Thursday, October 29, 2009

Motivated? Am I?

Okay so I did a youtube video today about being motivated and how the WLS community there is really amazing and it does motivate me......I am not 100% on track with everything, but I am heading in the rightish direction and I am motivated to keep moving forward.

I pu tinthe video post how I just seem to be more motivated to get up in the mornings and move and to take a little bit better care of my appearance -ie straightening my hair and putting on some make up etc......even on days when I am not working. It just feels good.

So I mentioned all this to Si and he said he didn't think it was motivation.....he says I have always been motivated - but just whenI have not been well I have not been able to manage to make it I am not sure if I agree intirely - however I do beleive that it is actually ACCEPTANCE......of not just the situation with my health and my job, but where I am with my weightloss.

You know over the last two days of actually getting dressed up and going into my local stores.....I have had so many compliments on how I look and how much I have lost.....some people know and some don't. But I think I am getting to a point where I am ACCEPTING my lot........and you know what.....I am happy.

The trick is not to get complacent huh?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not alot happening

There is definately not alot happening in the world of Janine......I have finished the first lot of training for my on call casual job and I have no idea when they next need me. So far I have done 26 hours and got paid for that guess what I am doing.........going to the bank, paying bills and then looking maybe at webcam prices so it is easier for me to upload videos to youtube.......or at least do quick capture videos. I actually upload a new post to my you tube yesterday for those who are keen you can go to HERE

I have been applying for more part time positions but I am finding that I get the "your overqualified" speil and short of telling them that becuase i have been sick (and frightening them even more) that is all I am looking for.......I am not sure what else to do. I think I might go and approach some of the retail shops in town next week and just let them know I am available to help with the busy christmas season........and see what happens.

This weekend coming is going to be a busy one......well Sunday extended family - all the aunties, uncles and cousins get together for a family Christmas in Novemeber and this year it is on Nov 1st as everyone is so busy........very early to be thinking about Christmas I know.....but never mind, that is how it works out. It is also the Palmerston North WLS monthly support group meeting and I hate to miss them, so I might sneek away for an hour to go to that as is close, so It shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Oh here is a picture of the front of our house.......taken before we moved in, but gives you an idea.......and I will get aroudn to taking some more at some point soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I haven't posted as I have been not sure how to say what I needed to say. As many of you know I took a job late last week our at Ohakea Airbase doing cleaning of the officers mess. It was 3 days per week for 5 hours pers day. Well although I was looking forward to having some regular income it was probablynot the top choice for employment, but hey in this climate you can't be picky right.

Anyway, on Sunday I actually got quite ill and had quite a major flareup of my illness. Headed to the Dr's on Monday and thankfully saw my normal GP- it was his last day as he is going back to just being an Emergency Dept Dr. He ordered some blood tests and yes htey were considerably higher than normal. Si came with me which was actually a surprise as I thought he had gone to work, which he had, but he came back to go to the appt with me as he was not sure I would ask the dr about see Si had concerns about me taking such a physical job when I am not well.

The upshot of the conversation with the Dr was that he thought I was "bonkers" to even try such a physically demanding job and that he would really only be happy with me doing some sort of admin role. So I had to let that job boss was really understanding about the situation and even said that if he has any admin work he will let me know.

So yesterday, I started training with the alarm monitoring for Armourguard security, which was brilliant and I enjoyed it....I did 4 hours yesterday and I have 6 today and friday with another 4 on Saturday. Once that is done I will be on call/casual and after talking with some of the staff yesterday it does mean that it will be quite I do need to find another part time role somehow..........will definately go around some of the retail outlets in my home town and offer my services for the busy lead up to Christmas.

Oh - one of the brilliant things about not working.........I can finally catch up with a great online radio show that is hosted by Diva Taunia. It is a show designed for Weightloss Surgery Patients and I have gotten to know some of them through my you tube page......if you are ever around between 11am and midday on a Tuesday check it out. Just click on Diva Taunia on Blogtalk Radio and listen in.

Actually my you tube channel is very out of date at the moment and I have not done an update for so long....I keep recording them but not getting around to editing and posting them.......shocking!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures as promised

So I have taken a few shots of the house is just a small two bedroom place and as it was raining I didn't get any outdoor shots.....But I will, I promise!!!

