Thursday, August 21, 2008 asked for it.

Well although i wasn't going to, i have relented and taken some pics. They have turned out a bit shocking and we have taken them from a new place in the house, so the angle is slightly different, but will give people an idea of where I am at.

I am wearing my at the moment fav black pinstriped pants, and a top I got from a second hand store today for $8. It is a size 18 and the pants are a size 26 (Kate Madison). The top is a little tight, but give it maybe another say 3-5 kgs and will be just perfect.

I finally bought a new bra today as well. I was pretty spot on with my estimation of my size, I am now an 18D cup, which is a little bit of a bugger as I can't really get nice coloured bras in that size, all flesh and black coloured. Oh well, who is going to see it anyway.

Okay here goes, here's the pics.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Things have been boring normal but fairly busy at the moment. I have been slack about my journal as I really don’t have much to talk about and it must be boring as hell as reading material goes.

I thought I had better get off my tush though as we just gave the link to the website to some family members so they will be wanting to know what is happening in our life right now. **Waves at any family reading**.

I thought I should look back at the last 9 months and reflect a little on where I have come from. Sure I seem to have stopped losing weight for the time being, but I know that I have achieved so much. People keep asking to I “feel” different, and the answer is not really……but then I don’t really feel any different to yesterday. Sure I have more energy and I can do things for longer, or in some cases I can just do things…….but it is not like a light switch that was “turned on” or it was some magical event… is still a long process.

So apart from the 61.6 kgs that I have lost in the last 9 months what else has changed??

I can now cross my legs, and pretty much do constantly.
I can now wear pantyhose, although still the + size
I am now a size 18/20 on my top half.
I can wear non stretch jeans (although still a size 24/26)
I can get into any car and not worry about the seatbelt
I can sit in the boardroom chairs at my old job and not have marks on my thighs when I stand up.
I am lighter than my husband
I can feel my collarbone.
I can now weigh in on regular scales
I no longer need a seatbelt extension on aero planes.
I no longer snore (which apparently Si found hard to start with)
I can ride on the back of Simon’s motorbike!!!!!!!!! (Biggest Achievement)

There is a whole heap of things that I have forgotten or that seem insignificant right now, and I still have heaps of goals that I want to achieve, but am I happy with where I am at……………….HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what have we been up to over the last couple of weeks. Well Si has started back to physio 3 times a week to try and get his legs/ back working properly. I have had a trip away for work and have another coming up at the end of the month as well as a couple in Sept. Work is really busy for me atm, and is going to be more so through till about December. Then I plan on having some time out over xmas/new year and then roar into it again next year.

Have been helping our friends out with the printing of the menus for their shop and I off course have been busy selling Avon. It is going well, although Si spends way too much money on stuff he “finds” in the catalog. Oh well as long as he doesn’t spend all my profits…….it is meant to be paying for Christmas.

Speaking of making money. I finally went through my entire wardrobe and have put all of the clothes into 3 piles. The still fits keep me pile, the no longer fits – give to charity pile, and the no longer fits – sell on trade me pile. Unfortunately the biggest pile is the charity pile, then the trade me pile……so I am rapidly running out of clothes. The ones I put on trade me I will then use the money to go shopping and buy some more.

Oh and btw - I see the counter going up...but no one commenting. Would love your feedback/comments - or just a friendly "Hi there"