Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Done - tooth is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

It was still in the early stages and it took a bit to get it out.....but it has gone and for now the local is still in effect. I will take some pain killers oon to help with the aftershock and apparently have to but an icepack on the side of my face for 10 mins per hour to reduce swelling.

No Hot drinks tonight, but plenty of cold...and allowed soft foods. Might just have a protein shake for dinner.

He was brilliant and it was done and dusted in 20 mins and that was with about 7 mins for the local to take effect. Biggest problem now is waiting for 20 mins before I can take the gauze out.......I tend to have a little mouth and a big GAG reflex.

Am looking forward to hopefully having a good nights sleep and being ready for action at work tomorrow.


  1. yay! glad the ordeal is over for you. It really isn't that bad to have a tooth out. I've had it done before. Hey - wouldn't be a bad thing to have protein shakes all day instead of eating... yeah right. who am i kidding! LOL

  2. Hope all is well in the mouth area :)
    I hate the dentist too!!!

  3. Glad you are not in pain anymore.

  4. Glad you got your tooth taken care of! Hope to see you in WOW soon! With me back at work, I think our time difference will work against us unfortunately, but I'm sure we'll run into each other again! :)

  5. I sent you an email and some photos of our Izzy. I really appreciate your help. Chris is putting a bit on her blog tomorrow and if all else fails I will go on TradeMe.