Our Bedroom - with Riddick

Riddick on bed

Hallway (through to Kitchen) & Oscar


Kitchen & what should be dining but is our computer room

Dining room (is actually a conservatory)

Lounge - looking from doorway to telly

Lounge - looking from computer room

Porsche on the front porch


We are finally back in the land of the internet, man it is so funny how much you come to rely on it. It was like I had lost a limb. I had no idea how much money was in the bank account and had to resort to calling them for a balance.

However, not having it for the last few days set up some good habits, I have walked the dog every morning since Sunday, and yesterday even did a 5.7 km walk with a cup of tea stop at Dad's. This morning was only a small walk as it has been raining overnight and I had to wear my gumboots to get down to the area that I let her off the lead. Very hard to walk far in gumboots.

Have been to Curves and aqua aerobics as well, and will be going to Curves this morning after I get some chores done. - Have got to get the ingredients for the cheese ball I am making for Dad's 75th Birthday on Saturday. Also need to pick up a birthday present for him.

Oh- I also got a call yesterday from that old schoolmate that I bumped into who is the operations manager for the catering division out at Ohakea airbase......and he has some work for it could be peeling spuds for all I know, but it is around 30 hours per week and I find out more tomorrow. This works in quite well as the other job that I have secured is only an on call/casual basis. However two things - I need to make sure that I can not work the days I am training for the other job and then, I also need to make sure that I can have the days off that I am flying down to spend with Roz in November.

I have also put my name down as a part time cashier at Bunnings here in Feilding and my Dad was talking to the owner of the New World recently and apparently although they have nothing at the moment, he would be interested in me. Now this is funny as I had sent my CV into the contact ages ago (not the same person) and never heard anything. Might pay to deal directly with the owner huh?

I think I am going to make some sort of mince dish tonight - probably just spag bol. but maybe more of a pasta bake.......with penne pasta. Who knows.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Having a blast

Had a fantastic weekend just gone, caught up with Janene, Jo, Jenny, Rhian and Jorja....a very nic mornign tea and then hitting the shops. I managed to score some nice boots on the Friday night at the ezibuy sale room - 70% of the original price and when I went back on Saturday I found some nice jeads and a top...The Jeans a size 18!!!!! and the top was a size 14!!!!!!!! Although it was kinda tight - i bought it, cos i liked the colour and would wear uit under another floaty top anyhow. That at it was a size 14!!!!

In the afternoon Si and I went shopping and stocked up on some essentials for the house and then we pretty much had an at home weekend. Sunday I really wanted to start the walking the dog routine, so at 9:13 I headed out and I took her about 2.7 kms and we got home around 10am - although I did stop and natter to a couple of people I knew, or who had dogs. Got home fromt hat and really wanted tog et stuck into the gardening, so after a late breakfast I did that and didn't stop till around 1:30 for lunch. Got the greenhouse cleared of weeds, (I still need to wash it) and then I managed to completely weed one whole vegetable plot and discovered some lettuces and parsley in it already.

friends came around later on in the afternoon with some runenr bean plants so I am pleased that I had made room for them.....still haev 3 more plots to weed, and in those we have discovered rubarb, carrots, potatoes and I think cauli' well as 101 weeds including nettles......!! Will have to be careful there.

Si worked on our dinnign room table, he has been sanding it back and staining and varnishing it. it was my great grandmothers and we think it is about 80 years old. We left the bumps, stains and scratches on it as we felt it showed it's character bnut now at least it is preserved a little and it has come up really nice. It is a drop leaf table and is all we need for now. I will take some pics when I can.....I know I keep saying that but once we have the internet it will make it easier.

So come to my first day of being at home and not earning........wdid I rest...hell no!!!! Not when I have this much energy!!! Not sure why since my iron levels are really low at the moment, but hey it's working for me. So first things first, walked Porsche in the park about the same distance although a bit quicker today........not long before I got to the end I came across a few peopel chatting with 3 large dogs......and it turns out I know one of the couples from my old church....and Porsche had fun palying with the three other dogs - although as the only girl the others had a hard time leaving her alone........LOL, was funny. They said they meet there every morning around 7:30 so I might try and head down there most mornings, although I think i would make it the later part of my walk as we end up standing around just chatting while the dogs play.

