Sunday, January 25, 2009


Do you know something? I hate this blog!!! I hate how I feel having to come up with something to update. I am not naturally gifed in written material and I always find it a struggle.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading other peoples, You guys write so well, but I also find it hard to comment, as the comments come out all wrong, and so often people have got the wrong end of the stick, but if I had spoken to them and shared the same sentiment, they would have understood my tone and where I was coming from.

It has been something that I have been thinking about the last couple of days after someone commented on how much they hate the phone......I am on the otherhand love it. And I love getting together with people and chatting. I went to my WLS meeting in Palmerston North today, and it was great. I just love the conversation buzzing around, sharing ideas seeing the laughter in peoples eyes and hearing it in their voice. I can't do that here, I can't express myself the way I need to.

I think that the internet is a great tool, and without it I would be a bit lost, But I also miss that I no longer catch up with friends for a coffee, or have 30 min phone conversations with girlfriends.....actually since my friend Kathy died about 5 years ago I can quite honestly say I have not had a girlfriend that I have been able to confide in about most things...and how do I meet one....?? It is damn hard with modern technology living in a small rural town. Everyone just emails or txt's these days and I hate it. I hate text message, I find them rude and unpersonal, but at Christmas I still sent out a bulk message to those on my phonebook. I used to have a address book, now I just have a cellphone.

So pretty much the blog has come to and end, I might occasionaly post the odd pic or two, but that is it. I am not going to update for the sake of updating, struggling for something that I think other people might want to read.

Thanks for your support throughout this journey, if you want to keep in touch, then feel free to drop me and email (I am useless at replying) or better yet, ring me. Happy to leave my cell phone for those who want to call - I can give you a home number after you have told me who you are. New Zealand Telecom phone - 027 334 6748.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuff going on

Well not sure really how to write this post.....have got some family stuff happening, and I am really not sure who is reading this blog anymore, so I am really thinking about going private. Okay I haven't gone private, but I have got a private page where I have added some thoughts - If you want to read those you need to email me at Once you have been invited you can read them here

That is probably the biggest reason for why I have not posted in such a long time.
The exercise has been going well, and I had my gym assesment on Monday, Today I have my weights program. Took yesterday off as I was not feeling well at all. Just TOM I think and cramping. Scales for some reason have jumped right back up which gets me down a little, but I realise that I am actually working on that.

Still feeling very tender in the tum today - so will just see how it goes.

As far as the family stuff goes........I am not sure if I am making a big deal about nothing, or do I have a right to feel the way I feel. Will have to contemplate weather I actually right what I am feeling.....If I do, I might just make it a private entry of this one. So if you want to be able to read it, let me know by emailling me at and I will add you to my readers list.

Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day back at work

Oops- I slept in on my first day back at work, and I was suppose to go to the gym this morning. Anyway, still made it to work roughly on time, and no one else was there anyway. I had my protein shake this morning but I forgot my calcium pill. I also forgot to weigh in, due to running late, but will check it in the morning.

Water was okay today - but still snacked for some reason. I really really have to stop that. Got home after a pretty non eventful day and took the dog for a 20 min walk which worked out to be about 1.5 km.

Havne't done much over the last couple of days, just looked at more houses for Si's parents on Saturday and it really makes me want to win Lotto so I can buy myself a nice house......LOL, I know that is almost impossible, so I will just have to save hard and pay off all my debt, so I can start thinking about buying a house in say - 5 years time. By that point I should almost be debt free - well apart to my Dad. That is providing we don't have kids......If we add kids to the mix I am sure we will always rent.

Anywho, going to have some dinner and pull off these walking clothes....might even have a relaxing bath tonight, although at the moment I am way to hot to think about climbing into a hot bath.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I hate Pasta!!

LOL, I have had a really rough night after cooking and eating (a very little) ham and mushroom cabonara. I even made the low fat version with evaporated milk, but man, my pouch did not like it at all. It really feels like I am so gassy whenever I overload on carbs but it just on't come out.....and by overload I actually mean like two tablespoons or less of pasta!!!

Have been doing well with some of my goals.

Water - Have upped this, although still not as much as I should, but starting slowing and building is fine by me.

Supplements - Have been really good about taking my morning supplements, but have only managed to get the night ones in once this week.

Daily Exercise - Done!!!!! Everyday this week I have either been to the gym or been for a walk, and yesterday I actually did the small run that I mapped out, and it turns out it is 2.42 kms, and it took me and the dog (a little slower wiht her) about 34 mins. I am really liking Map my Run for helping work out where I am going walking and what distance it is.

Dinking when I eat - This is the hardest one for me I think, and I am working on it, although I do need some lubrication sometimes, I need to sip - not guzzle.

Palnning Meals - Have been really good at planning this week, although the pasta was probably not the best choice, although I have been okay with pasta before, so who knows.

Snacking - Proud to say that I have only had one snack pretty much all this week, and it was a handful of chippies, so maybe not such a wise choice.

Anyway - off to see some more houses today, maybe try and squeeze in a trip to the swimming pool, alhough I think it will be too busy with kids playing, and I would want to go for the exercise. Oh well, Might just have to take the dog for a walk later instead.

Have fun all, back to work for me on Monday. would really like another week off.