Monday, March 26, 2012

Work to be done

Okay so with 7 weeks on Wednesday till I leave for Las Vegas and Colorado, I know that I need to be fitter. I would also love to be lighter, but I am going to concentrate on the getting fitter so I can handle the walking around Vegas and the traveling.

So, the plan is to get back to my low carb eating and to get out for a 45-60 min walk EVERY day to increase my fitness level. 

I also caught an episode of Dr OZ last week talking about having buddies when it comes to Weight Loss and fitness etc. I know that I have the blog, but I am also going to be working with my Surgery Sister Anne to make sure it all works well. 

I'll update you tonight on the Buddy Rules, but so far today is going well, and Annie and I have been straight up with each other and offered the support to each other. 

Today - so far so good. Lets get this back down from 122.1 kgs and to start getting fitter. 

Back soon....

Okay so home now, and have been out for a 44 min walk. I am pretty slow when it comes to walking and I take the Dog, so have to stop occasionally. But I was really pleased I did another 1.3 kms on the old circuit, so that was 3.04 kms. 

 The plan will be to do this walk everyday to build up my fitness and to build on how far and for how long I go. 

One of things I am really looking forward to in Las Vegas is the first night at the Meet & Greet as that is a country line dancing I used to go line dancing every night when I lived in Christchurch (when I was 19/20) and it is also one of the things Annie and I did pre op to try and get into shape.

Speaking of Annie, I have been giving her updates all day as to how I am going and what I was feeling. Seems to be working as we seem to listen to each other, more so than to ourselves. Now, the following is the Buddy Up Plan from Dr Oz. I am not sure about all of these, but I think some of them would be great. 

The Buddy Questions:
Go over the  following with your fitness buddy:
1) How much weight do you want to lose?
2) What's the main reason that you gained your weight?
3) what's your biggest vice?

The 5 Buddy Agreements
1) Daily Contact - Highs & Lows
It's important to share with your buddy one thing that went really well that day, such as passing up a tempting donut. If you hit a low point, you will need to share that as well - perhaps you broke down and ate a handful of candy. This will help you validate strengths and recognize weaknesses. Based on your schedules, find the best way to stay in contact:phone, email, text, etc

2) Exchange your daily meal plan (and stick with it)
Knowing in advance what you're going to eat will eliminate guesswork throughout the day and keep you from making poor choices. This is also a great way to keep each other in check and know that you're staying in control.

3) Text of email your hunger score before you eat anything
A hunger score based on a scale of 1-10 helps you assess how hungry you really are (1 = not really hungry and 10 = ravenous). You'll learn to distinguish the difference between actual physiological hunger, which causes you to become weak, tired or shaky, as opposed to appetite, which is driven by external cues such as, "It's noon, time for lunch!"

4) Exchange two photos of your future plans
This will help you establish long and short-term goals. The first photo should represent something that is attainable in a couple of weeks, like a dress that is one size smaller. The second should represent a long-term goal, like a swimsuit you want to wear when you reach your desired weight. 

5) As you Lose Wight, Get rid of your Old clothes.
By getting rid of these clothes, you will forge a  new identity for yourself and make the statement: "i'm never going to be there again!" 

So there you have them, as I said, not sure that we will do all of them, but certainly is some guidelines to help support each other. 

Dinner tonight is Roast pork with baked pumpkin and steamed veges!!!!


  1. Hi Janine,
    I'm working into a low carb (eventually Paleo if I can manage it) way of eating.
    Just wanted to shout out a big THANKS for your collection of LSA recipes! Very helpful.
    Also, just read back a bit. WOW about your upcoming trip. My youngest brother lived in Colorado Springs for ten years and I visited him there twice. It'll be beautiful in the springtime!
    I have an auto immune illness too (not the same as you) and I had wondered if it contributes to my not handling some grains all that well. I'll pop back another time and read more of your story. All the best for your USA trip preps, and fitness plan!

  2. Good job Janine!! Keep it up, no time to waste as seven weeks is not long!! Oh and AprilA, yes grains will certainly be adding to your illness!! Funny, I just did a post mentioning this today :)

  3. Hey Sister, so glad to be sharing this journey with you. We can do it. So proud of the walk you did on Monday - keep it up. Annie.