Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ideas to move downward

Tackling things one step at a time certainly makes it easier to focus. I know what food I need NOT to be eating and that is a huge step forward. I mean I have known that all along, but when I tell myself or more so when someone else in my life tells me I shouldn’t or can’t have something I WANT then I act like a two year old having a tanty and usually the two year old wins…….gets what she wants and then the adult me beats  herself up for allowing it to happen and it becomes a vicious circle.

I had an amazing Facebook chat this morning with Kate Berridge and she reminded me of a few things that can impact on me making bad decisions. The biggest one was being de-hydrated; as she said when we are de-hydrated we will often snack as we are actually thirsty rather than hungry. Also when the body is not hydrated then all of the body is running slow and sluggish, including the brain, which means we naturally don’t make the best decisions on the fly.

Another thing she reminded me about being so important is supplements, and although I am okay with these, I could be a heap better, and as both my iron and my calcium have come back slightly deficient I need to also make this a priority.

We also discussed exercise and she recommended reading John Kirwans book about how exercise affects more than just your body and why it is important to get out and do something 4-5 times per week. She said that since I have some issues with walking, I cramp up and get really sore feet, to try and get some variety. This is also important for me as I get really bored really quickly. So at the moment, I am thinking of going to Aqua Zumba or Aqua Aerobics say twice a week and then Line Dancing once a week as one of the girls at work’s Mother is in the process of setting up classes!!! I have also been toying with the idea of getting another pushbike as I used to enjoy it (before I got sick) and would have continued if I didn’t sell it when we moved in with Si’s parents.

So there you have it, I have been working hard on the first thing….water. and last night I much have gotten up around 7 times to pee….not good for the sleep but fabulous on the scales……..will not be publishing what the loss is till next week though (well if I can bear not to).

I have also decided to have a series of safe menus for each meal that I can mix and match so I don’t get bored as well. So here they are

Bacon and Eggs
Protein Shake

Bacon & Eggs
Tuna on two Corn thins
Protein Shake
LSA Wrap with ham/chicken and salad

Some sort of meat, poultry, fish
Seasonal non starchy veges.

Sugar free jelly or mouse (WW)
LSA crackers with cheese (occasionally)
Hummus and carrot sticks.

So there you have it, what my plan is…..still one meal at a time, and always just picking myself UP when I fall.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One pound at a time......

One of the wonderful ladies I will be meeting in Las Vegas is missjaniehere and she has always been an amazing inspiration to me. She told me this morning, just to battle my regain "one pound at a time" and I know this is just what I need to do. I think I actually need to do this one meal at a time. 

I am considering doing the 5day pouch test to "reset" my pouch and to get myself back to feeling how my pouch works and it helps to break the carb addition as well. 

Exercise, well thinking of aqua aerobics at this stage as the water is at least going to support me and not cause me to get really sore cramping feet. 

I was meant to have lost some weight before going to Las Vegas, but it seems I have put on. This morning sitting at 123.5 kgs (271.7 lbs) and it is affecting everything I do. I am down all of the time, and can't seem to see the positive in many things

I posted in my you tube video last night, that I feel like a failure................but also that I am the only one who can choose what to do next. 

So for the meantime it is one meal at a time......and one pound(kg) at a time.