Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Enjoying creating

I am really enjoying creating alternatives to carb based meals. The LSA Wrap is still my favourite, but I am now enjoying the hunt for great things. Tonight I am giving the pizza recipe that Lynda posted about today. I have made a double batch, but not sure I could spread it out as much as I should have been able to. It has "puffed" up a bit, and I think will be almost like a pan pizza base. I included a knife to give you a reference of the size.

Pizza Base

Makes 1 large pizza

2 cups grated cheese (I used Edam)
2 eggs
2 tablespoons LSA
2 tablespoons Gluten Free Flour
½ teaspoon baking powder

Preheat oven to 180c. Cut 2 pieces of baking paper out for baking sheet.

Mix cheese, eggs, LSA, GF flour, and baking powder together until a sticky wet dough is formed. Spread with a spatula to ¼ inch thickness on a baking sheet lined with one piece of backing paper.

Bake for 30 minutes in preheated oven. Halfway through the baking process, flip crust over by sliding it off the baking sheet with the parchment paper, placing the second piece on the sheet, and turning the crust over unto the new sheet and peeling the old paper off. Return to oven until done baking.Remove form oven and cool

Once crust is cooled, top with sauce, pre-cooked veggies or meats, and cheese. Set crust with toppings under the grill on high for a minute or two until cheese is melted and bubbly. or pop back in the oven to bake for a few mins. Slice and serve.

So last nights dinner I used a Gluten Free Beef Strognanoff Mix and had steamed veges and Cheesy Cauliflower Tater tots, which I would not bother with again as they were time consuming and fiddly to make and I ended up with far too many. (Might adapt the recipe - but that's for another day) Here is a pic of last nights dinner.

NB: my Cheesy Caultoflower Tater tots look nothing like the recipes. 

The other thing I tried was making some LSA cheesey crackers, and I was very disappointed with those as well.......so I think I am just going to wait till the Bariatric Advantage Crisps arrive in New Zealand, which should only be a few weeks away. 

So off to do the topping for the Pizza. Chicken, Bacon and a little sweetcorn (not really lowcarb) with HP sauce. Will post a pic or two later.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Focaccia Bread

Well, the Focaccia Bread turned out really really well and will be something I make again. Out of the loaf size I made it will do Simon and I for 6 'sandwichs' . I will show you a pic shortly of todays effort. 

But first the loaf and the recipe taken from http://www.lowcarbcooking.co.nz/

• 2 cups LSA
• 1 Tbsp baking powder
• 1 tsp salt, pepper to taste
• 5 beaten eggs
• ¾ - 1 cup water
• 3 Tbsp oil
• Optional extras: Rosemary, olives, garlic salt etc

§ Preheat oven to 180-190C.
§ Prepare pan (a 10X15 pan with sides works best) with oiled baking paper .
§ Mix dry ingredients well - a whisk works well.
§ Add wet to dry, and combine well. Make sure there aren't obvious strings of egg white hanging out in the batter.
§ Let batter set for 2 to 3 minutes to thicken up.
§ Pour batter onto pan. Spread evenly.
§ Bake for about 25 minutes, until it springs back when you touch the top and/or is visibly browning even more than LSA already is.
§ Cool and cut into whatever size slices you want.
§ Nutritional Information: Each of 12 servings has less than a gram of effective carbohydrate (.7 grams to be exact) plus 5 grams fiber, 6 grams protein, and 185 calories.

So, on today's plan. I got up and made Si and I both a banana (flavoured) protein shake made from EATME Protein Banana Isolate and then I made us a sandwich each with the focaccia. YUMMY!!!!!!!!

Weighed in this morning at 119.1 kgs, so 200 gms down from yesterday. Onward with the day, feel like it is going to be a good one. On that note....off to work!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A picture tells a thousand words

As they say, a picture says a thousand words, and the following are screaming at me!!!
This is what has happened since April 2009. (click to make larger)

I can really see in both of these where I have regained.........amazing!!!!!! I couldn't actually put the same clothes on again as I gave them away in the WLS Conference clothing swap as they had got way too tight, but I found something that was pretty similar in style, cut and fabric. 

Not really too much to be said here really - just very disappointed - but THIS is the reality, this is where I am at. The pics on the left I was getting so many compliments......those have dried up.....I was actually looking slimish there.....sure still overweight, but I had in my opinion a nice shape.......now I just look I hate to say it, but FAT!!!!

I can see how much my butt, hips and thighs have changed and how my waist definition has changed. I almost had a small gap between my legs......no wonder I am not physically comfortable with myself anymore.


So, I have made some changes to my blog for a new look and new attitude. I have included several pages and I may add to these, such a recipes page, but I will think more about it, as I might just use tags on those types of posts. 

