Monday, May 24, 2010 sleep!!!

Wow, oops, didn't realise it was quite so long in between posts. Things have been kinda busy but in a good way around me at the moment. So, a couple of weeks ago I went down to see my surgeon and he was overall happy with where I am at considering being on steroids and how much I orginally had to lose etc. He would like to see me reduce the carbs and the mindless snacking that seems to creep in. Oh and the nutritionist would like to see me increase my I made a deal with her that coke zero is a non work drink......only tea & water are allowed.

While I was down there I caught up with Jo, who is looking absolutely stunning, and I had my appointments at the same time as my surgery buddy Annie......Michelle, my other surgery buddy already had her appointments earlier in the year. After a couple of hours at my surgeons office laughing with the girls there, we met up with one of the guys from Wellington who had his surgery 10 months ago. It is so nice meeting other people who have been through a similar experience and truly understand the decision to have this type of surgery.

That evening Annie had a work thing on, so I went over to my brothers for dinner and to spend some time hanging out with his kids. It was a nice night and I managed to come away with a camcorder that my brother was going to sell on trade me.....but he did me a deal - if I (read Simon) spent the time transferring all the data onto dvd from tape we could have the camcorder.Which was a fab deal and although the camcorder is old, it is much better than not having one at all.

Since then I have been pretty full on organising the Weightloss surgery Meet & Greet and have managed so secure some sponsors, which is actually kinda cool. And I have been working with people to get the event website up and running - that should be done by the end of Queens Birthday Weekend, which will still leave people heaps of time to register.

Work has been pretty full on, we are still in "coaching" for the second queue we have learnt and we are not yet on our own.....but it is pretty full on at the moment as we are in our peak time for calls. Never a spare second really. I am still enjoying it, more than I thought I would.

This past weekend has been super busy, on Saturday I was meant to be working, but that means that I would have missed the fabulous ChrisH so on the Friday I volunteered to take the Saturday off if it looked like we were going to be quiet again..........and she worked some magic on the spot and voila I had the Saturday off as annual leave, so I got to go down to the Coffee Club in Palmy and meet up with her and Janene and a couple of Chris's other friends.

Then it was off home to pick up Si and then to the shop where we had looked at a Fridge/Freezer as the one at home is a little too small for when Si's parents take their one to the new house.......we have got used to having huge fridge space and when we are eating healthy we need lots of fridge space!!!!! So we ended up buying that and a Wii as well as Wii-Fit. I have given up my curves membership as I am not going, so this way we can do it at home together. Si apparently has almost perfect balance......whereas I definitely need to work on that.

After those purchases it was quickly off to a friends, what an amazing girl she is. At 21 she has just bought her first house, after saving since she was about 13 years old. She has been 'Scrooge McDuck" since then but now is reaping the rewards - good on her and shows that you can make it work if you try hard enough.

After that back home to a few games on the Wii (that Si set up while I was out) and then it was down to Raumati for a friends 60th Birthday. It is always so hard at these events when you only really know 1 or 2 people and because they are so busy trying to get around every one else you don't actually enjoy it that much. Unfortunately there was not enough seating and where we did manage to get a seat the music was so loud you could not have a conversation even between the two of we only stayed about an hour and a 1/2 and then came home again.

Yesterday I met up with a young guy just starting out in website design, and he is going to do the WLS Meet & Greet registration website for me, and although it will be pretty basic - it is free!!!!
I ended up staying chatting to his parents for about 4 hours as his Dad has WLS 6 months ago and they are also pretty passionate about maybe getting a non profit organisation set up for WLS patients that can provide information and advocacy. So something to certainly work with before the Meet & Greet in November.

Anyway today is busy as, have been up since 7am , ironed (I can't believe I ironed) Si's work clothes, made his breakfast and lunch, then put the beginnings of pumpkin soup on for tonight's dinner...will do the rest when I get home tonight and finally did this update. I now need to jump in the shower, make my lunch and have my breakfast........arghhhh too busy!! However......things are about to get easier.........................1 sleep!!!!!

There is 1 sleep to go before we are no longer living with Si's parents.......yes, they move out tomorrow, althoughw e are having the dog for a couple of weeks until they get a fence up and there will still be alot of stuff (little) that they will be popping back and forth for, we will be sleeping in the house all on our goodness that is making us sound like we are "finally allowed to stay on our own" LMAO!!!!! Unfortunately Si's mothers back is not good at the moment and she has overdone it a little we think. So hopefully she will be feeling okay tomorrow, best thing might to be let the mover do all the big stuff, leave the little stuff till later when we can do it with a car and trailer.

Anyway, all go around her and will be rearranging the bedrooms and computer rooms...we are going to make the much bigger second bedroom our office, complete with a couch (when I find a cheap sofa bed) and coffee table.....will be nice!!!! and I will take pics of this house once we have actually got it how we want it. So for me now - off to work.....................ONE SLEEP!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toooo busy.....

To do a proper update as very busy organising the meet & greet so i can get registrations out this month, and I went down to see my surgeon, had a fabulous time with Annie, caught up with Jo. Met some wonderful people, and then spent some time with family.

This weekend and week is going so fast already....weight is I stressing? Not a bean!!!!
Just eating good food (healthy) and rushing around like a mad thing.

Will try and do a proper post tonight.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bungled Blitz....but realisations.....

Yup - I have fallen off the 10 day Blitz........hard. I find weekends so hard and it didn't help that we had takeaways and then went to a movie on Friday night. Then in the shopping yesterday a heap of wrong food seemed to find it's way into my trolley......and I let it!!!

Oh well, can only start again and move forward, although I don't think I am letting this get me down as much as I normally do as I have come to the realisation that I have done so well on this journey and i have lost around 42% of my body weight........and that is something to be really proud of!!!!!!! Sure I would still like to lose some more, but compared to where I came from I am so much healthier and can actually do so much more. Maybe it is about accepting where I am at right now, and appreciating what I have in my life. In other words - stop looking backwards!!

Okay - so moving forwards......what are some things that I would like to achieve in say the next 6 months leading up to Christmas??? Not necessarily Weight Loss specific..... I will have to think on this and get back to you, but I know that one of them will be to get my passport so if the opportunity arose to go overseas.(Yes I know that means me saving for it) then I can.I will think of some others.

The National Weight Loss Surgery Meet & Greet is coming together, and I confirmed with some pretty cool vendors that they are going to provide us some samples (for goodie bags) and some prizes (spot). I am trying to keep the vendors specific or complimentary to WLS and feeling good. One of the vendors is keen to help us maybe start a non profit orgnisation so we can have a voice when it comes to issues that concern WLS patients and to also get the positive word about weightloss surgery, rather than just the negatives that the media tend to portray. Although I do believe there is something positive on tonight's "Sunday" show on telly.

I have the Palmerston North WLS support group meeting this afternoon and I can't wait. I get so much out of these each and every month.