Sunday, November 30, 2008

Phew - done and dusted

Well, what a month November has been!!! That had to have been the busiest time I have ever had!!!

Work - we have had a special project on during November so things have been really busy for me as I have had had 4 people in the Nelson area working and I have had to do all of their booking in and managing their workloads. Now for me this means constant phone calls to farmers scheduling their tb testing and then dealing with the fallout when on the day it suddenly isn't convenient. Also just the logistics of getting my 3 additional guys down there and keeping them happy. Thankfully the last one arrives home tonight!!! On top of all that we have had the Tender for the 2009 - 2013 Tb testing contract happening, and we had to pull all that together this week to be submitted Friday afternoon. Fingers crossed we get at least the same workload - otherwise I could be looking for a new job!!! Won't know will March though, so no point stressing about it.

Wedding - well the wedding of the century is taking place in our neck of the woods - for anyone who doesn't know, but Dad is getting remarried on the 6Th Feb next year and somehow I got nominated as the wedding coordinator!!!! This apparently means I get to organise everything, and make sure all the invites are done etc - and oh btw if November was busy enough- it all needed to be done then!!!!!!!!!!!

Weight - things are pretty stable there - I can pretty much eat anything now, although still heaps smaller portions that take longer to eat and my weight i guess kinda reflects that. I usually drop between 1- 2 kgs per month now, and honestly with the amount of excess skin that I will have I am actually really happy with that. So my current weight is 108.3 kgs. I am roughly a size 18 ontop and a size 20 - 22 on the the bottom (depends on brand). I think for me now my weight loss will have to come frome exercise and I still do not put a very high priority on it I have to say, although I do need to work on my fitness, as when I run (short spurts)I still get really puffed.

Birthday - Yup another year older. Turned 36 last Sunday - 23rd November, and had a lovely day with Si. Kept things very low key this year and just went out for lunch in Palmy and had a quick look at motorcycles as Si's one has spat the dummy.

House - Although since Leeloo died we have not been 100% happy with where we are living we have decided that the price is just too good and Riddick seems to have some good road sense and we can make this house our the moment it still feels like just a house!!! I think eventually we will move to Palmerston North but for now this is it, so we are going to try to make the most of it.

Motorcycle - Si's motorcycle has once again spat the dummy and this time looks as though it not worth fixing. Now with Si getting better with his back and now being able to do a little more - and of course his physio appts etc we needed another vehicle. So do we buy another car or another bike. Well Si hunted everywhere for a bike in a good price range that was not too old as we would have to finance it.
He couldn't - bt within 10 mins I had found one that was perfect for us, and our finance company agreed, so yay- Si has a new bike which will be here later this week (they are shipping it). It is a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard S50 - photos to come once it arrives.

Well I think that catchs everyone up till at least yesterday, and man what a day that was. Got up at 7:30 ish am and decided I needed to catch up on the housework as I had certainly let things lapse during my busy November. Was great to put some music on the stereo and enjoying housework. Once that was done, Si and I popped into town to get some christmas cards away and had a morning coffee/hot chocolate at the local coffee bar. Then headed home to work on the invitations, but got sidetracked by Si, who wanted help int he garage - as he needed to make room for the new toy (see above)
So about 90 mins later and a whole car full of boxes and rubbish and it was off to the rubbish tip, Man Feilding charges like a wounded bull for dumping rubbish - $25 for a small boot load, 40 for station wagon!!! Free for recycling!!!! So we were a little lucky and our boxes were considered recycling, so they only charged us the $25for the non recyclables. Much more expensive than what Wellington charges are.

Grabbed some lunch at the local cafe and then quickly raced to my old primary schools Gala Day. It was good - although I remember them being alot bigger and more organised when I was there. Maybe that is just me wearing 'rose coloured glasses'!!

Home to get the invitations for at least the people Dad and Val were going to be visiting on Sunday done so they could take them with them. The rest I will need to get done this morning. - All 50 ish of them!!! Went shopping for groceries and spent a little too much, but it seemed all the big stuff (like bags of dog food)were needed this week and with the day we had had, we ended up buying a cooked chicken for dinner and I didn't realise but it was $14.00 for a cooked chicken!!!!

Went to bed fairly shattered but for some reason I can't sleep so got up at 5am to write this, and so far it is 5:46 and I am still typing......My god I can't imagine what this is like to read!!

Si's Mum is arriving today for a week, they have managed to sell the house in Auckland, so she is coming to look at houses down here. It will be fantastic to have them closer and I am really looking forward to it. It also means that we will have another busy week ahead, with looking at houses etc with my mother in law, to the bike arriving, work and every Christmas party scheduled for next weekend. More on those later - can't have everything in one post.

