Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not so Close

For some reason - probably hormonal....I have gained 2.3 kgs in the last 3 not sure where that is going to put me on Monday, but this mornign I was 102.6 kgs.

Now I know that I have not been as focussed as I would have liked but that is just damn ridculous, and I don't have anything more to say on it.

However I will say

I really love this guy and I hope he wins

Want more American Idol videos? Click here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

So close.......

I am so close to hitting the sub 100 kgs mark!!! I am sitting at 100.3 kgs this morning and have had a pretty quiet week on the exercise front. My feet are still giving me some issues so have been taking the exercise pretty lightly. My portions have been in check and I have been eating less crap – mainly as a result of not having any money! So something can be said for being poor.

Actually I have found a really really yummy lunch which is stacked in protein. It is a piece of whoegrain toast, with chop chop chicken spread out on it… fav has to be the chop chop chicken with wholegrain mustard……and then cheese melted under the grill ontop. It is such a yummy lunch and really keeps me going. I have also been back into the protein shakes for the last few days and I just think that they keep things regular…….!!

So, I am so hoping that this next week will be the key as I had ordered some protein bars from Zola, the nutritionist and I am having those for lunch with a cup of soup. In the evenings I will try to limit the carbs, but at the moment with money as tight as it is, carbs seem to feature more as they are so budget to cook with.

OH, on the job front, I have applied for a position with New Zealand Transport Agency (formally Land Transport NZ) who I used to work for in Wellington. I am optimistic and I am hoping that I never pissed too many people off. If I am successful it will mean a slight pay decrease but job security. It will also be a lot more structured, which at the moment I think I need….means I won’t be able to read blogs etc at work, but that’s okay.
Oh the only downside is that it is a 7 day a week centre anywhere from 7am till 6pm……but once again job security……which is what I desperately need.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I need to refocus on me and get myself back on track. I am so dying to get under 100 kgs and I really want to do this before I am 18 months post op. which is 4 weeks away today exactly. I need to get under that is a mental block more than anything, but I need to do it.

So, I know of some things which will be hindering that, and they are mainly, not drinking enough water, and drinking when I eat instead of waiting the 30 mins after meals. I really need to go back to basics again to kick start it all, and for my pouch to actually get used to what I should be doing, not what I am doing.

So i thought of two things I could do, and the first is the 5 Day Pouch Test which basically is back to no carbs at all and food ranging from liquids for the first 2 days to solid protein by day 5. It makes you remember where your pouch ends and eliminates the "slider" foods. The other option is to do the pre op diet for 2 weeks and kick start things from there. I am thinking that this is the way forward for me, as it means that I can just use meal replacements for two meals and then have meat and vege for dinner, without going to much expense. I already have the shakes, so that is not hard, and I just ordered some more of the protein bars from my nutricionist and she will bill me for them.

Obviously I still need to be getting my exercise in, and that needs to be more regular. So I will have to take the dog for more walks, and get out on the bike in the weekends.

Some of this has come about in my head as I see Jo and Janene steaming towards the under 100 kg mark, and although it is not a competition and we have come from very different starting points.........I NEED to be under 100 beat this barrier, even if it is just in my head.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Pooch

I come home to the dog greeting me like this every single day

She is so cute.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reminder about Challenge and Pizza info.

I CAN get to my goal of being between 85 – 90 kgs before my 2nd surgiversary.
I WILL take my supplements EVERY single day
I WANT to make the most of my tool and the opportunities my RNY has given me.
I WON'T let the small stuff rule my success. I am STRONGER than I give myself credit for.

Don’t forget to do your 4 promises to yourself, and live by them. I know for me I have only missed this morning’s calcium pill since I started this, and have remembered every night to take the other ones.

I know that Karen has done hers and challenged others as well, so let’s do this as a bloggers thing.

Anyway, enjoying the “you tubing”, and getting to know some more people and understanding more about others WLS experiences. One of the things I would really love to be able to do is to go to the Texas Meet and Greet that they are going to have in Oct 2010. So if I am lucky enough to win lotto, or get a fabulously paying job then maybe, just maybe I will be able to afford to go. In reality I will not be able to afford to go, but it might be worth trying to see how much I can save before then, and then take a cheaper trip instead.

