Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well I am amazed!!!!! I recently downloaded stat counter and I can see the pathways where people are coming from and how often people return etc, and I amazed on how many people come here and read.......although judging by yesterday very few of you comment. Yesterday for example I had 50 unqiue visitors from all over the world, mainly New Zealand, Australia, USA and England yet I had 3 people comment and they were from either NZ or the USA.

Seriously if you don't wish to comment I understand, but even a hello every now and then would be nice, or drop me an email to

Things on the water front are looking very good.......water was tasting really bad yesterday morning so i added some low cal lime juice to it and guzzled down a whole bottle in the morning. Went out to the supermarket and got some barkers low cal lemon barley and it is even nicer than the lime. I have my first bottle chilling at the moment and will start on it soon.

Eating wise, food is generally going well as well, still have the occasional freddo frog as a treat but the portion sizes have come down as well. So very good. Did not manage to go out for a walk last night as it was far too cold when I got home and after giving the dog her bath I had a shower, jumped into my flannel PJ's and settled down in front of the fire. Watched dancing with the stars and we sad to see Rebecca Hobbs go, I really think it should have been Geraldine or Josh that went home.

Okay, well back to work now that I have finished my breakfast. Will wait till 9 before starting my water, (to let my brekkie settle). Please do say Hi if nothing else.




  1. Hi!
    I'm so glad that you are sticking to keeping yourself accountable. It's obviously working! I think, as long as you're making a concious effort, you will see progress!

    I'm glad to hear you have so many readers. I know I'm a faithful follower!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Another faithful follower here too!! You're doing great... and yes, comments are a real motivator aren't they?

  3. I have my regular blogs that I pop in to read - and yours is one of them! I agree about the comments, they do motivate:-)

  4. Hello Janine, yes, i am guilty of being a lurker! Sometimes i go so far as so write out a comment, then decide that it sounds condesending or patronising, so i delete it.

    Obviously I over analyse everything!

    Great tip for the water, mind you I love my water already and drink over 2 litres a day already. But i am definitely going to try that barley water, just because it sounds great.


  5. Hi!!!! Hi!!!

    I put lemon juice in my water too. Sometimes it helps make it go down a bit easier, sometimes it doesn't. Good on you for starting walking.

  6. Hello!!!I have my favourite blogs that I pop in to read - and yours is one of them! I agree about the comments, I see that people stop by my blog, but its the same kind bloggers who leave a note!!!I alway make sure I comment, unless I am reading at work and sometimes get caught so have to leave the site quickly lol...

  7. Hi but you know I am here :-)

  8. I gotta ask... what in the world is a freddo frog? It sounds interesting!

    The lemon and lime flavors are my favorite with water too - but not the flavored packets of stuff like Crystal Light... that stuff is just too strong. I need a little hint of flavor and I'm good to go. :-)

  9. im a faithful follower but a slack commenter - sorry!

  10. Hello! I just found you because you found me first. Lovely to meet you. Can't wait to follow along. It's a beautiful ride we're on!