I will try and update more often this week, although that might be a stretch - at lease a photo pot of the new bike.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PJ Party & massive update.

Okay so here goes for the mammoth task of updating. It has been so long since I did a decent post and so much has happened in the last month.

To start with, probably best to fill you in on the family events.......well as many of you know, my Mum died just over 3 years ago and my dad was really down for a bit there but then started going out and meeting new people. Well I am really pleased to finally be able to announce that my Dad and his lady Val are getting married.

They weren't going to announce the happy event until Val's birthday in February, but thankfully they have decided that the news was far to happy to keep a secret for that long and the happy event is now scheduled for Waitangi Day (6th Feb). I am apparently the coordinator for the event and so far my jobs are all the creative stuff which I am not so good at!!!!!

What else has been happening. Well Simon and I officially joined Lions International, and we have been busy with running the mini golf and going to the oratory contest. I am getting a real sense of community spirit by doing something that is giving back.

Okay so now to me. Well I have not been losing weight really - I seem to have stabalised for anow at 109 kgs. I am really happy with this as I have not really done any exercise although I am waking up earlier now and it doesn't seem like such a chore to go out and head off to the gym. Not sure if I really enjoy the actual gym though, I think curces was alot more fun and only 30 mins long.

On friday last week I met with my surgeon for my 1 year post op check up. It went really well, and he is really pleased with where I am at, although he did tell me off for not taking all of my supplements......actually I have been really naughty and not taken any for ages.

To celebrate our 1 year surgiversary, Annie myself and Michelle arranged to have a slumber party weekend, so I went down to Wellington on Thursday to spend some much needed quality time with the girls. I went down mid morning and met my brother for lunch on the Thursday and then popped over to my old job and caught up with the team there. I then popped out to Westfield shopping centre and caught up with Jo. Was fantastic to see her and I realised I had not seen her since March 2007.

After coffee with Jo I met Annie there, and she had an appointment with a salon so I decided to get my nails done. Money very well spent and I am constantly amazed at how something so small can affect your outlook on yourself.

We headed over to pick up Michelle and we had a dinner of chicken and salad wraps and then headed out to a tupperware party for one of Annies workmates. I ended up buying a lunch box type container which has 4 sections, which hopefully will make lunches a bit easier.

After the Tupperware party we went to Annies house in Upper Hutt, and pulled out the mountain of clothes that Michelle has shrunk out of. We had many laughs that night with all the trying on and catching up and it looked as though I would be spending a while heap of cash on new clothes as it seemed most of the either fit me or were too big.!!!!

We had a lazy morning the next morning and had lunch at subway before heading of to see Zola and David at Southern Cross hospital. Was just like in hospital - us three causing havoc nd laughing so much. We all looked stunning and as usual we forgot to take a pic.

That night was more laughing and chatting and I finally decided on what clothes I was going to buy. I made some really good choices and did not overdo it. I think I must have come home with about 30 new garments though and even some extra special ones.

Saturday morning came far too fast and it was time for me to head off around lunch time to spend the rest of the weekend with Si and of course to vote. As I mentioned we forgot to get pics of us in our gladrags, but since the time was meant to be a 1 year anniversary of when we all hung out I think we spent more time in our PJ's - here is a couple of pics of us in them amongst the mountain of clothes that we were trying on. Actually every sitting surface had clothes on it!!! Was fantastic.

The rest of the weekend was really relaxed. Got out and voted and then went to the A&P show which was at manfield park. Was really impressed with all the Alpaca's there and if I had some land I would be tempted to get one or two.

On Sunday we decided that we really want to put in a veggie garden (although I hate gardening)so we picked up the Rotary Hoe from dad's and are busy turning over the soil this week, getting ready to plant in the next couple. I will try to take some pics when we have it looking a bit nicer and fenced off from the dog andwhen it is ready for planting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where has time gone?

I can't beleive where time is going. thngs have been so busy for me at the moment at work and socialy. I have been working most nights and at least the Saturdays.

We have had a heap of social engagements and Lions Club is also keeping me really busy.

I promise I will do a proper update as I have alot to say, but for the meantime, everything is great just flat out.

I am heading to see my surgeon for my 1 year post op tomorrow, it is a couple of weeks early but near enough. I will be staying with Annie and Michelle, whom I had the surgery with at the same time, so should be a hoot.

Will get some pics and I will update when I get back - most likely Sunday as Saturday is looking a bit manic at this stage.