Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 2 - Opportunities

Day 2 - 100 Day Challenge

Isn't it amazing how when you decide to do something that will improve your quality of life, and wellness that the universe responds in kind.

Today, Day 2 of my challenge, a good thing happened. I was offered the task of doing a project for want of a better word at work, that will last about 4 months.
It also means that I have to be 100% on the ball, and that means again taking care of myself. Which is what I am doing.

I also registered to attend a retreat at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat. It is not till April, so by then should be well on the way to head on tackling this regain and moving myself towards a healthier me.  There is going to be a special speaker at this retreat, Dr Connie Stapleton, who is well known in the Weight Loss Surgery community in the USA.

Connie was one of the keynote speaker at the 2013 Weight Loss Surgery New Zealand Conference, and it will be fantastic to see her again.

So, today exercise was harder, not sure if it was just that it was day 2 or not, but I only managed 10 mins on the treadmill, and that was including taking  couple of 15 second pauses to catch my breath. I am finding that I get a bit too breathless as a speed that is comfortable for my legs, and if I walk slower so I don't get so puffed that my legs get really heavy and achy. Going to look at swimming options, and walking around the lagoon, when it gets a bit warmer.

So, bed time is here again. Making sure I gety those Zzzzz in.

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