Sunday, April 5, 2009

I did it!!

This morning I got up and the first thing I did was went to my computer and mapped out a walk. I did just under 1.5 km last time I went, so I thought that I would try to do a walk of just under 2.5 km, It worked out that it would be 2.42 km with map my run. But when I got to the street I was meant to turn doen to come home I thought to myself that this was too easy, so I decided to push on and do some more, so I just kept walking. I did take my cellphone and I had told Si that if I needed him to come and pick me and dog up then I would phone him. So I knew if it got too much that I was covered.

Anyway, long story short, I just got home and mapped what I actually walked and it was 3.69 km's, and it took me 55 mins (with the dog). I was really really pleased with that effort for a first time, and it was at least 2 km's more than last time.

I am not sure if I could manage to squeeze in doing a 55 min walk a couple of times a week though, so I think if I make the two weekday walks 30 mins each (approx) and this one can be the biggie, and there is still heaps of ways to expand it, like going through the railway underpass and doing some of the hills.....LOL, listen to me, like I am ready for hills!!!! So here is the walk that I did.

Yesterday I didn't get out and walk like I had said I would, but I did unpack the rest of the house and get everything done there. Have a little more to do today - vacumning etc, but all good. Will be looking forward to my WLS support group today, am kinda buzzing!!!

Have really enjoyed this week, even though money is really tight, I am relearning the art of cooking from scratch and baking treats instead of buying them. Last night I made my own pizza dough, and we had my almost famous chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pizza on my base, and with the left over corn and bacon, I made savoury muffins. (yummy. I think the beauty about cooking for me now, is that I only need say 1/2 piece or 1 muffin, whereas before I used to be able to eat several. I enjoy cooking more for others now.

Actually I still have some corn left over, so I am going to make some corn fritters for lunch today. Yummy!!! (not much protein though)Better be off and have my post walk shake and that should balance that out nicely.

Have a fantastic Sunday! The sun is shining here and I couldn't be happier!!!


  1. Yes the sun is shining here too!! It was a very good day, sounds like you started out on the right track today!

  2. Good on you !!!

    It's Sunday here, today (we're a day behind you) and the sun is shining as well ... which is a little different than Friday, when it was snowing!!!