Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day back at work

Oops- I slept in on my first day back at work, and I was suppose to go to the gym this morning. Anyway, still made it to work roughly on time, and no one else was there anyway. I had my protein shake this morning but I forgot my calcium pill. I also forgot to weigh in, due to running late, but will check it in the morning.

Water was okay today - but still snacked for some reason. I really really have to stop that. Got home after a pretty non eventful day and took the dog for a 20 min walk which worked out to be about 1.5 km.

Havne't done much over the last couple of days, just looked at more houses for Si's parents on Saturday and it really makes me want to win Lotto so I can buy myself a nice house......LOL, I know that is almost impossible, so I will just have to save hard and pay off all my debt, so I can start thinking about buying a house in say - 5 years time. By that point I should almost be debt free - well apart to my Dad. That is providing we don't have kids......If we add kids to the mix I am sure we will always rent.

Anywho, going to have some dinner and pull off these walking clothes....might even have a relaxing bath tonight, although at the moment I am way to hot to think about climbing into a hot bath.


  1. If everyone decided not to have kids till they could 'afford' them, we would all have none! I hope you get your new home and a kid or two! Then again, kids are a pain in the arse often!

  2. Snacking is my problem as well. Kind of gets to be mindless eating sometimes.

    I was doing so well till this afternoon. Oh well...tomorrow is another day and I will do better.

    I agree with what Chris said re kids. :-)

  3. Wedding outfit is on saturday's post.