I know that I am weighing more than weekly, not always daily but usually and I try not to let that dictate how I am feeling about things, but I also use it to monitor the changes that might be brought on with my other conditions. 

I have also included a page on progress pictures, and I am scared to take updated ones. I have exactly the same clothes as my lowest to wear and I think it will really highlight to me where the extra 20 kgs has come on. I will get Si to take some soon.

I have been thinking about my Jett's membership and I am going to stop it, as at the moment I just don't have the energy to go, and Si is also wanting to start walking. I am also thinking that something that is more natural and sustainable is the best way to go. So walking it is. (The Dog will be happy)

Speaking of dogs, Si's parents dog died a couple of weeks ago, and I know that has been hard on Si's parents. It does mean that they will now be able to go away more often for long weekends end, and not have to worry about him, but the loss of a pet is always sad. 

So after my last blog where I mentioned that Si was reluctant to go low carb (even though I said it was his our journey etc) he took that to heart and has decided to join me ( well for most meals) I think he will still have some carbs, but he realises that this really tempts me. Although I think I find it harder than him. One thing we have noticed is that it is much harder to just grab something on the run. Yesterday we were on our way home from Masterton around 7pm and we had some meat out for dinner, but is was 1.5 hrs till we got home, so we both felt we needed something to keep us going, but no where had anything suitable. What I should do is always make sure I have some nuts or something to tide us over. Does anyone else have any suggestions.

So tonight I am going to make some Flaxseed crackers (although I will use LSA) and maybe some of the Focaccia Loaf (again with LSA instead of Flaxseed) . I thought this might help with lunches for Si this week,and also with cheese as I always normally have rice crackers. 
Will do a post if I do make them and of course if they turn out okay. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Short day and weight woes

I am working tomorrow (Saturday), so I have a 1/2 day today, although I think I will just be coming home and sleeping as I had a bit of a rough night sleepwise. 

To fill you in on what has been happening. Although I am gluten free and have been strict with that since around Christmas (prior to that I used to just say -oh it doesn't affect me that much) my Dermatitis Herpetiformis is actually really bad, and most of my body is so itchy it feels like a million ants are having a party. I was off work two days last week as I had not been sleeping at night as the itching was so bad I was getting exhausted.I actually came home on Wednesday after getting to work and then throwing up. Came home and slept for a large portion of the day and thought I was fine, but another sleepless night sent me off to the Dr's

My GP took a look at my skin, and as he is not familiar with the drug they are thinking of putting me on, has referred me back to the specialist, which is what I wanted as with my liver I have to be careful about drug combinations. So in the meantime, I am on anti-histamines and sleeping pills so I can at least function......now the sleeping pills kick in after about 10 mins of taking them and I usually just pop onto facebook just before bed, so some of my more recent comments on people's posts, I either don't remember or they look to me (fully awake) that it was my 5 year old self who must have written them......too funny. 

What is all of this doing for my weight......well I had decided to record my weigh ins.....and since my last one ( and the new drug combination) I have gained 2.9kgs. to 121.3 kgs......obviously not the direction I want to be heading in, and although there has been no wheat or gluten there has been some carbs(rice & Potato, and the odd pinky bar). Partially as Simon is reluctant (very) to stop carbs and I have to respect that this is his journey with his body, but I can't seem to get them completely out of the system. I know that when I have them, I am feeling yuckier in myself after I have eaten them (apart from the pinky bar) but the taste at the time is yummy. I can hear both Lynda and Andrea (my surgeon's wife) in my head telling me all the great things about why I shouldn't eat it, and I somehow either convince myself or let myself be convinced that it is just one meal, it won't matter.........or just dammit, I want it, so I'm going to have it. It really doesn't help that when you are feeling so low due to the other health issues that by not having "something" you want you feel deprived.........it is a vicious cycle as I am sure that in some ways they are all linked. In fact, I am pretty sure that I might even be reacting to artificial sweetner.......but if I take that out as well, it will really feel like I am missing out on some things.

I joked with Simon yesterday when he suggested about cutting out all artificial sweetner that I may as well just live in a cardboard box with nothing.......and he told me that would be stupid as he was pretty sure the cardboard box would be considered a carb....!!!!! Oh I wish I could just get someone to put me into a medically induced coma, and just feed me the things I need and let the weight fall off......or at least find a way for me to put the food desire and associated 'wants' into some sort of coma. Over it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 7th Simon

Simon what is it about a seven year itch?
We got this far without a hitch,
Seven years of wedded bliss,
No-one could ask for more than this,
We compliment each other’s good bits,
And point out the bits that make us itch.

