Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Off to get the tooth pulled

Si has got sick of my moaning and pain, and the painkillers are not touching the sides. He rang the dentist and I am now getting it pulled out in 45 mins time.

I am getting a bit scared as I am a big scardy cat when it comes to dentists.

So wish me luck.




  1. I had my wisdom tooth out two weeks ago so I can relate to this. You will be fine, upper molars are not so difficult.

  2. good luck to you - i'm actually jealous - i cant wait to have mine out in just under 15 hours!

  3. Good luck!!! I'm sure you are doing the right thing, I had a root canal, then it got infected and they had to cut into the gum, it never ever felt right - and hundreds of dollars later I got it out. Should have done that first!

  4. Good luck girl! I'm sure it will be a great relief to have that pesky painful tooth gone. It'll be over before you know it (and cheaper than getting it fixed!)

    PS Sorry to hear you have to move again! Have you found another place? I meant to ring you last night but ran out of time...

  5. Good luck sweet. Hope it all goes well xxx

  6. I wish you luck, and hopefully you are on the road to being pain free!: )