Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bungled Blitz....but realisations.....

Yup - I have fallen off the 10 day Blitz........hard. I find weekends so hard and it didn't help that we had takeaways and then went to a movie on Friday night. Then in the shopping yesterday a heap of wrong food seemed to find it's way into my trolley......and I let it!!!

Oh well, can only start again and move forward, although I don't think I am letting this get me down as much as I normally do as I have come to the realisation that I have done so well on this journey and i have lost around 42% of my body weight........and that is something to be really proud of!!!!!!! Sure I would still like to lose some more, but compared to where I came from I am so much healthier and can actually do so much more. Maybe it is about accepting where I am at right now, and appreciating what I have in my life. In other words - stop looking backwards!!

Okay - so moving forwards......what are some things that I would like to achieve in say the next 6 months leading up to Christmas??? Not necessarily Weight Loss specific..... I will have to think on this and get back to you, but I know that one of them will be to get my passport so if the opportunity arose to go overseas.(Yes I know that means me saving for it) then I can.I will think of some others.

The National Weight Loss Surgery Meet & Greet is coming together, and I confirmed with some pretty cool vendors that they are going to provide us some samples (for goodie bags) and some prizes (spot). I am trying to keep the vendors specific or complimentary to WLS and feeling good. One of the vendors is keen to help us maybe start a non profit orgnisation so we can have a voice when it comes to issues that concern WLS patients and to also get the positive word about weightloss surgery, rather than just the negatives that the media tend to portray. Although I do believe there is something positive on tonight's "Sunday" show on telly.

I have the Palmerston North WLS support group meeting this afternoon and I can't wait. I get so much out of these each and every month.


  1. I pushed the PN get2gether very much today at our Chch support group. Had a lot of interest and bought up lots of conversation

  2. You must be having too much fun organising things.

    This weight loss stuff is all about how you want to live so hope you have a really great week.

  3. Hi Janine,

    You mentioned the item on Sunday last night - what did you think? I thought it was positive overall but can see the issue of publicly funded surgery for weight loss coming on the political agenda at some point. It is likely to be the kind of thing National could be negetive about. The organisation you speak of could be really valuable in the future. Not to put more pressure on you specifically - you are doing an awesome job! I would hate to see weight loss surgery lost as an option in the public sector. I know a lot of patients pay enormous amounts of hard earned cash to have surgery, but am also pleased to know it is available to some people who may not have considered it at all otherwise. Any thoughts / issues with what I have said welcome. At the risk of stirring up political debate, good luck with everything you are doing! And thanks for your honesty on your blog.

  4. Hi Janine - Congrats on not beating yourself up over any mistakes that were made. They are in the past, and just move onward. Yes, you have come a long way and you are much healthier. That's much more important! :)