So after the walk today I had arranged to meet Val (Stepmom) and my Anuty Jocelyn at the swimmign pool for aqua aerobics..Si's Mum came too and we had a great 45 min session. I was planning on going to Curves later on in the day but decided that it could wait till tomorrow as I still had to get out in the garden and plant the runner beans, which I can proudly say are in and watered and hopefuly happy and growing.......OMG - who would have thought I would turn out to be a gardener!!!!

Tomorrow I have an MRI scheduled to check out my sacro-iliac joint and this ti9me doesn't seem anywhere near as scary as I know what to expect. It means that I have to be up and have had breakfast by 7:00am as It is nil by mouth for 4 hours prior. So after breakfast I will take Porsche for her walk and then after I get back I will go to Curves in the afternoon. Will be interesting to see how all this exercise impacets on my weight and measurements...I was thinking of not doing any weighing or measurements till 1 month after starting, but not sure I can wait that long......hehe.

Anyway - need to get home - almost 9pm!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Day

Well I have gotten to my last day at work and it has started well……Have a few things to finish up but I am taking some time out and getting my haircut at 11am so off to that in a few mins.

The office had some flowers and chocolates and a card for me at morning tea this morning and I cried…..I mean my time here has been short and some things have been very frustrating but all in all they are very very nice people and I will miss them.

So here is a couple of pics from today the first one being Si’s parents dog and then one of the flowers……was very surprised that they went to such an effort…….Thanks Debs!!!

Will come back later and update with a pic of my hair…..getting the blonde bits cut out as it is over a year since I shaved it all off.

Okay here it is my new haircut....I kinda like it, a little short but stillokay and the blond bits have gone.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Having a break

Yup - I am officially having a break. I am not scheduled to start my training till Oct 29th, so I get to have some ME time. This means that I am going to get myself organised and get my exercise plan back up and running and also restart Curves and of course get into a routine of walking Porsche.

The vege garden is also on the list of things to weed and get prepared ready for planting around Labour Weekend. We haev 4 raised vegetable beds and a glasshouse, and we are all looking forward to having home grown vegetables. We also have two compost bins that we will also start using to make our own compost. I am so not a gardener so this is going to be a very very steep learning curve!!!!

I think that I will also be looking at taking up a craft and I am thinking about quilting.........I love looking at Chris H's stuff and a friend in Hawaii is also going to quilting lessons. I really want to be able to make some Christmas presents and also maybe make some placemats for my table.

Our internet is still down at home till the 14th at least and I am going crazy not being able to access everything I normally do. I will not have any access to a PC unless I go to Dad's from this Friday till then.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Got IT

I got the on call/casual job that I went for last week. It is for Armourguard security doing alarm monitoring of all of Telecom’s alarm systems nationwide. It is a similar role to one that I used to have when I lived in Auckland although on a much smaller scale. It is only on call at this stage but at least a foot in the door and gives me a few more options.

Things have been really busy at work as we moved building and I am only just back online at work…..still no progress on the home internet….will be at least till the 14th October before I will have access there.

The house is 99.9% unpacked and we are getting there with some of the other tasks like sanding, staining and varnishing a dining room table that belonged to my Great Grandmother. It is coming up really nice and will look just the part. Also have not yet got stuck into the garden or the greenhouse, but it has been far too cold to get out there.

Riddick, Porsche and Oscar (Si’s parent’s dog) have settled in really well and are getting on brilliantly and we have no worries there at all. Porsche seems to have lost some of her obedience and she seems to have picked up a couple of naughty habits, but mainly she is good and still the loving pooch we had before.

Have not yet been out every morning with her as it has been far too cold, but will definitely be starting next week as I will be at home most of the time. Will also be rejoining Curves and going to aqua aerobics a couple of times a week. Weight is looking good at the moment and is hovering around 101 kgs to 101.6 kgs… I am really happy with that as it did pop up to 105.5 kgs. I had to wonder if it is the supplements as they seem to bung me up a bit……..but we will see.

Will try and take some pics of the house as soon as I can…..hard without the internet at home to get posts done, but I will try and do it from here before I finish on Friday.