7 year itch? Not me, - I’m medicated  - and you are my drug.
Happy  7th Wedding Anniversary Simon.

So yes today is our wedding Anniversary, and it has only been 7 years. The above photos just show a glimpse of how fabulous our day was, and it was exactly how we wanted it.  

Today however, I am actually going down to Wellington with my Dad and Val to see my brothers new house in Wellington, and then will be borrowing their car to head over to see my friend (Michelle's) house and also catch up with my other friend Annie. The 3 of us had surgery at the same time in Hamilton, and we have stayed friends since. We were not going to be able to go due to the cost of petrol, but since Dad is already going, It makes sense to go as well. 

Simon is not coming, but I will be home in time to share a lovely meal and evening with him, and we also have the day off tomorrow, so we can relax and celebrate then. 

Last night we thought about having steak burgers for dinner, but how was I going to have a burger without a bun? The gluten free ones are yucky!!!!!!!!! Well my trust LSA wrap recipe works perfectly, although I would like to perfect the shape a bit more. The first was in a bowl, and of course the shape is different bottom to top. So I think I am going to split the mix and max them in ramekins, so they are the same shape. Will experiment. Here is last nights steak, bacon, mushroom burger.

Oh, I also had morning tea with Chris (Dietcoke Rocks), and a couple of her friends, was a great morning.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weigh in Day.

So, I just realise that I haven't actually been posting my weight, well not since Jan 2nd. It has been a bit up and down, while I was getting myself sorted with how I was going to do this. Also that time of month etc. But on Jan 2nd it was 120 kgs on the button. I know it went up a little from there, back to around 121.2 ish, but I didn't write it down. I have decided that I still need to weigh daily, and I am writing it down, but Monday mornings will be the official weight. I will be weighing in at approx 7:30 am everyday and at the end of the week, I might publish the whole list......not sure yet. 

But onto today's weigh in. As you all know over this past week I have changed things around a bit, and although I have gone low carb, I have still had a potato or two, and I think a spoonful of rice with my curry. However, I am not stressed about those at all. I haven't gone overboard with fruit and focused on my needs which are primarily HIGH protein, low fat, low carb and Gluten Free. 

So, what was it this morning, well it was 118.4 kgs. I am really happy with that as I know after the 2nd of Jan it crept back up to over 121kgs, but officially the last weigh in was 120 kgs, so a total loss of 1.6 kgs over two weeks, which is healthy and not excessive. 

The find of the week for me is the LSA wraps, I am still so excited by these, and am making one for my lunch today.  Breakfast will be bacon and eggs and dinner tonight is going to be a beef casserole that I will throw in the slow cooker this morning. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

LSA Wrap - a Step by Step guide with pictures

So many people have been telling me that they don't believe making the LSA Wrap could be so easy, so here is the recipe with pictures of each stage. The recipe was from http://www.lowcarbcooking.co.nz/

1 egg
2 1/2T LSA (ground linseed sunflower & almonds)
1T olive oil or melted butter
1T water
1/2t baking powder
Salt & pepper

Put the ingredients in a bowl 

Mix all ingredients well

Pour into an oiled(I used a spray) dish

Roll around dish to make even

 Microwave on high from 2-3 mins (mine takes 2:30)

 Remove from dish as soon as possible

 Cool for a few minutes on wire rack

While cooling get choose your filling


Today's wrap was just as scrummy as the first one I made,and I even cut off some to give to Simon to try. He thought it was also amazingly scrummy. I am going to make one tomorrow morning to take to work for lunch and see how the wrap holds up. I was going to try just taking it flat and making it all at work, but that would still be annoying, so I am going to make it just like above and put it in gladwrap and see how it goes. I think it would be best to put it in the fridge at work, due to the egg. Either that or an insulated lunchbox  with a slicker pad(which I have).

Apparently you can also cook these like a pancake in a non stick pan, but this way seems so quick and easy compared to a pan.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yummiest Lunch

I just had the most amazing lunch, and it was high protein, low carb and Gluten Free!!!!!
It was just the perfect thing and took less than 5 minutes to make!!!!! 

It was a homemade Wrap, made from LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond).
The recipe is here and it is amazing and you can go to this site to find the recipe, which was so easy to follow. 

I have not had the best of days today though, was feeling nauseous and a little dizzy most of the morning, and my blood tests I had this morning have come back and my liver results are elevated again. Not dramatically but still all of them have gone in the wrong direction. Have come home from work early and I am heading to bed to get some sleep. Have not been sleeping very well at all at night, not sure why.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting a plan in action

So, I am getting a plan into action and arming myself with some pretty cool resources. 
I have found Pinterest and it is amazing what you can find on there. Some of the things I have been finding are here if you want to check out my boards.

