Sunday, October 9, 2016


I have been meaning to update for sometime, but always think about it at 3am when I can't sleep.

I am up in Palmerston for the weekend, staying with Simons Mum. I try and come up once a month and spend some time with her and we go to a movie, or watch a DVD, go shopping,  have lunch etc. So last night, we went to the movies to see Bridget Jones Baby, which was really good. I am a little bit of a Patrick Dempsey fan, so was a great way of spending some time.

I got my usual movie ice cream (choc nut) and Simon's Mum got popcorn, medium as she thought I might like some as well. So I did what I would always mum to hold my ice cream after I had taken it out of its little plastic/paper bag, whilst I filled the said bag up with popcorn. I do this so I limit the amount of popcorn I eat, but more importantly so I can dip my ice cream into the popcorn and eat the popcorn off the ice cream. Of course you only get to this stage once you have bitten all the chocolate and nuts off around the outside.............anyway, that is all going to plan, and Mum seemed perplexed as she had never heard of ANYONE dipping their ice cream into popcorn before. Before I could answer, a lady in the row ahead did just that. Licked her ice cream, then shoved it into popcorn and bit those bits get both salty and sweet all in one delicious swoop. You get my point, it is yummy. !!  Whilst I was enjoying mine, I noticed a couple of things.

Most people in the theatre, either had no food/popcorn/ice cream/snacks/drinks and a few had popcorn and a drink and others just had a ice cream. Not many had the ice cream, popcorn and drink combo I had going on. I then noticed that the only people who had the whole kit and kaboodle were those of us who were dipping our ice cream into our popcorn, and then washing it down with a soft drink (albeit zero/diet variety). There were 3 of us that I could see in my range of vision. Here's the kicker..................all 3 of us who were dipping ice cream into popcorn, had one other thing in common. MORBID OBESITY. I almost cried before the movie even began as I realised how out of control I am and even then in that utter sadness, I still finished both my ice cream, and my popcorn, and yes it was still together.

So, now to move forward..........I need to think, strategise and action if I am going to get well.