Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh dear

Why oh why did I let Si talk me in to taking my hair back blonde!!!!
I have a deal with him that if it went copper I could shave it off.....

this is the result of the dye job!!!!!

So was he true to his word?? Did he clipper it for me or could I learn to live with it.......???? Will update again soon

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kick Start for Spring

Thanks all for your lovely comments on how I am looking. I really wish I had done my hair and makeup,…..maybe next time. Things have been busy since I last posted. I had a another work trip to Nelson and also to Wanganui for a meeting.

We are in the process of retendering for our work as of next July, so things are kind of busy atm with that. Simon & I have also been along to the local Lions club, and we will probably get involved with that. My dad is a member and I used to be a Leo (junior lion) in my teens.

My weight loss the past few weeks has been pretty stagnant and I even jumped up a couple of kilos there for a little bit. I had a look at what I was eating, and I could pin point that I had let some bad habits creep back in. After talking to the nutritionist I figured out that I am not getting anywhere enough protein, and my carb intake has been a little on the high side. So for this week, I am doing a pretty strict no carb diet, similar to what I did on preop. It is making me re-establish some good habits and I am really enjoying it and the weightloss is looking good. I am really hoping to be close to 99.9kgs by the time I see the surgeon for my one year checkup in November.

The other area I needed to look at was exercise. And I can truly say I am not a gym person. I will still try to go at least once a week, but I decided I needed to do things I enjoy, so when the weather warms up a bit I will head back to the pool (will need a new swimsuit first) but in the meantime I am going to head out on the road on my new toy. I managed to find it second hand for $60 on trademe, and all I need now is a helmet and I will be away.

Hmm I wonder what I should name her?? Suggestions very welcome