Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am so inspired right now.....check out the post below. "Strive for perfection, Settle with excellence." I have had a very quiet but relaxing Easter weekend, and spent most evenngs with Si's parent. Which has been great. Yesterday I woke up to the dog having been sick on the rug in the lounge, so I had to clean that up. She was sick the previous night as well, not so nice. I think it is because we were down to the back up cheap food for her till payday, and last time we got that low she also got really sick, so I think it is either off or there is something that doesn't agree with her.

So anyway, the day. I went for almost 2.5 walk with the dog down to the mini golf and I did it in 30 mins, which means that my pace has increased...not much but a little. I did find that my right ankle calf got a little sore during it so I made sure that I stretched properly. I will go out again today for a little walk - just to the park and around that once and back - it is usually about 1.5 kms but I also go slower to let the dog play off the lead a little.

Anyway, got back, Dad came over with Maia(his dog)for a cofee and a chat and we then headed off to his place later that day after recycling all our moving boxes.......we are not planning on moving again anytime soon and by getting rid of them this time, hopefully it will remove the curse!!! Picked up some more dog food at the supermarket and came home and made home made pizza for dinner.....I am really loving making my own pizza dough..and then adding all the toppings, and it seems when I make something from scratch and I know what all the ingredients are, and how much or should I say little sugar and fat is in something, that my tummy seems to allow me to eat more of it.

So anyway, have really been enjoying the you tubing.....and guess what. I was New Zealands 16th most subscribed youtuber last week......which is bizarre as during that week I had 3 subscribers, now I have 7, so will be intersting to see how quickly it expands. If you want to check me out you can go to HERE Now one of my new subscribers is someone I went to both primary and secondary school with, and she has recently started her own blog (like last night) so please go and support Toni on her weightloss efforts as we all know just how hard it can be to do this without the support of great people who share simalar goals.

Anywho, have not been feeling so great today, I ate some toast for breakfast and it just didn't sit right so I have had a couple of nana naps already today, but now it is almost 1:30 and I am going to get out and take the dog to the park. I am also going to pull out my pushbike again today and check her over.....pump up the tyres etc....I decided that I have to try her again, and as I am almost 15 kgs lighter than last time , hopefully it won't hurt my butt so much......actually someone (a bike rider) suggested a santiary pad shoved down your pants as good padding.....maybe I should try that!!! Will let you know how it goes, will probably not be till tomorrow though...!!

So please go and check out and follow Toni on her journey.


  1. Well done !!!

    Re your sore calf ... are you drinking enough water while walking? I find that really helps me and seems to help my muscles recover more quickly after exercising..

    I bought a wider seat for my has gel pads where my bum cheeks sit. Has made a huge difference.

    I make my own pizza dough as well. Much better for you as there are no additives, plus the kitchen smells heavenly while the dough is rising and while it bakes..

  2. Maybe I could pull out the old bike as well and we could go riding together as well as walking. I agree with the water part, I always take a bottle with me when I walk and it seems to help. Will see you later on this week. Let me know what times you are home and we can organise those walks.

  3. Hi Janine

    Can you share your Pizza Dough recipe - shop bought bases are so high in calories I would sure appreciate a good tried and true recipe to follow.


  4. I took your challenge re the statements...they are up on my blog on today's post :-)