Monday, January 2, 2012

Not quite off to the hiss and the roar I wanted.

Well, as the title suggests, not quite off to the roaring start I wanted. I am started on New Years Eve in earnest, although Si thinks I was actually sick on the Friday night. Anyway, I have had swollen glands in my neck and although it isn't actually sore to swallow, it is mildly uncomfortable. The soreness is just in the swelling. 

So, I hate going to the afterhours doctors as it costs so much.....but today I just had to as I knew if I didn't It would get worse. Well $83 later and yes I have tonsillitis and I am still tender in the neck and on paracetamol and codeine to take away the pain, and antibiotics to fight the infection. He said that it was good I came in, as with my immune system it could have developed into hospital type treatment.......which still seems weird to me as I actually feel semi okay, just a bit tired and obviously tender in the neck. 

Si and I have been really busy getting the spare room organised for little people. It means that we are pretty much ready to do some fostering, either respite, home for life or transistional care. It does depend on the needs of the child as to which we will end up with, and I think to start respite might be quite good. We will see. I'll take some pics of the room when it is done, but so far we have the bunks up and some pics on the walls. I just need to sort through the wardrobe and find homes for all of the other stuff which is not kid related which has been just dumped in that room. 

I am still down weightwise though, I had gotten up to around 122kgs, and this morning it was I am pretty pleased with that. I am weighing daily again, but not getting to hung up on the numbers. My target is pretty much to drop 10kgs before Si's birthday on May 18th. I hope it will be more, but I will be okay with just 10kgs. 

Jetts is going really well (before my sore throat) and I went twice last week, on Thurs and Friday. On the Friday I just did my cardio program though as I don't want to do weights two days in a row. As soon as I feel a little better I will head back there, and most likely just start with a cardio session to ease me back into again. 

My focus is going to be planning meals and lowering carbs. For breakfast I will most likely have either a protein shake or scrambled eggs. Lunch is likley to be tuna on rice thins with a piece of fruit. If I get hungry the snack of choice is going to be raw almonds (unroasted/unsalted). Dinner will be some form of protein and then steamed veges. I will be limited my carbs to very small portions of rice/potatoes maybe once or twice a week (most likely the rice will be with a curry).

I am also going to go back to eating off the plate and bowl my surgeon provided as my portion sizes have crept up. For dessert (if needed) will be WW jelly and yoghurt.
I will be trying to update more often, but I am also focussing on getting more sleep, as I really do think that I am not resting enough. 

So in saying that it is 11:21pm and I need to get some sleep and rest if I am going to be well enough to go back to work on Wed.


  1. After hour doctors are a total rip off!
    I hope the throat clears up quickly and you feel much better in time for work!
    Stew and I thought about fostering/respite care ages ago... but now it is out of the question as we are always having grandkids to stay.

  2. Sometimes things are beyond our control, the most we can do is try as much as we can when this happens. Hope you are feeling better today :)

  3. good to see u on track again girl says she who is chewing on lollies at 9am but they r gone now so thank god for that...y I bought them I dont know...oh well forward we go hugs xxx

  4. Make sure you get lots of rest & take care of yourself. If you are going to be looking after wee kiddies you will need all the strength & stamina.

  5. Hey you how are things going.... hope you are feeling better :)

  6. Hi Janine - interesting how you say Si is resistant to a change in diet/lifestyle. I think Stu would have been too but after his medical for insurance it really changed his thinking! The other great thing is a guy can eat such great food while low carbing, maybe you just need to make the food and not even tell him. Good luck for you doing it anyway.