I am really inspired by a couple of people in our community, and one of those who is Lynda, who is really the first person who inspired me to blog about my weight loss journey about 9 years ago when she was living in Wellington. The other is a private blogger Jenny, who is finding some amazing recipes.

Now one of the things with the Paleo/Low Carb is I do need to be careful of the fat content due to the Weight Loss Surgery. I know this is something that I will need to balance, but it sure is much better than eating all of the other stuff I was before. 

I am also very aware of my budget at the moment, and things are tight, so I can't just ignore the food I already have in my cupboards and freezer, but I can be sensible and not buy in anymore CRAP!!

Today at work we had a shared afternoon tea, which I thought was meant  to be a lunch.....so I didn't go prepared for lunch. However, I did go and get Sushi rather than heading upstairs to the cafe for the deep fried concoctions and doughnuts. I should however have gotten the smaller pack rather than the medium size one, as I could have stopped after a few, but continued to eat the whole packet!!!!! I then had the afternoon tea and did succumb to some of the chippies, which was stupid cos they weren't a flavour I even liked!!!!

I did however stay away from all things that contained Gluten, so I was happy with myself for that. I have to, as my skin and health are feeling better for staying away, and my blood tests are also showing a good results and are almost back to normal range, which means I might be able to reduce my steroids down after 2.5 years. That will be something to celebrate. 

I have found some good resources, and the latest one is a 14 Day Paleo Meal Plan, which just shows how much variety you can have. I think there can be a trap to any change of food and that is the fear that it is going to be boring and all the same- all of the time.

Last night I told Si I was going to make a Thai Beef Salad, and I know he was reluctant as it was planned for the night before but he wanted something else. Well last night I did it anyway, and I made my own dressing, granted some of it was from store board sauces, oils and spices etc which long term I would try to find an alternative or learn to make from scratch, but he actually said it was the yummiest salad he has every had. So maybe it will be easier to incorporate this style of eating into our house than I thought.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Not quite off to the hiss and the roar I wanted.

Well, as the title suggests, not quite off to the roaring start I wanted. I am sick......it started on New Years Eve in earnest, although Si thinks I was actually sick on the Friday night. Anyway, I have had swollen glands in my neck and although it isn't actually sore to swallow, it is mildly uncomfortable. The soreness is just in the swelling. 

So, I hate going to the afterhours doctors as it costs so much.....but today I just had to as I knew if I didn't It would get worse. Well $83 later and yes I have tonsillitis and I am still tender in the neck and on paracetamol and codeine to take away the pain, and antibiotics to fight the infection. He said that it was good I came in, as with my immune system it could have developed into hospital type treatment.......which still seems weird to me as I actually feel semi okay, just a bit tired and obviously tender in the neck. 

Si and I have been really busy getting the spare room organised for little people. It means that we are pretty much ready to do some fostering, either respite, home for life or transistional care. It does depend on the needs of the child as to which we will end up with, and I think to start respite might be quite good. We will see. I'll take some pics of the room when it is done, but so far we have the bunks up and some pics on the walls. I just need to sort through the wardrobe and find homes for all of the other stuff which is not kid related which has been just dumped in that room. 

I am still down weightwise though, I had gotten up to around 122kgs, and this morning it was 120kgs.....so I am pretty pleased with that. I am weighing daily again, but not getting to hung up on the numbers. My target is pretty much to drop 10kgs before Si's birthday on May 18th. I hope it will be more, but I will be okay with just 10kgs. 

Jetts is going really well (before my sore throat) and I went twice last week, on Thurs and Friday. On the Friday I just did my cardio program though as I don't want to do weights two days in a row. As soon as I feel a little better I will head back there, and most likely just start with a cardio session to ease me back into again. 

My focus is going to be planning meals and lowering carbs. For breakfast I will most likely have either a protein shake or scrambled eggs. Lunch is likley to be tuna on rice thins with a piece of fruit. If I get hungry the snack of choice is going to be raw almonds (unroasted/unsalted). Dinner will be some form of protein and then steamed veges. I will be limited my carbs to very small portions of rice/potatoes maybe once or twice a week (most likely the rice will be with a curry).

I am also going to go back to eating off the plate and bowl my surgeon provided as my portion sizes have crept up. For dessert (if needed) will be WW jelly and yoghurt.
I will be trying to update more often, but I am also focussing on getting more sleep, as I really do think that I am not resting enough. 

So in saying that it is 11:21pm and I need to get some sleep and rest if I am going to be well enough to go back to work on Wed.