Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a week......

This has been one full on week with moving and starting a new job all at once......can certainly say that I have had my fair share of headaches this week. So, yes we are now Palmerston North residents, and for those of who you want to know what it looks like, this is our main square.

and one of the main roads leading into the city from the University, across the river.
The move went reasonably well from all I heard, took a little longer than I had anticipated so the cost was more than I had budgeted for, which makes things a bit tight. Luckily with me now working this will all even out. On the job front, it has been really full on this week and lots of learning. It is kinda scary just how much information you have to take in, but lets face it, you just have to get it right.

The house is coming together, although the unpack has taken me longer than normal as I have been working, but as of today I really only have the china cabinet and the stereo left to unpack. I am even getting some baking sorted out today for the weeks lunchs.

So here are a few photos of the house....still a little in a shambles......but not too bad.

and to finish, a couple of my neice and nephew who had a special day with Granddad and Val on the 30th of Dec as they were unable to be there on Christmas Day.


  1. The house looks nice and gee THE main street has changed since I WAS last there...LOVED PALMY for the shopping and nightlife!

  2. The house is looking good:-)

    Yes - I'm sure you have the right person in mind for our visitor.

  3. Lovely photos of Palmy. ALMOST made me homesick.. but not quite. I used to walk over that bridge at least twice a week!

  4. I am glad the move went OK & I am sure you will settle into your new job pretty easily.

  5. Awesome pics, have a great weekend and hope your second or is it third week of work went well :-)

  6. The house looks lovely, I hope this is your last move for a while! You must be so over moving. I hope your enjoying your new job x