Nic asked about the Pizza Dough that I make and I have included the recipe here.
It makes a light crispy base, and I usually double the mixture so it fits a whole over tray. (Lunchtime leftovers)

½ cup lukewarm water
½ teaspoon sugar
1 ½ teaspoons of active dry yeast
1 cup flour
½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon oil (I use rice bran)
Combine water and sugar, then sprinkle yeast on top and leave for 15 mins until frothy.
Sift flour into a mixing bowl with salt. Make a well in the middle, add oil and yeast mixture. Mix and combine. Turn out dough onto a floured surface and knead dough until smooth and elastic (if sticky add a little extra flour). Shape into a ball and place in a greased bowl. Leave covered in bowl until ball doubles in size (time depends on temp of room but about 40 mins – I put mine in the hotwater cupboard) Punch down dough and knead lightly before placing into pizza tray or on oven tray.
Sprinkle pizza tray/oven tray with cornmeal (I usually miss this bit) and press dough evenly into tray.
Spread the base with tomato puree and sprinkle on your fav toppings. Mine is chicken, bacon and sweet corn with HP sauce sprinkled on top.
Bake between 200 – 220 C for about 15 mins until golden brown and cooked.

Oh – I managed to get out on my bike this weekend and did a small ride (was much better than last time) and will try and make at least one bike ride every weekend. I had heaps of fun. I think work will be slow this week and I actually need to start thinking about getting my CV up to shape to start looking for work, the trouble is there is just not a lot out there at the moment and it all seems a little in the too hard to deal with basket at the moment, especially as Si is still looking and I don’t want me to get something over him……

Anyway, need to get some more surfing (oops I mean work done). Later and don’t forget the challenge above……and that means all of you who blog!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am so inspired right now.....check out the post below. "Strive for perfection, Settle with excellence." I have had a very quiet but relaxing Easter weekend, and spent most evenngs with Si's parent. Which has been great. Yesterday I woke up to the dog having been sick on the rug in the lounge, so I had to clean that up. She was sick the previous night as well, not so nice. I think it is because we were down to the back up cheap food for her till payday, and last time we got that low she also got really sick, so I think it is either off or there is something that doesn't agree with her.

So anyway, the day. I went for almost 2.5 walk with the dog down to the mini golf and I did it in 30 mins, which means that my pace has increased...not much but a little. I did find that my right ankle calf got a little sore during it so I made sure that I stretched properly. I will go out again today for a little walk - just to the park and around that once and back - it is usually about 1.5 kms but I also go slower to let the dog play off the lead a little.

Anyway, got back, Dad came over with Maia(his dog)for a cofee and a chat and we then headed off to his place later that day after recycling all our moving boxes.......we are not planning on moving again anytime soon and by getting rid of them this time, hopefully it will remove the curse!!! Picked up some more dog food at the supermarket and came home and made home made pizza for dinner.....I am really loving making my own pizza dough..and then adding all the toppings, and it seems when I make something from scratch and I know what all the ingredients are, and how much or should I say little sugar and fat is in something, that my tummy seems to allow me to eat more of it.

So anyway, have really been enjoying the you tubing.....and guess what. I was New Zealands 16th most subscribed youtuber last week......which is bizarre as during that week I had 3 subscribers, now I have 7, so will be intersting to see how quickly it expands. If you want to check me out you can go to HERE Now one of my new subscribers is someone I went to both primary and secondary school with, and she has recently started her own blog (like last night) so please go and support Toni on her weightloss efforts as we all know just how hard it can be to do this without the support of great people who share simalar goals.

Anywho, have not been feeling so great today, I ate some toast for breakfast and it just didn't sit right so I have had a couple of nana naps already today, but now it is almost 1:30 and I am going to get out and take the dog to the park. I am also going to pull out my pushbike again today and check her over.....pump up the tyres etc....I decided that I have to try her again, and as I am almost 15 kgs lighter than last time , hopefully it won't hurt my butt so much......actually someone (a bike rider) suggested a santiary pad shoved down your pants as good padding.....maybe I should try that!!! Will let you know how it goes, will probably not be till tomorrow though...!!

