Monday, March 30, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I had a really good on track week (well the odd freddo frog and handful of chippies. I went for one walk around the park with Porche, Oscar and Si's parents. It is a park that I never knew existed and I grew up in this town. There and once around the part is about 800 metres, and I can take Porsche off the lead there, so I thought that If I went aroudn the park a couple of times it would be about 1.5 kms before I got home, or, I could go around the park one and a 1/2 times and then put her on the leased and take the road home, which would work out to be about the same.

I drank my water and watched my portion sizes and I got down to 101.1 kgs, so I
officially lost 900 gms…… stoked, now to keep it off and lose the other 1.2 kgs to get under 100 kgs!!!!! Yay - things are finally starting to move again!!!!!!

Okay, so an update on the weekend.

We tried several times over the weekend to get our satellite dish working but we are gonna have to get someone in to do it. Also managed to lock ourselves out of the house, and had to break in……not good, so we got new keys cut on Sunday to avoid that happening again.

I went to Dad’s on Saturday arvo and brought two huge boxes of photos back with me to sort out. Mum had just shoved all their pics into a cabinet and they were not sorted, so I am sorting and putting into albums. Some of the people I have no clue as to who they are or what relationship they have to the family, so they are in a pile to go through with Dad. It is weird you know, Mum took heaps of pictures of her plants, that are all out of focus and have no special meaning to anyone but her, so I have been a bit ruthless and culled those ones. I still have more to pic up from Dad’s and sort out and I think Si is getting frustrated that I have been distracted by that, and not done more of our own unpacking.

Last night we had Si’s parents and some friends over for a Roast dinner, I made the most yummy roast chicken with all the trimmings and an apple crumble, although I thought the apple crumble was too sweet and I only had one small mouthful.

So today I have left a mini roast meal for lunch and tonight we are having chicken and vegetable soup, will mainly be vegetable as we kinda stripped the chicken, although we will use the carcass for the base of the soup.I love coming into winter for the soups.

Tonight we are being responsible citizens and going to the neighbour support meeting for the town. Both Si and I want to be more involved in our community and he would like to get involved with the community patrol, and that is probably the biggest reason we joined Lions. To be more involved in our local community.

To end I thought I would finish with a funny that I was sent. I think it is hysterical. Click it to make it bigger (will be easier to read)


  1. Well done on the loss, the water intake and the walk! Soon you'll be in the double digits!

    We had chicken last night as well, enough left for tonight and then soup will be made:-)

    Love the bear thing:-)

  2. Whoohoo on the loss and the walk, 3 to do this week :-). We are having chicken tonight. Have a good one :-)

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. I lost this week as well...yippee !!!

    We also had chicken for dinner last night. I did it in the crockpot. I'm making a large salad tonight, with chickenstrips on the top... yumm.

    I love the bear thing... I can totally relate to that!!!

  4. BTW...I forgot to mention before...but you look totally awesome in your profile photo.

    Well done!!!