Friday, June 27, 2008


Yup you guessed it. I am going back to selling Avon. Mostly to make a little extra money for Christmas this year. I used to sell it when I lived in Auckland, and I think I was in the 28% profit category, which isn't too bad really. It really just takes time as the product does sell itself. I am sure between my workmates, family church people and the ladies from cards as well as my "territory" I will be able to make a little before Christmas. The only scary part is New Zealands No 1 salesperson is in my town, so I will be 'Competing" with her.

Nothing else has been happening much. NO I have not yet made it back to the gym, and as for walking, it is has been bucketing down with rain that I would look like a drowned rat if I tried.

On the weight front though, things are going in the right direction and as of Monday I was 118.4 kgs, so that is a total loss of 58.6 kgs. Not far now till I have lost 60 kgs.

Anyway - back to work, and then we I get home I am going to work on getting my Avon stuff ready. I think I will make a little introduction phamplet to include so when I pop brochures into peoples mailboxes they will be more likely to indentify with me.

Anyhow, see ya later!!!

Your avon lady.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where to from here?

Okay I need a game plan on how to reach my goal for my 1 year anniversary of this op. I have 22 weeks to achieve this goal. What goal you say? Well for my 1 year anniversary of my op I would like to be under 100kgs. Which means that I need to lose 20 kgs in 22 weeks!! How am I going to do this? I am not 100% sure atm.

I really don’t think I am doing enough moving. And part of that is due to it being so damn cold…….I know, it is nothing but an excuse, but I really am finding it way to hard to get out of bed in the mornings. Too much WOW,(game) and it being too cold in the mornings.

So, I am going to go to the gym on the way home twice a week. That means that I have no excuses. So come next Monday night, I am going to be on the treadmill at 5PM – and I will start with just 20 mins. Then I will go again on Wednesday. The other days I am going to start taking Porsche out for walks – probably only 10 mins to start with as she is really really hard to walk. But it means that she will hopefully be a little less bored and she will get used to the lead, which then means we can increase our distance and both enjoy it.

As it is so cold I am going to put aqua on hold, as I just get way to cold and the last thing I want is to get sick. I also thought about going to the line dancing class here as I do really enjoy it, but I think it is at a stupid time…I will look more into this.

I also need to keep and eye on what I am eating, as now that I am 7 months post op I find I can eat most things, although some of them are very limited.
I must also keep on top of my vitamins as I have definitely not been good with this.

So, keep watching, this girl is aiming to be 99.9 kgs or under by 19th November and the countdown has begun. Weighdays will be on Monday’s and I promise to update it often.

Hopefully as this will be significantly more that what I am currently doing it will help with the continued weight loss.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Two Awesome NSV's.......Oh and did ya know that I am hot!!!!

Well I can officially cross three things of my goal list in the past week.
Last friday I wore full length non stretch Jeans to work, and was comfortable all day!!!!!!!!! It was so nice just to fit in! Jeans and sneakers, rather than wearing just the same old same old.

Then yesterday I was going back down to my old job in Wellington, and I knew I would be able to try the boardroom chairs for comfort, these used to be really really tight on my thighs and I used to end up with red marks where they pressed into my thighs.......and now they don't!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, i just thought of another one, I spent most of the day withmy legs crossed - sitting on those very chairs.......oooohh and another one, I wore high heels all day - although I did almost get a blister from them!!!

And with those high heels, I guess it, stockings!!!!!! Not just knee hi's but real full length stockings.

Hehe - is was also fun seeing some of the reactions to my weightloss, although some of the people have seen me a few weeks ago, alot of them hadn't, and none of them had seen the new improved hairstyle.......which I will show you soon.

Anyway - while there, one of the IT guys who is really cute, told me that "I was HOT!!!" and that I looked fabulous......awww, ain't that sweet. Well, it must be true, cos today when I went to the local cafe for lunch, i took my wallet, but I forgot my money card, ( I had put it in a different place) so I was asking the women if she could hold the items and I would pop back......and the guy next in the queue, stopped her by saying that he would shout me lunch. Now, I know he was just being kind, but I kinda like to think that part of the reason he did this for a complete stranger was that I actaully to look HOT!!!!!!! I of course will pay the favour forward!!!

Okay well, here it is, the new hairstyle......really bad pic of me, cos I took it myself with my cellphone.

Monday, June 2, 2008

AWOL - Where have I been

Yup - I have certainly been absent without leave from my journal, but I have beenhaving a blast.

Pretty much I have been hanging out with friends in Azeroth (which is the world in my game). Here is a pic of me on my little dwarf preist hanging out with my friend Maryn overlooking the Nagrand region.

I know most of you will probably be going ....What is she on????? But this is what I do in my spare time, I hang out with Simon and a whole bunch of friends in an online world and we explore, laugh, cry and quest together.

Oh don't get me wrong it is not all I do, but this is pretty much my social and entertainment calender and with the winter months upon us, it is where you will usually find me.