Sunday, January 29, 2012


So, I have made some changes to my blog for a new look and new attitude. I have included several pages and I may add to these, such a recipes page, but I will think more about it, as I might just use tags on those types of posts. 

I know that I am weighing more than weekly, not always daily but usually and I try not to let that dictate how I am feeling about things, but I also use it to monitor the changes that might be brought on with my other conditions. 

I have also included a page on progress pictures, and I am scared to take updated ones. I have exactly the same clothes as my lowest to wear and I think it will really highlight to me where the extra 20 kgs has come on. I will get Si to take some soon.

I have been thinking about my Jett's membership and I am going to stop it, as at the moment I just don't have the energy to go, and Si is also wanting to start walking. I am also thinking that something that is more natural and sustainable is the best way to go. So walking it is. (The Dog will be happy)

Speaking of dogs, Si's parents dog died a couple of weeks ago, and I know that has been hard on Si's parents. It does mean that they will now be able to go away more often for long weekends end, and not have to worry about him, but the loss of a pet is always sad. 

So after my last blog where I mentioned that Si was reluctant to go low carb (even though I said it was his our journey etc) he took that to heart and has decided to join me ( well for most meals) I think he will still have some carbs, but he realises that this really tempts me. Although I think I find it harder than him. One thing we have noticed is that it is much harder to just grab something on the run. Yesterday we were on our way home from Masterton around 7pm and we had some meat out for dinner, but is was 1.5 hrs till we got home, so we both felt we needed something to keep us going, but no where had anything suitable. What I should do is always make sure I have some nuts or something to tide us over. Does anyone else have any suggestions.

So tonight I am going to make some Flaxseed crackers (although I will use LSA) and maybe some of the Focaccia Loaf (again with LSA instead of Flaxseed) . I thought this might help with lunches for Si this week,and also with cheese as I always normally have rice crackers. 
Will do a post if I do make them and of course if they turn out okay. 


  1. OK suggestions. This is the biggest problem with low carb, luckily also the biggest bonus once you are fully onto it is that hunger does not drive you to eat badly. You can usually wait. So you have to, in this situation, sometimes settle for second best. I know peanuts are not the best but most places will stock them and they are far better choice than other stuff you can get.

    I usually take a protein bar (low carb). I know these are not ideal either but they are great when caught out! There are a few available in the supermarkets in the health section.

    I'll tell you what though - times like this makes you realise how much rubbish we eat on the run.

    Occasionally you have to make the best of a bad situation and eat something not quite right and just get over it :)

  2. Love the new look of the blog. And love the look of those cracker recipies am going to give them a try sometime this week. Have an awesome week :)

  3. Your blog is super pretty! I am the queen of "grab and go" low carb. Things like nuts, olives, cheese cubes, grape tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, pickles, mini cheesecakes (high fat low carb), and even juicing your veg are all really good ways of getting some nutrients when you're on your way out the door. I also love taking meatballs and cole slaw. They really work together, and they're low carb with the right recipes!