Friday, March 20, 2009

1 more Sleep

1 more sleep till we move house. Can't wait, I am so excited. We went and picked up the keys yesterday and it is better than I remember it being. They have done such a fantastic job with the house.

I really really am lookign forward to having the weekend to unpack and get sorted. This kitchen is going to be so fantastic. And to have a dishwasher. Anyway here is the house!!!


  1. Congratulations...Here is to hoping that more than just being a great house...that it becomes a great home!


  2. Unpaking! Ikkk... have fun mate!

  3. Good luck for the move tomorrow! I'm sure the weather will hold and it will all go well.

    As Chris H said, unpacking... ikk!

  4. Congrats! Right now it's just a house... the sooner you move in you can make it a "Home."

    Happy living! :)

  5. Cool place have fun - same phone number??

  6. Congratulations! I hope the move went as smooth as possible, and you are having lots of fun unpacking! :) hehe

    Laurie: )