Wednesday, October 31, 2007

weight is up a little

For some reason my weight has crept up again.....might have something to do with the odd carb (like rice) working it's way into my diet.

I had scrambled eggs last night for dinner as I only had one meal replacement all day, and was craving eggs....I couldn't really eat much more after having 2 of my wisdom teeth ripped out and about 6 filling's on the left side of my mouth. I hate the dentist and I am such a big sook. He was great and it didn't hurt.......untill about 30 mins after I left the surgery and I was in so much pain. I am still on nurofen today and can hardly open my mouth to talk.

Anyway, I am off work atm with because of my mouth and should be back at work tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Countdown has begun

I really found last week a challenge....more than half way through but it still seemed such a long time to go before the surgery. It is funny what a difference a few days makes.

I had a couple of treats last week and they consisted of Bread.....a kebab mid week and a roast beef sandwich on Saturday. I have found that I have been a bit blocked up...but managed to "Go" and I managed a great 1.4 kgs.

I have managed to walk the dog a couple times over the weekend. I have got her a halti and she hates it, and trys to paw it off, but I certainly have much more control over her.

Tonight I am also going to line dancing with Annie, so that will be fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some before Pics

I really wanted to share some yukky before pics.

These were taken the weekend before I started my pre op diet on the 24th Sept 2007. I was at my heaviest of 177kgs.

And one sitting down, but it unfortunatley not a very good quality pic.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I told ya I was a slack tart.....& long weekend update

Well well well

I am really beginning to be slack about this journaling lark.

No excuses really just couldn't be bothered signing in and have not really got much to say.

Last week went by in a blur and I was looking forward to the long weekend.
Saturday, just did the usual stuff like shopping, housework, playing on computer etc. We also went out and bought a new set of scales so that means i can weigh in at home.

Sunday was my dad's birthday lunch at Cobb n Co in Paraparaumu, and I found out that their service sucks. All i wanted them to do was to steam my brocoli instead of having it in the cheese sauce, but do you think they would. NO!!!!

Certainly indicates that it might be harder post surgery to cope with eating out!!

On Sunday I also picked up a whole heap of clothes that my cousin has given me, so i had fun sorting them out to the fit now and fit soon categories....which was cool. There was even some that were too big....way cool.

On the exercise front, not been good at all...I was going to go to Line dancing with Annie, but I just didn't feel up to it at all. Was really tired yesterday ( maybe it had something to do with going to bed at 3am - being over tired and not falling asleep till 6am on Monday morning)

Weighed in today and I am really pleased to say that I have lost 3kgs over the last that brigns me to a total of 11.3 kgs lost so far in 4 weeks. I am really really pleased.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God I'm a Slack Tart

For not updating.

Last week was pretty full on but for what reason's I cannae remember.

I actually had a really good week last week, although TOM arrived this Monday and explains why I just had to have a couple of pieces of bread on Sunday. (shush though cos Simon doesn't know)

I took the dog for one walk last week on the only fine day, and we went to the local park. It was not very fun after we walked in the not mown grass, and she got excited about seeing another dog....and she pulled me the reason why the grass wasn't mown was that it was more like a swimming pool than a field. I was soaked.

I weighed in at Jenny yesterday, and I lost another 1.3 kgs, which I was really happy about, especially as TOM is here and my bread indiscretion. I actually have to thank Anne for her comments on my last entry, as she made me realise that yes if it weren't for the time pressures I would be damn happy with the losses that I am having. How many other times have I been able to lose 8.3 kgs in 3 weeks!!!!!

Anywho......back to the boring stuff


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finding things a bit tough going.

Been finding things a bit harder since Friday.....but I have been a bit stressed out.

I got home from work on Friday and it was all go about 5 mins after I got there......the cat suddenly gave this deafening,a nd most horrible meow. She was having some sort of seizure/stroke and i was convinced that she was going to drop dead.

Got her to the vet and nothing seemed wrong........yes she is a bit wobbly on her legs, but the vet could not pinpoint anything specifically wrong. They had suggested blood tests that might not given them any idea due to the influence of the episode....but as the cat is 17 years old, and that they would cost approx $200 which I don't have I thought I would just tae her home and monitor her.

