Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Day

Well I have gotten to my last day at work and it has started well……Have a few things to finish up but I am taking some time out and getting my haircut at 11am so off to that in a few mins.

The office had some flowers and chocolates and a card for me at morning tea this morning and I cried…..I mean my time here has been short and some things have been very frustrating but all in all they are very very nice people and I will miss them.

So here is a couple of pics from today the first one being Si’s parents dog and then one of the flowers……was very surprised that they went to such an effort…….Thanks Debs!!!

Will come back later and update with a pic of my hair…..getting the blonde bits cut out as it is over a year since I shaved it all off.

Okay here it is my new haircut....I kinda like it, a little short but stillokay and the blond bits have gone.


  1. Oh how cute the dog and lovely flowers :-)

  2. I looooooove your new hair cut Janine! The colour and cut really suit you :)

  3. I love the new haircut - nice ti have a new style for the new beginning :-)

    Nice flowers.

  4. Love the new hair cut it looks great, and so do you Janine!

  5. Cute dog. lovely flowers, that was nice of them.
    Your hair looks a similar colour to mine! Only mine is longer.... nice.

  6. I think it looks fab darling...simply fab!

  7. love the new haircut... suits you. Must catch up again soon. Jolene