Friday, June 27, 2008


Yup you guessed it. I am going back to selling Avon. Mostly to make a little extra money for Christmas this year. I used to sell it when I lived in Auckland, and I think I was in the 28% profit category, which isn't too bad really. It really just takes time as the product does sell itself. I am sure between my workmates, family church people and the ladies from cards as well as my "territory" I will be able to make a little before Christmas. The only scary part is New Zealands No 1 salesperson is in my town, so I will be 'Competing" with her.

Nothing else has been happening much. NO I have not yet made it back to the gym, and as for walking, it is has been bucketing down with rain that I would look like a drowned rat if I tried.

On the weight front though, things are going in the right direction and as of Monday I was 118.4 kgs, so that is a total loss of 58.6 kgs. Not far now till I have lost 60 kgs.

Anyway - back to work, and then we I get home I am going to work on getting my Avon stuff ready. I think I will make a little introduction phamplet to include so when I pop brochures into peoples mailboxes they will be more likely to indentify with me.

Anyhow, see ya later!!!

Your avon lady.


  1. Congrats on the contining weight loss. That is awesome.

    I sold Avon for awhile, it was fun. I have bought it over here a few times, as I like their products.

  2. Good luck on your new adventure, hope you make lots of!!
    Keep up the good work to reach 60kg loss. That's amazing work girl. Well done.

    Your friend - Annie

  3. OMG you have caught up with me best I get my butt working.... LOL I have just started doing AVON again after a few months off... oh yeah and can link your blog...

  4. good luck with the Avon...I started selling it this year and lve it you go girl