Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1 Bad Habit

I am going to focus today on breaking one bad habit. I am going to sip water all day today.........and then 15 mins before I eat I am going to drink as much as I can....(waterloading) and then I am not going to drink anything while I eat......and for at least 30 mins afterwards. Then sip sip sip.

I need to take ownership of where I am at. My danger figure on the scales with taking the steroids was 105 kgs.....well this morning I was sitting at 106.3 kgs.....so need to get that moving back down.

Will be back later in the day to update as to how I have done............wish me luck!!!!

UPDATE:I did it.......................I have been sipping my water all day and then water loaded 15 mins before lunch and did not have anything to drink with lunch and man the amount I could eat at lunchtime was so much smaller than when I force it down with a drink.

Have just got home and had a few crackers with cheese on them for a snack and almost.....yes almost had a drink with it......but I am happy to say I didn't and I will be able to have my coke zero in about 20 mins.

Oh the other thing I did today was avoided the lollie jar at work.....will be interesting to see how all this comes together....but for now it is just one habit at a time....and this week it is definitely the water. Feeling very proud of myself today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In a funky place

At the moment, I just seem to be in a funk. Am so super busy with training at work, which is so much information to absorb. I really wish I could just be a few weeks down the track and doing the job on a daily basis.

I am tired and I know that working full time is having a slightly negative effect on my health. I am so tired and feeling a bit run down. I will climb out of this, just at the moment it doesn't seem like I can get myself sorted to get back ontrack with eating and exercise.

I got my blood tests yesterday, taken the day after my steroid reduction, and my blood figures have elevated, which possibly accounts for why I am feeling the way I am at the moment.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a week......

This has been one full on week with moving and starting a new job all at once......can certainly say that I have had my fair share of headaches this week. So, yes we are now Palmerston North residents, and for those of who you want to know what it looks like, this is our main square.

and one of the main roads leading into the city from the University, across the river.
The move went reasonably well from all I heard, took a little longer than I had anticipated so the cost was more than I had budgeted for, which makes things a bit tight. Luckily with me now working this will all even out. On the job front, it has been really full on this week and lots of learning. It is kinda scary just how much information you have to take in, but lets face it, you just have to get it right.

The house is coming together, although the unpack has taken me longer than normal as I have been working, but as of today I really only have the china cabinet and the stereo left to unpack. I am even getting some baking sorted out today for the weeks lunchs.

So here are a few photos of the house....still a little in a shambles......but not too bad.

and to finish, a couple of my neice and nephew who had a special day with Granddad and Val on the 30th of Dec as they were unable to be there on Christmas Day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Last day....

Last day at the house before we move again.......and before I start my new job......Last day of me having any excuses as to not getting this body moving and shifting some more weight..........Last day of stuffing my job full of shite that I shouldn't.

Yup - I have to get back on track, and that has to start now.....I unfortnately rarely dump and that means that I can eat quite a bit of sugar and/or fat and not feel ill. I also still drink while I eat and that is also bad as it forces the food through the pouch and it means that I don't feel as full for long.

So, I am going to take a leaft out of Gastric Girls blog, and make a January Resolution......rather than a New Years resolution a that would be almost impossible for me to keep up.

My January Resolutions are:

  1. Take my vitamins
  2. Stop drinking when I eat.

  3. Make healthy choices with food and stop the crap.....sugar mainly....(put down the jetplanes)

  4. Transfer my curves membership and use it.........(might stretch to Feb with the new job and all)

  5. Watch the portions (will be easier if I adhere to #2)

  6. Enjoy my new job

  7. Enjoy my new house!!!!

My 1 New Years Resolution is:


Anyway - I start the new job tomorrow morning at 8:30 am and it will be a very busy morning. I think I will be up at 6am to get ready and to help Simon pulll down the bed. Once I am done and have my breakfast I will be out the door and aiming to drop the cat and dog off at the kennels by 8am. Then a quick scoot over to my new job, and hopefully I will find a park quickly and then walk to work and get there by 8:30am. It is going to be a little tight for time, but I am sure I can make it work.

The truck arrives here at 9am for the move and they will probably be done by about 2pm I think. It will be slower with Si's parents stuff as well, and we have alot of there stuff in storage in the garage. I expect I will finish work at around 4:30 on the first day and will head home to my new house to see where they have put everything.......is going to be very very interesting and no doubt I will move it all around later. That is the one downfall about starting my job on the day we are moving house......I actually LOVE moving day........maybe that is why we do it so often....LOL.

Not sure when we will be back online, as obviously is dependant on if they internet connection is up and running. We have not heard anything to say that there was going to be a delay so hoping it will be tomorrow night. Will see. I will leave you with a couple of pics of the house as teasers and I will be back with more photos of it after we have moved in and unpacked. It looks tidier now without all the toys on the back deck and alot of the trees and shrubs have been pruned.