Tuesday, September 5, 2017


So I have been thinking about what it is that I do when I am doing well and what I do differently. It seems to me that all the times I have done well is when I have blogged or shared my story.

So maybe since I am struggling to get motivated that perhaps I should pull out the trust blogger and maybe actually post what I am doing and feeling. 

So last year on 18th December I saw my liver specialist and weighed 152kgs. We had a management plan to reduce my steroids down slowly which we have done and this morning I was 134.1kgs. I see my specialist again next week and I would really like to be down to the 132. How cool would that be to have lost 20 kgs in 9 months. 

I am hoping by Christmas to be down another 10kgs, which would put me at a similar weight to when I went to the US in 2012. The reason this is important is that Simon and I want to go on holiday next year and I need to be fitter and healthier and the only way I am going to do that is by actually getting off my Butt and get moving and being mindful about what I am eating.  And of course sharing and being accountable to myself.  

So that means posting more, moving more, making more healthy decisions food wise. I hope you'll join me.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

End of 100 days

so I didn't complete the 100 day challenge very successfully but I am still wanting to get back on track and i am looking at options to be supported whilst I exercise. More on that soon I hope

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Post catch up. Days 5-14

Days 5 - 14 updates,

Sure feels like I have covered a lot is the missing 9 days.

Day 5 was a regular  Friday, and ones we had close friends coming for Friday night curry and drinks nigh, and I prolly had a little to much and didn't drink enough water I went to bed too late since I had had to work on Saturday.  Back from a busy day at work, grabbed a quick bit before rushing out to check out a possible new venue for our medieval reenactment which has enough space for archery. Unfortunately is seems a little on the pricey side as our club fees are really low, and we don't have any funding to help us out. Not sure the club would want to raise fees.

Day 7 Sunday.- Don't remember much, apart from having a quick peek at the scales and they coming down. Pretty sure I slept in late. I went to the Wellington Support Group Meeting run by Andrea at one of the downtown apartments. I had not met any of the women before, but man it was such a supportive group. Out of the 6 or 7 other people, only two of us hadn't done the retreat at Foundation for Healthy Living that Andrea & David run in Ohakune. I am going to one with Connie Stapleton in April. It will be fantastic to see her again, but more so to help with coping strategies as to food situations where I don't feel in control, or I let the choices become emotional.

Day 8, 9 &10 - Started very early on Monday morning with the 7.8 earthquake. I got awoken by Simon telling me to get out of bed, but as I had only had my sleeping pill about 90 mins before I was too tired to rouse properly and I stayed in bed for it, vaguely thinking maybe I should move, but couldn't. I was then awake for the next couple of hours as felt all the aftershocks, as they all made me feel nauseated. I think I finally feel asleep again around 2:30 pm.

Woke up, to find work was canceled for the day, so ended up just pottering around home, not really knowing what to do with myself, but keeping an eye and ear on telly and social media as our team from work communicate via Facebook. Si too was home due to earthquake. Popped to local shop and got a couple of essentials, and settled in ready to go back to work, which due to the earthquake and then the flooding, didn't happen. By Wednesday I wanted to get back to doing something, Si needed a haircut,and it was grocery shopping day, so went to the mall and I finally got my eyes tested whilst Si had his haircut. Even with all the mess etc they have hardly changed, so that is great.

Day 11 - Thursday saw us going to work at our Upper Hutt office. About 30 of us went all up, and although I took my lunch, our manager shouted pizza, and we all had a little meeting thing at the same time, so I didn't end up sticking to plan. We ended up not being able to do the normal phone work there, but I did my normal written work, whilst some of the others learnt a new process, so that was cool. I know we were really appreciated for sticking our hands up and making it work. I had been a bit worried about with the building near us being cordoned off how I was going to get up to work safely as my carpark is no longer available as it is the outsid entrance of the building they are going to have to demolish and because of that building, they have blocked the road, and therefore the buses won't be going up the hill, and with my current fitness, I can't walk up the hill without my blood pressure going up and me feeling funny.  One of the Team leaders from work, who used to work with me in Palmy knew I was worried, so she arranged with the Facilities Management and my direct manager for me to have a carpark for Friday, and next week. I think after that I might try and take the train and then catch the bus up the hill, if the road is open. It will depend on how I am feeling as some days walking more than 200 meters is a struggle.

Day 12 - Friday. Back into work at the regular office with my carpark downstairs. Our building looks a bit of a mess as the plasterboard has cracked, but the big concrete columns have not one chip of paint off them. The building did its job. That hasn't stopped from taking a grab bag into work though with my old sneakers, some underwear and socks as well as a few days of pills and some food like cups of soup, protein bars, tinned tuna etc.