So please go and check out and follow Toni on her journey.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

“Strive for Perfection, Settle with Excellence”

Yes - Finally a 4 day weekend just around the corner. The last couple of days have been up and down. Si is starting to get better and we think it is just muscular, although it gave us one heck of a fright. He has been busy since then recovering and getting back on track. He had to postpone one job interview yesterday and he went to one this morning which is the main customer service position for our local council. It is a 6 month position with a start on the 20th April if he is successful. The salary is not brilliant, but certainly better than what we are currently on, so it can only be good. They have said he will know by Tuesday evening.

I have been mucking around on you tube a lot and have found some really amazing people who have had weight loss surgery. It is like taking blogging to a new level and it is actually something I think I will do. I just need to get a new webcam for my computer or figure out how to take movies on my digital camera and upload them…….it certainly is a learning curve. Feel free to go and check out my channel. It is HERE.

Some of the amazing people I have been watching are all post op WLS people and they have recently had a get together and it sounds like they have had a blast. Feel free to also check them out via my channel and then my subscriptions……they are all great!!!!!

Actually one of them AJ has issued a challenge to people to make promises to themselves and has given everyone a challenge to come up with 4 things that make the base of these promises, they are

I can
I will
I want
I won’t

He also has a catch phrase “Strive for Perfection, Settle with Excellence” which is something that we should all be trying to achieve and is certainly something that has played over and over in my head since I heard him say it.

Now this is meant to be for Weight loss surgery people on you tube, but I wanted to share it with all you guys as well, and I challenge all of you who have a blog to come up with 4 unique to you promises that reflect whatever stage you are at in your life, weather it be for WLS, weightloss or life in general.

So what are mine?????????? (I am doing my specifically for my Weight loss Surgery)

I CAN get to my goal of being between 85 – 90 kgs before my 2nd surgiversary.
I WILL take my supplements EVERY single day
I WANT to make the most of my tool and the opportunities my RNY has given me.
I WON'T let the small stuff rule my success. I am STRONGER than I give myself credit for.

So this Easter take some time to think about your CAN, WILL, WANT and WON’T and then put them into practice. I challenge everyone of you who has a blog to come up with your own. I am sure that if we all do that we can “Strive for perfection, settle with excellence”

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Damn it all

Bugger me, I am pissed off right now.
Just had a call from Si and he can't stand up straight........his back is causing some problems today, not sure what has caused it, if he has tripped or slipped or if it has just gone......he is in pain and I am heading home soon to go and get him checked out and sorted.

Would lvoe to take him for a spa if I could, but can't afford it, and don't know anyone who has one that we could use for free. I would love to be able to get him one one day, but for now just struggling.

Why when I am feeling positive and we are back to getting him work do these things happen.........>??

Oh I also think I slightly overdid the walking , either that or I didn't stretch properly when I got home as my ankle/calf is killing me and it hurts to walk on it.
Well, that's it for now, we will get through this, and we will move on.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where have I come from

You know some days it can be hard to remember where I have come from on this journey as I don't actually feel that different from day to here is a pictorial reminder....

TO this....taken today at 101.1 kgs......

I really wanted to post this when I got to under 100 kgs, but I know that I deserve it now.

I did it!!

This morning I got up and the first thing I did was went to my computer and mapped out a walk. I did just under 1.5 km last time I went, so I thought that I would try to do a walk of just under 2.5 km, It worked out that it would be 2.42 km with map my run. But when I got to the street I was meant to turn doen to come home I thought to myself that this was too easy, so I decided to push on and do some more, so I just kept walking. I did take my cellphone and I had told Si that if I needed him to come and pick me and dog up then I would phone him. So I knew if it got too much that I was covered.

Anyway, long story short, I just got home and mapped what I actually walked and it was 3.69 km's, and it took me 55 mins (with the dog). I was really really pleased with that effort for a first time, and it was at least 2 km's more than last time.

I am not sure if I could manage to squeeze in doing a 55 min walk a couple of times a week though, so I think if I make the two weekday walks 30 mins each (approx) and this one can be the biggie, and there is still heaps of ways to expand it, like going through the railway underpass and doing some of the hills.....LOL, listen to me, like I am ready for hills!!!! So here is the walk that I did.

Yesterday I didn't get out and walk like I had said I would, but I did unpack the rest of the house and get everything done there. Have a little more to do today - vacumning etc, but all good. Will be looking forward to my WLS support group today, am kinda buzzing!!!

