Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1 Bad Habit

I am going to focus today on breaking one bad habit. I am going to sip water all day today.........and then 15 mins before I eat I am going to drink as much as I can....(waterloading) and then I am not going to drink anything while I eat......and for at least 30 mins afterwards. Then sip sip sip.

I need to take ownership of where I am at. My danger figure on the scales with taking the steroids was 105 kgs.....well this morning I was sitting at 106.3 kgs.....so need to get that moving back down.

Will be back later in the day to update as to how I have done............wish me luck!!!!

UPDATE:I did it.......................I have been sipping my water all day and then water loaded 15 mins before lunch and did not have anything to drink with lunch and man the amount I could eat at lunchtime was so much smaller than when I force it down with a drink.

Have just got home and had a few crackers with cheese on them for a snack and almost.....yes almost had a drink with it......but I am happy to say I didn't and I will be able to have my coke zero in about 20 mins.

Oh the other thing I did today was avoided the lollie jar at work.....will be interesting to see how all this comes together....but for now it is just one habit at a time....and this week it is definitely the water. Feeling very proud of myself today.


  1. good LUCK maybe one of those WATER HATS that has the tubes down the sides THAT FANATICAL FANS wear to Rugby/motorsport THEN you would be more inclined TO JUST SIP OR the mere thoughtt of having to WEAR ONE OF THOSE might just do it!!!!

  2. Good luck with the water.. ikkky stuff that water!

  3. Good luck - great idea to concentrate on one bad habit at a time:-)

  4. Good luck am sure you can do it :-)

  5. one small step (or habit) at a time is the way to do it.. I know you can do this.. look forward to reading how you went


  6. Great start, keep up the good work.

  7. Good girl:-)

    You asked about how the chemo will work with our trip, Peter has a dose Friday, we go away Monday for 2 weeks, the Monday we return another hospital visit and should have Chemo on the Tuesday.

    A bit of juggling but the trip is happening:-)

  8. good on you tackling one thing at a time! I have never heard of waterloading, I might just try it :)

  9. Avoiding the lolly jar is bloody hard. I normally try to buy lollies that I h8 for the work jar so I am not tempted - but now they have introduced a chocolate jar! Grrr!