She was pretty shakey over the weekend but managed to come right this morning...yelling at me for food and no where near as unstable on her back legs....she even jumped up on the bed at 6 am to wake me up.

Weigh in on monday was okay......I lost 1.4 kgs taking me to 7 kgs lost in 2 weeks, but I can't help but feel a little dissappointed as I was expecting a little more.
I am also struggling with why I have to lsoe so much when others I know of who are simalar weights/age/height etc are only have to lose say 60% of what I am.

I spoke to the nutrictionist about it and she gave me some excuses about why it is so........but when I said it feels like it is a figure just plucked out the thin air, she actually admitted that it is a little bit of that.

On the positive though, I also asked her about my blood tests that I had done whilst I was up there, and she said I was a freak of Nature....she said my bloods were absolutley perfect and no problems at that is cool.

She also said that I should go ahead and book my flights for the surgery as withteh way I am going I should get very close to my goal...if not hit it......and she said that even if I got to say 14 kgs lost, David would not turn me away, especially in light of my great blood work.

Oh the other thing that was damn frustrating last night, was that Si was outside when some kids were going from house to house selling chocolate. He thought I had not seen them so he bought a bar and hid it. Then when he came into the kitchen I casually asked him how many bars he had bought, and he admitted he had bought one........I said "I see" and walked into the computer room. He told me about 10 mins later that he had thrown it away.......although I kinda think that he ate it. He finally got it through his head that it was not very supportive.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Tomorrow at work we have a pot luck lunch. I was contemplating taking part by bringing in a salad, however I had a sneak peak at the scales and so far this week I have only lost 200 gms, so I decided that I am better off not doing the pot luck.

Also, I am going to weigh my protein again as I think it may have crept up a little. (amazing in such a short tiemspan how I can cram more meat into a meal)

The only other difference to last week was, apart from being sick, I drank decaf tea at home whereas at work I have normal. Luckily for me our admin lady loves me and she is buying in some decaf, so that will be good.

I am so trying not to let this bum me out cos I know that I always have a good week, then a bad week then a good week etc etc etc, and I cannot fall into the trap of letting a bad week affect me.

OH, today when I had a peak at the scales, the women at Jenny Craig (where I weigh since I paid all the hundreds of dollars years ago) kept questioning me, and trying to get me back on program. In the end I just said, look I am not willing to discuss what program I am on, just that both my doctor (note I did not say surgeon)nutricionist & psychologist are aware of my program and are supporting me 100%. They seemed happy enough with that......until about 30 mins later when I get a phone call checking all is okay with me from the centre manager. Oh well......I am still gonna weigh in there!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well I am 12.5% of the way there

Yep, 1 week down - 7 to go, so 12.5% of the way there already.

The week was really hard with being sick, and now that I am back at work, it feels even tougher as I can't go and have a nana nap when I get hungry. Workmates are being really great, very supportive and doing things like moving the cookie tin tot he cupboard before I get to morning tea so I don't have the temptation.

Weekend was pretty quiet, still recovering from the cold. I really wanted to go to bar Bodega on Saturday night as they had a country rock night there and it would have been cool, but I didn't not feel up to it at all.

I did however manage to go to the WLS support group, which was at the Tasting Room on Courteney place and I got to meet Annie which was fantastic. We have spoken on the phone so much and we are sharing so much of this journey together as we have the same surgery date in Hamilton so it was great to put the name to the face, and I can't wait to be walking the hallways of Southern Cross with her.

Also met another lady from Wellington who is having her surgery in 2 weeks, so it is brilliant that there is a group of us who will be having shared experiences.

I haven't managed to get in any exercise yet, have not really had the energy. I still had to have a nana nap when I got home yesterday and I felt much better afterwards.

I had my weigh in yesterday, and I was a bit worried that I would not lose as much as I had hoped. I was really hoping for at least 4kgs to be on track for losing the 17 kgs in time for the surgery. I Shouldn't have worried....I lost 5.6 kgs, so I am nicely on target to lose enough for the surgery.