Have really enjoyed this week, even though money is really tight, I am relearning the art of cooking from scratch and baking treats instead of buying them. Last night I made my own pizza dough, and we had my almost famous chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pizza on my base, and with the left over corn and bacon, I made savoury muffins. (yummy. I think the beauty about cooking for me now, is that I only need say 1/2 piece or 1 muffin, whereas before I used to be able to eat several. I enjoy cooking more for others now.

Actually I still have some corn left over, so I am going to make some corn fritters for lunch today. Yummy!!! (not much protein though)Better be off and have my post walk shake and that should balance that out nicely.

Have a fantastic Sunday! The sun is shining here and I couldn't be happier!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Makes ya think

I was reading Gastric Girl's post earlier about how she bought a certain size of clothing and I was trying to imagine what that would be like......and then it got me thinking to the difference in sizing from country to country and to get my head around what is a size say two is.......cos we sure as hell don't have a size two here in New Zealand and then I discovered Online Conversions and I was amazed to see the difference between the US and the Australia sizing's......even then the Aussie ones are usually on the smaller side compared to NZ. So that means my size 18 top that I can fit in NZ is a Size 14 US. Trouble is of course that all manufacturers also seem to have their own sizing.

This week has been a really busy week with both work and play. Have been out a couple of times this week and last night was to a Charity quiz for one of the local country schools. The won a competition and are raiding money to go to the USA. So far they have about $40K or the $50K they need. You can read about it here. Anyway, it was a really fun night and our team of 4 Lions got to the top 10, which was pretty good. There was probably about 34 teams in total. Got home quite late and slept like a log.

Will be getting out for at least 2 walks this weekend, I might try and do one as soon as I get home tonight, just the small one......then get in a bigger one sometime over the weekend.

Sunday I have the local WLS support group, which is great and I haven't been able to go for the last couple, but honestly I am so skint at the moment I have to justify the cost of coming over from my home and spending money on a hot drink......!!!! Wills ee how the budget goes, I could always just have water!!

Had to go to the doctors yesterday, had 3 things that I need attention with. It transpires that I have eczema and the doctor thought it was quite bad. He has given me 3 types of cream to use and one of them is a soap/body wash replacement. I also have a pretty major cyst/boil type thing around my groin area, which apparently is a sort of hybrid of those and acne, which is why it is more prevalent when I get my period. Anyway......apparently the only thing that works to kill this thing, is major antibiotics, which he is not 100% sure I will be able to handle with my tum, so he wants me to try it, with losec......and then with inner health plus to avoid getting thrush (nice)!!!! Trouble is that is $30 alone, and at the moment I just can't afford to buy that. So, do I start taking the meds now? Or wait till next payday before I can get it. The cyst thing has been there for a long time, and although a little uncomfortable is not unbearable.......and I don't want thrush......and it will give me time to send an email to my nutritionist/surgeon to get their advise.
But for now I NEED yours!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well I am amazed!!!!! I recently downloaded stat counter and I can see the pathways where people are coming from and how often people return etc, and I amazed on how many people come here and read.......although judging by yesterday very few of you comment. Yesterday for example I had 50 unqiue visitors from all over the world, mainly New Zealand, Australia, USA and England yet I had 3 people comment and they were from either NZ or the USA.

Seriously if you don't wish to comment I understand, but even a hello every now and then would be nice, or drop me an email to

Things on the water front are looking very good.......water was tasting really bad yesterday morning so i added some low cal lime juice to it and guzzled down a whole bottle in the morning. Went out to the supermarket and got some barkers low cal lemon barley and it is even nicer than the lime. I have my first bottle chilling at the moment and will start on it soon.

Eating wise, food is generally going well as well, still have the occasional freddo frog as a treat but the portion sizes have come down as well. So very good. Did not manage to go out for a walk last night as it was far too cold when I got home and after giving the dog her bath I had a shower, jumped into my flannel PJ's and settled down in front of the fire. Watched dancing with the stars and we sad to see Rebecca Hobbs go, I really think it should have been Geraldine or Josh that went home.

Okay, well back to work now that I have finished my breakfast. Will wait till 9 before starting my water, (to let my brekkie settle). Please do say Hi if nothing else.