Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 7th Simon

Simon what is it about a seven year itch?
We got this far without a hitch,
Seven years of wedded bliss,
No-one could ask for more than this,
We compliment each other’s good bits,
And point out the bits that make us itch.

7 year itch? Not me, - I’m medicated  - and you are my drug.
Happy  7th Wedding Anniversary Simon.

So yes today is our wedding Anniversary, and it has only been 7 years. The above photos just show a glimpse of how fabulous our day was, and it was exactly how we wanted it.  

Today however, I am actually going down to Wellington with my Dad and Val to see my brothers new house in Wellington, and then will be borrowing their car to head over to see my friend (Michelle's) house and also catch up with my other friend Annie. The 3 of us had surgery at the same time in Hamilton, and we have stayed friends since. We were not going to be able to go due to the cost of petrol, but since Dad is already going, It makes sense to go as well. 

Simon is not coming, but I will be home in time to share a lovely meal and evening with him, and we also have the day off tomorrow, so we can relax and celebrate then. 

Last night we thought about having steak burgers for dinner, but how was I going to have a burger without a bun? The gluten free ones are yucky!!!!!!!!! Well my trust LSA wrap recipe works perfectly, although I would like to perfect the shape a bit more. The first was in a bowl, and of course the shape is different bottom to top. So I think I am going to split the mix and max them in ramekins, so they are the same shape. Will experiment. Here is last nights steak, bacon, mushroom burger.

Oh, I also had morning tea with Chris (Dietcoke Rocks), and a couple of her friends, was a great morning.


  1. Cool - burger looked great! just like one from a fancy burger shop!
    Simon Hallewell

  2. Happy wedding anniversary to you and Simon. Enjoy your day catching up with friends and family.

    Thanks also for putting the recipe on your blog - very easy to follow.

  3. Congratulation you two :) Now Janine, have you seen the low carb focaccia bread? I have not tried it (hoping you will hehe...) but it looks like a great option for burgers.

  4. Happy anniversary you two! Now this is going to sound weird, but I saw your wedding photos years ago on an earlier blog you had (would that be right?), then lost that blog address, found your new one but did not realise it was you, until maybe a year or so ago you posted your wedding pictures. It is the dress of yours that I remember - very distinctive and gorgeous too, I might add. I couldn't believe I found the same blogger twice.

    The burger looks fantastic - it's great you can adapt and still eat things you want to.

    Congratulations, and I hope you have a special celebration with Simon.

    Penny xo