Day 13  -  Woke up super early to pee, but I think it coincided  with an after shock, so didn't go back to sleep. Headed of to the Harris Family Christmas at Sanson, which was good. It is so nice to catch up with all the cousins etc. Then we headed over to see Simon's mum in Palmerston before heading home. I was obviously over tired as everything Simon suggested food wise or he fiddled with in the car got me frustrated and kinda angry. So I. The end of tried to explain to him that I am trying to take the feeling away from food, and not put emotion into it.  I came home looked I. The fridge, decided I was hungry and was more tired than anything, so took my pills and was in bed by just after 9pm. I attempted to start writing this, but my eyes kept shutting and looking back at it the words didn't make sense.

Day 14 - woke to the stupid alarm clock going off, could have stayed in bed longer.....lol. We need to do a few things around the house today and heading to the recycling yard. We have a camp next weekend, so making sure we have everything organised to go onto the trailer. I am also thinking about doing some sewing this afternoon. Just to make a couple of tube type skirts to go over the top of leggings.......more workplace appropriate than just leggings and a top. More of a layered look.
I also really need to get back on the bike and treadmill. It is amazing how a few days disruption can alter so much how you are going.

I also said I wasn't going to weigh in much as the scales are very up and down with me......I lied. I just need to know what they are doing, especially when I have something that is quite salty.  So, by Wednesday last week, they were looking to be down by about 5kgs, but I really think some of that was due to sleeping heaps, being stuck at home....so I weighed today and it was 146.1 kgs, so that is a loss in 2 weeks of 2.8 kgs.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 3 & 4 of 100 day challenge

Day 3 and Day 4 of 100 Day challenge.

So I didn't post yesterday as it was such a full on day at work and then my moving body target was achieved by the extra steps doing the grocery shopping and then the weightlifting was bringing all the groceries inside and sorting them.

Si us slowly getting better, but still looks like it will be a quietish weekend. We have friends staying on Friday night and I have work at on Sat morning. Sunday afternoon I gave a WLS support meeting run by my surgeon.

Today was also super busy at work. But just before I was leaving I got a text from Jae asking me if I wanted to meet up for aqua jogging.  I didn't hesitate. Not only was it great to be doing something different but also catching up with her. She. Has even decided to do her own 100 day challenge.....

So feeling accomplished and just looking forward to the 1/2 day at work on Friday and then the weekend. Si will be still recovering with the hope he can be back at work soonish

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 2 - Opportunities

Day 2 - 100 Day Challenge

Isn't it amazing how when you decide to do something that will improve your quality of life, and wellness that the universe responds in kind.

Today, Day 2 of my challenge, a good thing happened. I was offered the task of doing a project for want of a better word at work, that will last about 4 months.
It also means that I have to be 100% on the ball, and that means again taking care of myself. Which is what I am doing.

I also registered to attend a retreat at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat. It is not till April, so by then should be well on the way to head on tackling this regain and moving myself towards a healthier me.  There is going to be a special speaker at this retreat, Dr Connie Stapleton, who is well known in the Weight Loss Surgery community in the USA.

Connie was one of the keynote speaker at the 2013 Weight Loss Surgery New Zealand Conference, and it will be fantastic to see her again.

So, today exercise was harder, not sure if it was just that it was day 2 or not, but I only managed 10 mins on the treadmill, and that was including taking  couple of 15 second pauses to catch my breath. I am finding that I get a bit too breathless as a speed that is comfortable for my legs, and if I walk slower so I don't get so puffed that my legs get really heavy and achy. Going to look at swimming options, and walking around the lagoon, when it gets a bit warmer.

So, bed time is here again. Making sure I gety those Zzzzz in.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 1 - Exercise!!!!

Day 1 of my 100 day challenge!!

I have done my measurements and weight and they are pretty scary!! I have included them in the measurement section but I won't dwell on it, and will measure again in a months time.  Oh, you can also check out my you tube posts...

My main two focusses today were drinking water, and moving my body.

I nailed water easily and came home after work, I jumped on the treadmill and the exercycle. So that was 20 mins done and dusted and I had much more energy afterwards.

I also decided it was time to refresh my mind as to where I know I can get to...These are pictures of when I was at 101 kgs, and not long before I was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Liver Disease.

Now for the scary photos....of where I am at now.

Well, I guess it is a start point again.

