home, ate dinner, played my game, went to a meeting, etc etc etc.