Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Having a break

Yup - I am officially having a break. I am not scheduled to start my training till Oct 29th, so I get to have some ME time. This means that I am going to get myself organised and get my exercise plan back up and running and also restart Curves and of course get into a routine of walking Porsche.

The vege garden is also on the list of things to weed and get prepared ready for planting around Labour Weekend. We haev 4 raised vegetable beds and a glasshouse, and we are all looking forward to having home grown vegetables. We also have two compost bins that we will also start using to make our own compost. I am so not a gardener so this is going to be a very very steep learning curve!!!!

I think that I will also be looking at taking up a craft and I am thinking about quilting.........I love looking at Chris H's stuff and a friend in Hawaii is also going to quilting lessons. I really want to be able to make some Christmas presents and also maybe make some placemats for my table.

Our internet is still down at home till the 14th at least and I am going crazy not being able to access everything I normally do. I will not have any access to a PC unless I go to Dad's from this Friday till then.

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