Monday, January 16, 2012

Weigh in Day.

So, I just realise that I haven't actually been posting my weight, well not since Jan 2nd. It has been a bit up and down, while I was getting myself sorted with how I was going to do this. Also that time of month etc. But on Jan 2nd it was 120 kgs on the button. I know it went up a little from there, back to around 121.2 ish, but I didn't write it down. I have decided that I still need to weigh daily, and I am writing it down, but Monday mornings will be the official weight. I will be weighing in at approx 7:30 am everyday and at the end of the week, I might publish the whole list......not sure yet. 

But onto today's weigh in. As you all know over this past week I have changed things around a bit, and although I have gone low carb, I have still had a potato or two, and I think a spoonful of rice with my curry. However, I am not stressed about those at all. I haven't gone overboard with fruit and focused on my needs which are primarily HIGH protein, low fat, low carb and Gluten Free. 

So, what was it this morning, well it was 118.4 kgs. I am really happy with that as I know after the 2nd of Jan it crept back up to over 121kgs, but officially the last weigh in was 120 kgs, so a total loss of 1.6 kgs over two weeks, which is healthy and not excessive. 

The find of the week for me is the LSA wraps, I am still so excited by these, and am making one for my lunch today.  Breakfast will be bacon and eggs and dinner tonight is going to be a beef casserole that I will throw in the slow cooker this morning. 



  1. Bloody brilliant loss there, well done :)

  2. Well done Janine! Great loss!

  3. That is wonderful. I hope you continue with your new strategy and get moving along down the weight loss trail.

  4. Well done, awesome loss. I am hoping you are feeling better today.

  5. Agreed, well done Janine! I am really enjoying your posts again now that you are a bit more into blogging, have to do the same myself ;-). Thanks for sharing!

    Penny xo