Thursday, April 9, 2009

“Strive for Perfection, Settle with Excellence”

Yes - Finally a 4 day weekend just around the corner. The last couple of days have been up and down. Si is starting to get better and we think it is just muscular, although it gave us one heck of a fright. He has been busy since then recovering and getting back on track. He had to postpone one job interview yesterday and he went to one this morning which is the main customer service position for our local council. It is a 6 month position with a start on the 20th April if he is successful. The salary is not brilliant, but certainly better than what we are currently on, so it can only be good. They have said he will know by Tuesday evening.

I have been mucking around on you tube a lot and have found some really amazing people who have had weight loss surgery. It is like taking blogging to a new level and it is actually something I think I will do. I just need to get a new webcam for my computer or figure out how to take movies on my digital camera and upload them…….it certainly is a learning curve. Feel free to go and check out my channel. It is HERE.

Some of the amazing people I have been watching are all post op WLS people and they have recently had a get together and it sounds like they have had a blast. Feel free to also check them out via my channel and then my subscriptions……they are all great!!!!!

Actually one of them AJ has issued a challenge to people to make promises to themselves and has given everyone a challenge to come up with 4 things that make the base of these promises, they are

I can
I will
I want
I won’t

He also has a catch phrase “Strive for Perfection, Settle with Excellence” which is something that we should all be trying to achieve and is certainly something that has played over and over in my head since I heard him say it.

Now this is meant to be for Weight loss surgery people on you tube, but I wanted to share it with all you guys as well, and I challenge all of you who have a blog to come up with 4 unique to you promises that reflect whatever stage you are at in your life, weather it be for WLS, weightloss or life in general.

So what are mine?????????? (I am doing my specifically for my Weight loss Surgery)

I CAN get to my goal of being between 85 – 90 kgs before my 2nd surgiversary.
I WILL take my supplements EVERY single day
I WANT to make the most of my tool and the opportunities my RNY has given me.
I WON'T let the small stuff rule my success. I am STRONGER than I give myself credit for.

So this Easter take some time to think about your CAN, WILL, WANT and WON’T and then put them into practice. I challenge everyone of you who has a blog to come up with your own. I am sure that if we all do that we can “Strive for perfection, settle with excellence”


  1. Glad si is feeling better, love the post and have a great easter weekend :-)

  2. That's good news that Si s feeling better.

    Those muscular spasm things can be very painful, but good news is that they dod settle down fairly quickly, at least in my experience..

    Will think about your challenge...

    have a good Easter weekend :-)

  3. Oh...and the answer to your, I don't think Ihave lost my Kiwi accent. It's probably softened a little, but then it also has never been a thick accent.

    I really hear it when I listen to a recording of my voice.

    Actually, judge for yourself .. this link is to another post I did about being misunderstood over here. There is a recording of my voice in the post. :-)

  4. What a great post! Thank you for sharing! I will take your advice and I will post my can, will, want, and won't! Great Motivation!!!

    I'm so glad to hear that Si is doing better and that opportunities are arising! Good news!

  5. Hi Janine, great post, you have given me some motivation and I have started my own blog. Its time I did something about my own weight and seeing your achievement so far has made me finally get out there and do something.

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely brainstorm on this a bit and post on my blog!