Thursday, October 29, 2009

Motivated? Am I?

Okay so I did a youtube video today about being motivated and how the WLS community there is really amazing and it does motivate me......I am not 100% on track with everything, but I am heading in the rightish direction and I am motivated to keep moving forward.

I pu tinthe video post how I just seem to be more motivated to get up in the mornings and move and to take a little bit better care of my appearance -ie straightening my hair and putting on some make up etc......even on days when I am not working. It just feels good.

So I mentioned all this to Si and he said he didn't think it was motivation.....he says I have always been motivated - but just whenI have not been well I have not been able to manage to make it I am not sure if I agree intirely - however I do beleive that it is actually ACCEPTANCE......of not just the situation with my health and my job, but where I am with my weightloss.

You know over the last two days of actually getting dressed up and going into my local stores.....I have had so many compliments on how I look and how much I have lost.....some people know and some don't. But I think I am getting to a point where I am ACCEPTING my lot........and you know what.....I am happy.

The trick is not to get complacent huh?


  1. I watched it Janine - Didn't comment on Facebook as our computer is packing fits at the mo) You seemed amazingly calm, motivated and I ahve to say a natural in front of the camera!!

    Acceptance is a good stage to be at:-)

  2. Love the entry and the youtube one - have a happy weeken. Will buzz you next week had been feeling a bit down this week and didnt feel like talking to anyone :-)