Friday, January 2, 2009

I hate Pasta!!

LOL, I have had a really rough night after cooking and eating (a very little) ham and mushroom cabonara. I even made the low fat version with evaporated milk, but man, my pouch did not like it at all. It really feels like I am so gassy whenever I overload on carbs but it just on't come out.....and by overload I actually mean like two tablespoons or less of pasta!!!

Have been doing well with some of my goals.

Water - Have upped this, although still not as much as I should, but starting slowing and building is fine by me.

Supplements - Have been really good about taking my morning supplements, but have only managed to get the night ones in once this week.

Daily Exercise - Done!!!!! Everyday this week I have either been to the gym or been for a walk, and yesterday I actually did the small run that I mapped out, and it turns out it is 2.42 kms, and it took me and the dog (a little slower wiht her) about 34 mins. I am really liking Map my Run for helping work out where I am going walking and what distance it is.

Dinking when I eat - This is the hardest one for me I think, and I am working on it, although I do need some lubrication sometimes, I need to sip - not guzzle.

Palnning Meals - Have been really good at planning this week, although the pasta was probably not the best choice, although I have been okay with pasta before, so who knows.

Snacking - Proud to say that I have only had one snack pretty much all this week, and it was a handful of chippies, so maybe not such a wise choice.

Anyway - off to see some more houses today, maybe try and squeeze in a trip to the swimming pool, alhough I think it will be too busy with kids playing, and I would want to go for the exercise. Oh well, Might just have to take the dog for a walk later instead.

Have fun all, back to work for me on Monday. would really like another week off.


  1. Good job!!!

    I've been really working on the water thing. Just got to remember to watch my intake just before bed!!

  2. Buggar about the pasta!

    Sounds like you are doing well with your goals - keep up the great work :)