Okay - well to exercise the other factor. Getting enough sleep. Time for bed.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

100 Days Challenge

So, I am setting myself a challenge, for the next 100 days. It is pretty simple, I need to do several things each day, to help myself get fitter and healthier.I am not focussing on the scale, in fact, I will weigh in tomorrow morning and that will be it for the 100 days.  I will also do some measurements, so I can see where I am at.

The challenge is in the following parts:

Eat healthier - Make smarter decisions. Not cutting anything out specifically, but keeping it lower carb where I can, and upping the veges. Increasing the water intake.

Get more sleep - Go to bed at a reasonable time, and sleep, not watch telly in bed. Aim for 8 hrs per night.

Move my body daily - Ït is not what you do, but how often you do it" & "Consistency of  doing something".

Keeping more accountable by blogging, you tubing, facebook live, anything to help me do this and get to where I am fitter, stronger, healthier than I have been in a while.

So, how am I going to do that, well, eating healthier, is about making decisions....and also surrounding myself with good choices. Granted there will still be the occasional treat, but to honor the word occasional, instead of everyday...

I am going to move my body in several ways, I have my fitness tracker, so will be keeping an eye on steps, but also have a treadmill and an exercise bike in my garage. My intention is to use them more when it is too wet to go outside, and instead vary things up a bit, but walking around the litte lake by the supermarket, but going down to Aotea Lagoon. Going to the water aerobics class. - something, everyday.

Getting more sleep is important  right now. Si's back is not the best right now, so that means I need to be taking care of myself more than ever. As many of you know, I don't sleep well, and take sleeping pills to help me sleep. I have recently dropped the dose down to 1/2 a pill, but at the moment, I am not sure I could sleep without it. It is something eventually I want to get off,but for now, that is something to work through with the Dr.

On saying that, my bed time has rolled around and although I have a heap more I want to say, and I was planning on doing a video, that in itself would take too long. So, taking care of me, means night night, and the video can wait.

Hugs & snuggles


Sunday, October 9, 2016


I have been meaning to update for sometime, but always think about it at 3am when I can't sleep.

I am up in Palmerston for the weekend, staying with Simons Mum. I try and come up once a month and spend some time with her and we go to a movie, or watch a DVD, go shopping,  have lunch etc. So last night, we went to the movies to see Bridget Jones Baby, which was really good. I am a little bit of a Patrick Dempsey fan, so was a great way of spending some time.

I got my usual movie ice cream (choc nut) and Simon's Mum got popcorn, medium as she thought I might like some as well. So I did what I would always do.........got mum to hold my ice cream after I had taken it out of its little plastic/paper bag, whilst I filled the said bag up with popcorn. I do this so I limit the amount of popcorn I eat, but more importantly so I can dip my ice cream into the popcorn and eat the popcorn off the ice cream. Of course you only get to this stage once you have bitten all the chocolate and nuts off around the outside.............anyway, that is all going to plan, and Mum seemed perplexed as she had never heard of ANYONE dipping their ice cream into popcorn before. Before I could answer, a lady in the row ahead did just that. Licked her ice cream, then shoved it into popcorn and bit those bits off........you get both salty and sweet all in one delicious swoop. You get my point, it is yummy. !!  Whilst I was enjoying mine, I noticed a couple of things.

Most people in the theatre, either had no food/popcorn/ice cream/snacks/drinks and a few had popcorn and a drink and others just had a ice cream. Not many had the ice cream, popcorn and drink combo I had going on. I then noticed that the only people who had the whole kit and kaboodle were those of us who were dipping our ice cream into our popcorn, and then washing it down with a soft drink (albeit zero/diet variety). There were 3 of us that I could see in my range of vision. Here's the kicker..................all 3 of us who were dipping ice cream into popcorn, had one other thing in common. MORBID OBESITY. I almost cried before the movie even began as I realised how out of control I am and even then in that utter sadness, I still finished both my ice cream, and my popcorn, and yes it was still together.

So, now to move forward..........I need to think, strategise and action if I am going to get well.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


so from my last post I found the treadmill hard to use for more than 5 mins, I looked back to my time at u-kinetics, and the exercise I did the most was the Exercycle and I really enjoyed it. I think from memory I only did about 15 mins, as well as 5 mins on treadmill and some other weight training type exercise.

One of the girls from work is actually a qualified personal trainer and she has said she will help me formulate a plan that I can do from home and she will help me in any way I need. I am going to take her up on it.

I also met with my liver specialist this week, and she is wanting me to have an ultrasound and another liver biopsy, and all going well she wants to take me off the steroids as she thinks I might actually be in remission.

So it is a matter of watch this space.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

it's a start.....

Got on the treadmill this morning, and as expected it was extremely hard and I only managed 6 mins........really feeling a bit useless really.