Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Agony

I am in so much pain........I have an abscess in my second to back molar on the left hand upper side of my mouth. I have been having pain since Saturday although it got bad on Sunday night and I went to the dentist yesterday. He thought we had caught it early, and therfore I am on antibiotics.......but the pain has intensified today.......and now I think I am going to go home and try to work from there.

I am thinking that if it is no better by tomorrow morning (at the earliest) then I will need to choose between the cheaper extraction and the root canal.....I am thinking extraction at the moment. Will see.

But I think for the time being I am going to head home and try to get some work done there.


  1. i've got the same thing going on. HORRID pain from my tooth. Going to have it extracted tomorrow. relief.

  2. I cringe just thinking about it! HOpe you get some pain relief that works soon!

  3. OOOUUUCCCHHHHH nothing worse than a toothache... hope it settles soon :-)