Monday, March 30, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I had a really good on track week (well the odd freddo frog and handful of chippies. I went for one walk around the park with Porche, Oscar and Si's parents. It is a park that I never knew existed and I grew up in this town. There and once around the part is about 800 metres, and I can take Porsche off the lead there, so I thought that If I went aroudn the park a couple of times it would be about 1.5 kms before I got home, or, I could go around the park one and a 1/2 times and then put her on the leased and take the road home, which would work out to be about the same.

I drank my water and watched my portion sizes and I got down to 101.1 kgs, so I
officially lost 900 gms…… stoked, now to keep it off and lose the other 1.2 kgs to get under 100 kgs!!!!! Yay - things are finally starting to move again!!!!!!

Okay, so an update on the weekend.

We tried several times over the weekend to get our satellite dish working but we are gonna have to get someone in to do it. Also managed to lock ourselves out of the house, and had to break in……not good, so we got new keys cut on Sunday to avoid that happening again.

I went to Dad’s on Saturday arvo and brought two huge boxes of photos back with me to sort out. Mum had just shoved all their pics into a cabinet and they were not sorted, so I am sorting and putting into albums. Some of the people I have no clue as to who they are or what relationship they have to the family, so they are in a pile to go through with Dad. It is weird you know, Mum took heaps of pictures of her plants, that are all out of focus and have no special meaning to anyone but her, so I have been a bit ruthless and culled those ones. I still have more to pic up from Dad’s and sort out and I think Si is getting frustrated that I have been distracted by that, and not done more of our own unpacking.

Last night we had Si’s parents and some friends over for a Roast dinner, I made the most yummy roast chicken with all the trimmings and an apple crumble, although I thought the apple crumble was too sweet and I only had one small mouthful.

So today I have left a mini roast meal for lunch and tonight we are having chicken and vegetable soup, will mainly be vegetable as we kinda stripped the chicken, although we will use the carcass for the base of the soup.I love coming into winter for the soups.

Tonight we are being responsible citizens and going to the neighbour support meeting for the town. Both Si and I want to be more involved in our community and he would like to get involved with the community patrol, and that is probably the biggest reason we joined Lions. To be more involved in our local community.

To end I thought I would finish with a funny that I was sent. I think it is hysterical. Click it to make it bigger (will be easier to read)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well I have had some feedback from some of you and thanks for the offers of keeping me accountable. I do think that I need to do this a little on my own, but it is really good to know that I have some safety nets in place as well.

I am definately working on the food and water, started on that today, and although I have only managed to get in 1 h2go bottle of water in, it is certainly a start. I have also been looking at getting more active for free and it will most certainly be using Map my Run to work out routes etc. I am going to start small and do a 1.5 km walk at least 3 times for the first week and then increase that by 1km the next week and slowly build up. Eventually I would ideally like to be able to walk a 8 - 10 km walk at least once a week (in the weekend)and say two 4km walks on the weekdays either before or after work.

Ithink I am going to have to give up my protein shakes as well as they are just a bit expensive to buy in one hit........and then because I only really like them with added yoghurt etc, it gets costly. I am really trying to get my grocery bill to around $120 a week for me, Si and the cat and dog.....Will be tight, but I am sure I can do it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Accountability to myself….

• I need to be accountable for what food I shove into my gob.
• I need to be accountable for the rules I am meant to follow.
• I need to be accountable for the exercise I should be doing and am not.

I have struck a huge wall with my weight loss, I am stagnant and I hate it. But I really only myself to blame as I can and have eaten almost anything and everything, and I am not following the rules of the pouch and probably the most important, I am not doing any exercise at all!!!

I am finding it terrible hard going, and I really feel like I need someone to be accountable to. I think at the end of the day that has to be me, but I also think I need your support to do this. I need the comments and the suggestions and the support.

So, I am going to try and post more often and actually post about what this blog is meant to be about which is my weight loss surgery journey. I really want to be under 100kgs before I hit 18 months post op, which will be on May 19th. That gives me just under 2 months to achieve that and kick start myself on becoming fitter and healthier.

Hmm, I just reread an article from Renewed Reflections, which is a weight loss surgery support group that I joined when I first looked into having surgery. In the article it talks about attitude and altitude and how with the right system checks in place you can soar like a plane if you have your nose in the right direction. It is a very interesting read and certainly something I need to work on.

So what are some of the small changes that I am going to make to ensure I can achieve my targets.

• Start drinking water again (especially at work) and dig out the water filter for home.
• Stop drinking when I eat (rule breaker)
• Cut the snacking or at least have a snack that is going to be of some benefit to me
• Get out and move!!!!!!! Since I have cancelled my gym membership because of cost, that means actually getting out and pounding the pavement or doing an exercise video. I need to do this at least 3 times per week.
• Start using the portion controlled plates so I get a better idea of the portion sizes I should be eating.
• Blog more regularly, even if I think others will think it is boring!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

1 more Sleep

1 more sleep till we move house. Can't wait, I am so excited. We went and picked up the keys yesterday and it is better than I remember it being. They have done such a fantastic job with the house.

