Thursday, June 5, 2008

Two Awesome NSV's.......Oh and did ya know that I am hot!!!!

Well I can officially cross three things of my goal list in the past week.
Last friday I wore full length non stretch Jeans to work, and was comfortable all day!!!!!!!!! It was so nice just to fit in! Jeans and sneakers, rather than wearing just the same old same old.

Then yesterday I was going back down to my old job in Wellington, and I knew I would be able to try the boardroom chairs for comfort, these used to be really really tight on my thighs and I used to end up with red marks where they pressed into my thighs.......and now they don't!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, i just thought of another one, I spent most of the day withmy legs crossed - sitting on those very chairs.......oooohh and another one, I wore high heels all day - although I did almost get a blister from them!!!

And with those high heels, I guess it, stockings!!!!!! Not just knee hi's but real full length stockings.

Hehe - is was also fun seeing some of the reactions to my weightloss, although some of the people have seen me a few weeks ago, alot of them hadn't, and none of them had seen the new improved hairstyle.......which I will show you soon.

Anyway - while there, one of the IT guys who is really cute, told me that "I was HOT!!!" and that I looked fabulous......awww, ain't that sweet. Well, it must be true, cos today when I went to the local cafe for lunch, i took my wallet, but I forgot my money card, ( I had put it in a different place) so I was asking the women if she could hold the items and I would pop back......and the guy next in the queue, stopped her by saying that he would shout me lunch. Now, I know he was just being kind, but I kinda like to think that part of the reason he did this for a complete stranger was that I actaully to look HOT!!!!!!! I of course will pay the favour forward!!!

Okay well, here it is, the new hairstyle......really bad pic of me, cos I took it myself with my cellphone.


  1. Awesome update! I am sure, no doubt, that in addition to your new found hotness, you are probably beaming with confidence, that THAT's a kind of hotness that gets them everytime!

  2. Love the NSVs, awesome progress girl, I bet it felt to be wearing heels and sitting in the boardroom chair comfortably! Your hair looks fab too, what a difference - you look amazing girl!

  3. Wow what awesome NSVs.... and the hair looks fab. Have to agree with Skurrge the confidence will be oozing through.... I know it is with me. Am so proud and pleased for you :-)

  4. You look fantastic Janine! :) Keep up the good work :)
    How was your trip to the good ol' AHB? Is there still people there that i would know?
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Sorry to have missed you at work Janine - maybe next time! I love that new photo, you look so happy and gorgeous of glasses too? Looking forward to the next picture update. Melissa

  6. Hey there girlfriend! Bring it on aye - you deserve those compliments as you are doing so well. Watch out the world! LOL

    Catch up soon buddy.

    p.s Move over girls from Sex in the we come....LOL!!