Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One pound at a time......

One of the wonderful ladies I will be meeting in Las Vegas is missjaniehere and she has always been an amazing inspiration to me. She told me this morning, just to battle my regain "one pound at a time" and I know this is just what I need to do. I think I actually need to do this one meal at a time. 

I am considering doing the 5day pouch test to "reset" my pouch and to get myself back to feeling how my pouch works and it helps to break the carb addition as well. 

Exercise, well thinking of aqua aerobics at this stage as the water is at least going to support me and not cause me to get really sore cramping feet. 

I was meant to have lost some weight before going to Las Vegas, but it seems I have put on. This morning sitting at 123.5 kgs (271.7 lbs) and it is affecting everything I do. I am down all of the time, and can't seem to see the positive in many things

I posted in my you tube video last night, that I feel like a failure................but also that I am the only one who can choose what to do next. 

So for the meantime it is one meal at a time......and one pound(kg) at a time. 


  1. Good on you Janine!! I'm a HUGE fan of baby steps!

  2. You will do it, how long till the trip can't think straight enough to work it out lol.....

  3. Yep! One step, pound, meal, success at a time! You can do it girl!