I really really am lookign forward to having the weekend to unpack and get sorted. This kitchen is going to be so fantastic. And to have a dishwasher. Anyway here is the house!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maintaining a Positive Outlook

Well after the pity party I had last week I am actually quite positive about the future. I can't wait to move house this coming weekend, and I am looking forward to the positive environment.

Si has applied for several jobs in our area and I am sure that he will be able to score something pretty good.

Nothing on the front for me, just business as usual till the end of June and we will work on things a little closer till then. I am hoping that I can take my time and really find something I want to do, rather than it be something I have to do.

However, there will need to be a tightening of the money belt for a little bit and one of those things to go will be my gym membership. It is only $12 per week, but that is enough to feed the animals, and realistically I can exercise for free by walking.

Anyway - this week should go fast, tomorrow I need to work on a couple of presentations and get some testing booked in and then on Thursday I am at an all day meeting in Wanganui for the day, so will be just Friday to get through before we move, and I will have my cat with me as Riddick will be staying at the cattery at work for 3 nights. He won't like it much but much safer than having him at home while trying to move.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Where to from here?

Have been a bit quiet over the last little while as we were waiting to hear back about our tender for the next 4 years worth or work. Unfortunately the company I work for was not successful in retaining the work, so that means that at the end of June I may be out of a job. The result also means that Si will not be coming on board with us either, he has been working part time from home for the last 9 months as part of his rehab back to work. The good news is however that ACC are happy with his progress and have signed him off. So his ACC finishes on March 29th and we will be down to 1.5 incomes.

It is going to make things extremely tight financially, but we will make it, and do what we can to survive. We are moving house next week to a bigger warmer, house which of course is more expensive, but thankfully is a much more positive environment. The house we are in now is very draining and I am sure it is just the negativity that seems to ooze out of it. It is also the most coldest house I have ever lived in. Si and I also bicker more in this house than any other. Not all out arguments, but bickering like you would never believe.

Work has been weird this week because of the result and I ended up taking yesterday afternoon off as annual leave. I just couldn’t handle the stress and the other people at work (apart from 1) don’t seem to give a shit and don’t realize how much this has impacted on us. I have been involved in this field now for the last 4 years and I really enjoy the program, so it is like I am feeling a bit lost.

I know that I will be able to find something else. Not sure what yet, but I will get there. Not sure if it will pay as well, and at the moment my boss is looking at the options and is thinking that he might be able to redeploy us in other areas of the business. I am not sure about it at the stage, as although I am pleased he is trying to look out for us, I don’t know where I would slot in, and certainly not sure if I would enjoy doing any other aspects of the business. But I will wait and see what happens.

So, this year appears to be the year of re-invention of careers for both Simon and myself and I might look at doing a couple of night courses to upskill in some areas. I am more than a little scared. It also means that the kids aspect might be on hold again.

The only thing I can do at the moment is be positive, and try to see this as an opportunity rather than a loss. That in itself is hard at the moment, and maybe I will see things clearer once we get Si a fulltime job. Then maybe I could look at what my options are.

So if anyone knows of any work going in the Manawatu…….we would love to hear from you!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Done - tooth is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

It was still in the early stages and it took a bit to get it out.....but it has gone and for now the local is still in effect. I will take some pain killers oon to help with the aftershock and apparently have to but an icepack on the side of my face for 10 mins per hour to reduce swelling.

No Hot drinks tonight, but plenty of cold...and allowed soft foods. Might just have a protein shake for dinner.

He was brilliant and it was done and dusted in 20 mins and that was with about 7 mins for the local to take effect. Biggest problem now is waiting for 20 mins before I can take the gauze out.......I tend to have a little mouth and a big GAG reflex.

Am looking forward to hopefully having a good nights sleep and being ready for action at work tomorrow.

Off to get the tooth pulled

Si has got sick of my moaning and pain, and the painkillers are not touching the sides. He rang the dentist and I am now getting it pulled out in 45 mins time.

I am getting a bit scared as I am a big scardy cat when it comes to dentists.

So wish me luck.



In Agony

I am in so much pain........I have an abscess in my second to back molar on the left hand upper side of my mouth. I have been having pain since Saturday although it got bad on Sunday night and I went to the dentist yesterday. He thought we had caught it early, and therfore I am on antibiotics.......but the pain has intensified today.......and now I think I am going to go home and try to work from there.

I am thinking that if it is no better by tomorrow morning (at the earliest) then I will need to choose between the cheaper extraction and the root canal.....I am thinking extraction at the moment. Will see.

But I think for the time being I am going to head home and try to get some work done there.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weigh Day

Well i did it, I managed tohave a loss of 300 gms today leaving me at 102 kgs.....which is a total loss of 75 ks since my heaviest.

Am pretty stoked.

Lots happening, we have had some housing issues and the long and the short of it is, that we are moving again.......yup - the packing has started and we have 3 weeks till we move.

Gonna be great!!!!!!!!!